Tuesday, July 29, 2008


Mmmm.... what have I been doing since I came back?

I also donno leh. Let me try to recall. So fast, one week already....

Thursday, 24th - Went to Ikea with Laundryamah.

Friday, 25th - Went to Pavilion with Sis... The intention was just to jalan-jalan and go to Times. But. But. Bad damage! Bought a pair of Cole Haan slippers. Bleah..had to pick one that is NOT on sale.

Saturday, 26th - Another day at the mall. This time at 1Utama. Didn't buy anything other than some scrapbook refills. Had dinner with in-laws at Ship. Aiyo...Ship really beh-sai lah. The food is waaaaaaay below standard. Everything also not nice. Cannot go there anymore.

Sunday, 27th - Dim Sum with in-laws at Eastin, and then went to Gardens with SILs.... Bought some undies and bras from La Senza.

Monday, 28th - Basically, didn't do much other than eating at O&S at Paramount Gardens, eating lunch at home...and then zzzz in the afternoon. A real piggy day... Oh. My driving licensed which H fedex last Friday arrived (Forgot to bring it back with me...). YIPPEE!!!

Tuesday, 29th - Day started with me taking boys to Skylace to be assessed in the morning.... I wanted boys to do some Mandarin during the holidays....cannot exactly spend 7 weeks of holidays in front of TV, right? So..they joined the afternoon classes starting today...and that means I had to do one more round of ferrying the boys to Desa Sri Hartamas...(the one is Taman Tun is full???). Instead of going home after dropping the boys, I went round to search for a foot reflex place...found one that is RM 35/hour. Not bad lah.....

Tomorrow (Wed, 30th) is going to be another MALL day...S1 wants to check out the sale at MPH. Guessed will take the boys to the Camp5 rock-climbing place after the book sale...might as well ler. Better than having them in front of the TV or PC....

Much Needed Reno!

Sis and her hubby bought an investment property in Mont Kiara....and they tried to rent it out without doing up the apartment. Unfortunately, prospective tenants were put-off by the old kitchen and furniture. They had no choice but to renovate. They put in new kitchen cabinets complete with sparkling new kitchen faucets, hobs and the works. Walls were re-painted. New furniture were purchased. Plus a few more knick-knacks to beautify the whole place. Hopefully, they will see their first tenant soon!!

Life Insurance

Our whole family has life insurance coverage, with the exception of S2. I have been procrastinating for months. No... actually, I should say procrastinating for years. He is 8 years old already! I think it is high time that I obtain a life insurance quote for him. I would like to get the best coverage for the lowest premium. Thus, I will have to compare quotes from numerous insurance companies, or maybe go to an insurance wholesaler or broker. What do you suggest?

Thursday, July 24, 2008

Back Home


Am back home in PJ. Or should I say parents' home??

Anyway...more about my "woo-loong"ness.. Perhaps I drank too much Oolong Tea that I've become "woo-loong"??? Well, you see...one of the perks of my ANZ credit card is able to claim FREE meals and drinks at Starbucks at the airport. So, being the KIASU that I am, of course I went to get the two free drinks and meals. As I was about to sign the cc receipt, the boys pushed two of those Starbucks lollipops to me. I donno what came over me or what I was thinking, I picked one up and attempted to SIGN on the cc receipt. And still blur-blur wondering why NO ink!!! ADUH!!!! The Starbucks girls were then sniggering behind the counter lah. What can I say? Except to remark that I left my brain at home in bed???

Didn't do much yesterday... "Ta-pau" kwayteow soup home to eat as boys didn't want to eat at the coffee-shop....with a complaint of "so hot!". Was kinda tired last night that I actually went to bed at 9 pm.

And this morning??? Did quite a bit...accompanied Laundryamah to Ikea sale. She offered to come pick me up... (errr... "woo-loong" me forgot to bring my driving license back with me. Had to get H to DHL the document to me...which he has yet to do! How like that??) I did buy some cushions for my terrace chairs (errr...mine really torn like donno what like that) , ice-cube trays and the customary Ikea serviettes. Amah bought much more stuff lah.. bookshelves lah, plants lah, ice-cube trays lah..and the list goes one. My little chore of packing her goods earned me a free lunch at Uncle Lim's. :-)
Oh..whilst there, we saw some "sor-lou" ranting and screaming at the staff for a small mistake. And went on berating about irrelevant stuff etc etc. Really SIOW one!

We jalan-jalan abit and had coffee...Only left about 3 pm as Amah got to go back to work ma...

Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Nice Things...

Thought I should post about pleasant stuff this time round...

In the normal school term, Fridays are not that fun for me... as it means that I would have the boys FULL TIME over the weekend. But since it's the Summer holidays now.. everyday is the same....including Fridays. Just that I took boys over to Kidzania last Friday with some friends. I got the boys checked-in and proceeded to Starbucks for a latte and a quiche. So early wor... Had to have my breakfast lah... We were there at 8.50 AM for the 9 AM - 2 PM session. Hung out at Starbucks till lunchtime...then proceeded to Ah Tuan Ee's for lunch (Yup..they opened a branch here...or maybe a franchise) with some fellow mommies. Before you know it. It's already 2 PM and we had to go pick up our monsters. While waiting for the boys to emerge from the EXIT, saw a friend with bags of shopping. There was a sale in the departmental store and she managed to get Monsoon stuff at 70% off. So...of course I dragged boys with me to check-out on the sale! 

I managed to get two pieces from Monsoon for about USD 50/-. 

Corduroy Jeans

Patterned Top

Quite pleased with my purchases... and rewarded boys with Yogen Fruz ice-cream for "behaving" while I searched for bargains. ;-)

Both S1 and S2 each had a friend over on Saturday for a playdate.... 
Baked a batch of cupcakes for the boys' teatime snack.  S2's friend, J really loved them and had 3 cupcakes. I gave him an additional 2 cupcakes to take home. BOY! Was he happy!!!

Vanilla Cupcakes with Vanilla Butter Icing

Balik Kampung
Am packed and sorta ready to fly back home tomorrow.... 
Donno why? Perhaps it's my WHACKO pre-menstrual hormones doing funny things... Am missing H already. This is SIOW!! I have not even gone yet. 

Monday, July 21, 2008


Remember I talked about these fellow countrywomen?? ("Not Patriotic" Post, 23 April 2008)
I don't mean to be against them but I tell you..... really don't want to have anything to do with them lah. I am DONE being courteous and trying to be a fellow countrywomen! Alot of them involved us Ah Sohs more of a "might as well" or "after-thought" kind of thing. It's like the International Day...they've decided amongst themselves and then JUST call and PRETEND to have a meeting.
Let me tell you about this recent incident.... There was a planned Farewell for a few of the Makciks....and one of the Ah Soh friend called to inform me.... Contemplated of NOT going but didn't want to be the STUCK-UP one. So baked a batch of cupcakes to bring along.
Guess what???
After travelling for about 45 minutes through horrible bad bumpy road and at the front door of the hostess house, I was told by the maid that she's gone to Australia the day before!!!
OF course I called the Ah Soh friend...who was on her way....
LO and BEHOLD....
The Farewell Brunch was CANCELLED. All the Makciks were informed....but not the Ah Sohs..
Can you imagine my frustration???
Of course I was P!SSED!!! What do you think?
Told my Ah Soh friend (who is rather close with those Makciks....and yet they didn't bother to inform her!!!!!!!) that please don't INFORM me about any dos that are being hosted by the Makciks or involving the Makciks.
I really have HAD ENOUGH of all these Makciks "PRETEND" hospitality towards the Ah Sohs. No wonder the many many other more experienced Ah Sohs do not get involved with this bunch!

BTW, this happened last week...so I'm definitely cooled down!!


Computer Networks

Today, many homes are equipped with multiple PCs, and our home is no exception. We use our computers for both leisure and work (be it school or otherwise). Our reliance on the computer has increased dramatically over the last year that we are seriously considering installing a network in our home. But choosing the right cable is quite a difficult task. Do we use CAT5e cables or one of higher specifications? Or even lower? We need some expert advice!

Still a Teenager?

I woke up this morning with a huge WHITE blob on my nose. H and I have named acne like these "MUTANT". Although I am in my late thirties, I still do get acne like a teenager....and occasionally, a MUTANT either on my nose or my chin. I would usually put some acne cream on it....that is if my itchy fingers behave themselves and do not pinch nor prick on it first! Yes. I know pinching/pricking is a NO NO....but sometimes the fingers have a mind of their own!!!

Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Very "Woo-Loong"

Don't know if it's because I am getting older and my brain cells are deteriorating or what. Find that I am very "woo-loong" these days. Remember my LOST Gucci sunglasses (last post)? It's NOT lost after all. It was just me and my absent-mindedness. I must have wrapped it up together with my towel and swimsuit yesterday.And you know what? This morning, I made coffee as usual. BUT instead of pouring milk from the carton, I poured in orange juice. You say lah... "woo-loong" or not?Geeezzzz...Maybe need some GINKO BILOBA to "pou" the brain!Also...I find that I am getting more "tidak apa" these days. I mean I have been a procrastinator all my life. But lately, it has been worse.How like that???

Accessorize with Jewelry

Have you ever stood in front of the mirror staring at your own image?
You are wearing a gorgeous outfit.
And yet....you can't help but notice something is missing.
But What?
Jewelry, of course!
It really can do wonders to your outfit.
An extensive range of jewelry is available in the marketplace to suit everyone and every occasion...be it the classic string of pearls to Celtic jewelry made of Sterling Silver.

My Ding-A-Ling Anklet

I used to wear a gold anklet throughout my teenage years. It had a little bell that somewhat announces my arrival in advance...as I skipped down the stairs. ;-)
I wore it all the time, and everywhere I went. Yes. Even to school. I remember hiding the anklet beneath my white school socks. I did continue wearing it during my university years, and only removed it when I started work. Somehow, having a constant ding-a-ling sound at the office didn't seem too right nor professional.

Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Price of Being A Good Mommy??

You know I LOST earring on Sunday, right? (See last post) This was after bringing the boys out to lunch at Fish & Co. I could have fed them at home. But nooooooo. I had to be the good mommy to bring them to Fish & Co.

And then today....was being a good mommy again and brought boys to the Waterbom Park.... and lost more stuff. I lost my GUCCI sunglasses and a tube of Banana Boat Sunblock. Summore H asked me this morning why aren't I bringing my Bottega Veneta ones which were newer... Luckily I didn't, and opted for my very old GUCCI ones. If not, I'll be cursing with &*#(^&% words like there's NO tommorrow. And the Sunblock was a rather NEW tube too...so still very full.

*sigh*... Am I going through a LOSING STUFF week? If so, I better stay put at home this whole week and NOT go out at all..... Actually, if I recall correctly, I think it was also in the month of July that I LOST my black and white diamond ring in Tioman Island.... but this was in 2005. I did inform the Berjaya staff. Of course they said NOT FOUND!

On a different note...I had a rather bad belly ache today and complained that "I'm gonna die" and then somehow this led to the time when I just had S2. I had very very bad fever, chills etc...and I seriously thought that I was gonna die. H was away in Japan then, I remember thinking to myself that I won't be able to see him one last time (kinn-huei-chuei-hau-yatt-meen) blah blah blah. Then S2 suddenly piped-up and said "Put it in your own words, mom. CHOI!!". At this point, I just burst out laughing. I never knew that he knows how to use this CHOI word in the correct context! heee....heee...

Sunday, July 13, 2008

Very "Haak"!!


So bl@rdy "haak" today! Took boys out to have lunch at Fish & Co this afternoon...and as we were coming down on the escalator, I heard a *tink* *tink* *tink* sound... something bouncing down the escalator.


It's one of my diamond earrings.... A hoop-type with 7 small diamonds...something like a ring. I heard it fall summore.


I was hopping that LUCK would be on my side, and it might have "BOUNCE" off onto the floor beneath, instead of down into the escalator crevices (the sides, the front??!?!?). I search around the area...but couldn't find it. Boys helped to crouch down to look....

BLEAH.... it was small enough to be SWALLOWED by the escalator's crevices....

Boys told me that I should NOT wear anymore jewellery, so that my "LOSSES WOULD BE MINIMAL". And if I really need to wear them, I should only wear them if I go to NICE dinners, proms or dances...and certainly NOT to Fish & Co!

So sad....


Saturday, July 12, 2008

"Pooot" one out!

H just came home from drinks with the guys at one of his colleagues house. He was raving about how NICE that guy's house is.....BIG modern contemporary blah blah blah. And our house is soooo old-fashioned blah blah blah. The rent? More than our allowance, of course! The thing with H's company is that the housing allowance is based on the number of children the employee has. Not on rank. So, if you are a single...even if you are at the top of the corporate ladder, the housing allowance will still be quite a pittance.

Anyway, H has alot of subordinates that live in BIGGER and NICER house than us. They can afford to pay higher rents...as their housing allowance is higher....as they have MORE children. Told H that the only way that we can UP our housing allowance is if we "Pooooot" one more kid out! hahahahahaa....But even then also we will have to wait NINE months before we can UPGRADE!! hahahahah....

No lah.. I don't wanna move. Am quite happy where we are. Besides, I don't think my current furniture can ever fit into the interior of an ultra-modern contemporary house. (Actually, our tenancy agreement is coming to an end this August.....so technically, we can search for a new house... there are quite many nice nice houses that are within our budget. But the thought of packing and moving really puts me off. Plus boys are also rather happy here.... Well, unless our landlord refuses to renew our lease...we'll be staying put!)

Thursday, July 10, 2008

My New Bajus

Here are the bajus that I have mentioned in my previous post.

Green Warehouse Top
(My first strapless top!!!)

Green Ted Baker Dress

Black Betty Jackson Wrinkly Dress

Wednesday, July 09, 2008

School's Out!

Have been so busy that I forgot to post about the Boys' last day of term which was on Friday, 4th of July 2008. School will be out for about 7 weeks. What a loooooooooong time!!
Will have to think of ways to keep the boys occupied...outside of the house. Away from their TV/PS2/PC etc. So far, they've not done much as I've been out of the house for the last few days. So tomorrow, I am going to be a good mommy and take them ice-skating.
As for Friday and the days after, don't have any real plans yet.
Perhaps I will organise a trip to the water park on Tuesday. Will see...
We leave for Malaysia on the 23rd of July for three weeks.

Avid Reader....

S1's birthday is coming up soon. He'll be turning 11!
Time really flies. It seems just yesterday that I held him in my arms, singing and reading to him. Now, he is such an avid reader that he can devour a book in record time.
So what do you think he will be getting for his birthday?
Books. Of course!
We will be putting in a BIG order to Amazon books very soon!

Really Need This!

With the recent SALES in all my favorite shops, I have been whipping out my credit card oh-so-often to pay for my purchases. I have managed to ring up quite a big balance in my credit card. I dread the accumulating interest,thus I am seriously thinking of utilizing those 0 balance transfer that are currently being offered by some leading banks. Not only that. Some banks are even giving out 0% APR for one full year. Isn't that good news?

Tuesday, July 08, 2008


No. Have not gone AWOL since my last post on Wednesday.... Just that I've been pretty tied-up.

Graduation Ceremony
Last Thursday (3rd July), S1 had his Graduation Ceremony at school.
Why Graduation Ceremony?
It's the LAST year in Primary School, and is a significant milestone for the kids.
When the kids return to Year 7 in August, it'll be a whole new world in the Secondary School. New teachers, new uniforms, new schedules, new classes, new ways of learning and much more.
The kids sang two songs, and I don't know why I got so emotional......I teared up!!!!
My baby is growing up real fast!!

Visit from Sisters...
Two of my sisters , D and M came for a short visit. They arrived on Saturday morning @ 8.20 AM. I actually wanted to send the driver with a SIGNPOST to pick them up; whilst I zzzz till late. But then decided that I should pick them up from the airport instead.
Not that I wanted to be a GOOD sister....just that I've made an 11 AM appointment for FACIALS @ the Boenga Spa...and thought that if I were to sleep-in and wake up at 10 AM, it seems very PIGGY to be sleeping again at 11 AM during my facial! Heeee....

Picked them up together with the boys, and then headed to Pancious for pancakes. Chomped down our yummy, savoury and sweet pancakes....and then headed to the Spa. Had the driver send the boys home. Obviously, they played games till their eyes popped out while I was out with the girls. {H? Oh...he went to Germany/USA on Wednesday (3rd) and only got back on Monday (7th)} After our facials, we head off to a nearby factory outlet....Both the girls bought stuff. Then it was to the mall. We had late lunch @ Duck King, checked out some Monsoon outfits that were on sale, changed some currency, D purchased stuff from NEXT for her boys, and then off to our 1 1/2 hour foot reflexology sessions at Wellness. By the time we were done, it was already 6.30 pm... Luckily, I made plans to have dinner at home, otherwise I don't think we'll be back till late. It's really like those tours whereby you don't get to check-in to the hotel till much much later in the night. :-)
Had a tabletop BBQ out on the terrace. No REAL BBQ as H not around to start the fire, and do the cooking...

Sunday, 6th - I started-off the day by being the GOOD mommy. I brought the boys to our regular Sunday tennis lesson at 8 AM. But as H wasn't around, we only did 1 hour instead of the usual 2 hours. Got home, showered and was out of the door by 10.15 AM ... dragged the boys along to have brunch with us....and then sent them home to their PS2/computer games/etc... S2 wanted to follow us for shopping...but NO WAY would we want him to tag along and grumble the whole time!!!
Where did we go shopping?
I had BIG plans of taking the girls to FOUR different malls, and then dinner at Lara Djonggrang.
BUT. BUT. BUT...we only ended up in ONE!!!
We were at Senayan City at about 11ish AM....The whole place was on SALE. We popped into Gucci and BV....just to look-see lah. M saw a bag at BV that she really liked. And guess how much it costs?
USD 6,500!!!
She HAD to like THE LIMITED EDITION one. :-) Of course didn't buy lah! Gila meh???
We popped into Banana Republic...almost bought a very nice green top. Thought that it was 50% off at USD 25. But the cashier said it was USD 38. Bleah!!! Didn't want to buy liow. No shiok leh... D bought a top for herself and her hubby from Massimo Dutti. The next stop was Ted Baker. Normally, I would NOT be able to afford Ted Baker... but they had some SPECIALS....Picked out a very nice green dress. I thought the discounted price of USD 65 was pretty good (the original price was over USD 135).... and when I went to pay for the dress, the cashier said "Eh? This should be USD 43. Let me check". Wah!!! I was soooooooo happy!!! What a good deal!!! D also went on to buy a black and white dress. But hers cost USD 54...still a good deal considering the original price is about USD 150!
After all the hard work shopping, we went to have coffee and donuts at J.Co. Between the three of us, we gobbled down 1/2 dozen of donuts.
Then it was time to walk-off those calories in Debenhams. Did we buy anything???
Of course!!!
I managed to get a Warehouse top (also green) and a black Betty Jackson dress. The dress was also a pretty good deal. From over USD 140 reduced to USD 43!!! D@mn shiok!!!
The two girls also bought quite alot...enough to give me 2 x 30 minute facials at Clarins. We did have a whole load of fun...especially when three of us squash up in a fitting room. :-)
By about 5 ish...our feet were killing us. We needed a rest. So we went to have a hair spa at the salon. It's like a traditional creambath except that Loreal products are used. The head/shoulder/arms are massaged for an hour... NICE!
Then we were off to have dinner at Lara Djonggrang. Wrote about this restaurant many moons ago. The food is okay...but I like the ambience. But donno why, this trip there, I was a bit "kiah-kiah" (scared-scared)....probably due to M and D's remarks!

Monday, 7th - We started early. 9 AM appointment at KooKoo Nail. The three of us had French manicure and pedicure. We then head off to Grande for the girls to get some batik stuff. We had lunch at Popeye's (Yup. Fast food) and D bought more stuff for her boys from NEXT. After our visit to another factory outlet (more purchases by the girls!!!), we had ice-creams and coffee at a French restaurant. It was then time to pick the boys up for their Mandarin class. Dropped them off and we were off to the Spa again. This time, M and I did the body scrubs and D had facial accupressure. We then went to have a delicious dinner at Abuba Steakhouse. The girls ended the night with a full-body massage from my regular masseuse.

Tuesday, 8th - Girls left the house for the airport at approx 9.15 AM. Seems like a whirlwind trip of shopping and spa.
Hope you girls enjoyed yourselves!!!

M was saying that I could SLEEP IN today after they leave for the airport.....but I was out of the door NOT 5 minutes later. My friend came to pick me up for our usual Tuesday Scrapbooking session....which then resulted in an impromtu cinema trip. Supposed to watch GET SMART...but as there were 9 of us, we couldn't get tickets....so we split up. I took 4 kids to watch HANCOCK instead. Quite funny lah.

Now, I have S1's friend for a sleepover... will see how hectic or docile tomorrow will be....


p/s Will post my BEAUTIFUL purchases in my next post.

Wednesday, July 02, 2008

Busking Day

Yesterday...was BUSKING DAY at the Primary School. Kids are to be buskers for the day. Okay...not exactly a full day, but just one hour actually. It's all for charity. I mentioned this in my last post. where my S1 will be the DANCING ROBOT and S2 the STATUE.

S1 did perform his DANCING ROBOT.....kinda funny, if you ask me. I did take a few short video clips. But it'll take forever to load. Anyway, his friend provided the music by playing the electric guitar. Here are some pictures...

Poster to Promote their ACT

S1 and Classmate

There were loads of interesting stuff that the kids came up with. There's face painting, fortune telling, rockers, tattoos, mimes, bands, hip hop dancers, musicians, magicians etc.


My S2 who was SUPPOSED to be a STATUE did not even manage to stay put for his "advertised 2 minutes"!!

S2 was aaaaalllll over the place from the start to the end. OF course he didn't get any money in his donation box. He was never there!!! My S1 joked that he should advertise himself as THE STATUE THAT COULD NOT STAND STILL. Heeee heee... He did go over to his brother's area and kepoh-ed. Some people came to look at S1 dance but didn't donate any money. And S2 shouted at them "Hey!!! You watched. You must Pay! Pay! Pay!". Hahahah S1 said that THAT scared off more people. Hahahahaha...

Well, my STATUE THAT COULD NOT STAND STILL managed to have his caricature done.

S2's Caricature
The busking was in the middle of the day...so kids did get tired after all the hard work. Here's a breather....