Friday, September 14, 2012

WALIOW! It's been a long time...

Ya man. It's been ages since I update this blog. Not that anyone missed me... except my dad. He's been complaining that he doesn't know what's been happening to his two grandsons... as nobody tells him anything!

So dad. For your benefit... as well as my mind (errr.. I've been forgetting things/events that had happened), I'm gonna update the blog.

Well.... as you already know... Nomadic Mom has relocated to MELBOURNE, AUSTRALIA...

Did I give you the long story why we did this? Another time lah...

For now, I just want to write down this (definitely ONLY for my benefit)
- Wed, 12 Sept 2012: Accident @ Toorak Road. Approx 4 PM.
- Thurs, 13 Sept 2012: Car sent to Workshop/ S1's Social at School
- Fri, 14 Sept 2012: House Inspection by Agent/ Pick up car (?)

Okay.. that's about it for the time being!