Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Transition Mode....

Is this still a rant?
Read and decide.... hehehehe...

My Education Centre was started initially for myself and another partner. It was intended to be a single centre that us two ladies manage.... but somehow, the husbands got involved and suddenly there are plans to go big. And I being one who cannot compartmentalise ... is perpertually stressed about work. Bringing work back home - afterall it is OWN business right?
So work load is one thing...

And then there is the other.... over some silly misunderstanding (actually, not even misunderstanding), my partner decided not to come into work anymore. Basically, she was asking me some questions and I wasn't really forthcoming with my answers as I was busy with some stuff, and she just blew her top, banged the table, screamed at me "you think only you don't want to talk to me? I also don't want to talk to you!" and stormed out of my room. I tell you, I was so shocked by the outburst that I didn't even respond with a retort. You know me.... of course must have last word one!

Anyway, with her not coming in ... I had to be the one managing the day-to-day operations from A to Z including the bookeeping, payroll, HR stuff which she was supposed to be doing. And I have to say that it was taking a toll on me. So stressed and arguing with H almost everyday. I guessed it wasn't just the work load, it was also the emotional aspect of things. Professionally, I could handle my partner just walking off (but still keeping shares), but personally, I felt kinda letdown by a friend. And with me working working working, I have absolutely no social life. I have to say I was a bit depressed. I supposed a bit angry (is this the right word to use) too - or as in Cantonese "mm-tai".... because I own 55% but I do almost 100% of the work - UNPAID work.

Although the time is not right yet, we had to do it... we decided to sell part of the company. Otherwise I think I will go GILA. Singaporeans bought over a % of the company, and they have control now. New CEO is Singaporean.... I still hold a small share of the company. I will still be managing the academic side of things, overseeing the curriculum, the course concepts, our worksheets etc - to ensure that it is to a respectable standard. They have plans to do so many things. I just hope that they know what they are doing....

Am still managing the day-to-day stuff at the moment...(YES. Still unpaid) until they can find someone to replace me. Hope will be soon.

I hate to admit it but I really don't have the stomach to run my own business. I just cannot compartmentalise and cannot leave work at work. I am constantly thinking and worrying about work. Stressed all the time. If I try to take time off and relax. I can't. I'll feel guilty because of the "own business" notion.

Selling part of the company actually was quite timely too..... because..... I am moving to Australia with my boys. H? He will come too ...but travel back here for work.....
More about Down Under in the next post... and why????

Many Things has Happened....

Have I calmed down??

Actually, not yet. So many things to rant about.

You all know that I have opened an Education Centre right?
Waa.... getting good staff is damn hard. And sorry to say, there aren't many good and qualified Indonesians. Even if you think they are qualified and can do the job, and may have a different work ethic because they have studied, lived and worked in the US, you are sooooooooooooooo wrong.

We offered a job to this guy who has post-Masters degree from the US. He signed the employment letter. Two days before he was due to start work, H texted him on two occasions. No reply. And on the day that he was supposed to start work, he didn't turn up. H called him and he "kapp" the call. So blardy unprofessional. How hard is it to pick up the phone and tell us to our faces that our offer sucks and he has decided not to join us?

If it is not people like this, it is people who can hardly speak English. Their resumes all very well-written but call them up for interview, they cannot even understand simple English. How to tutor in English.

Speaking of English, a lot of people think that just because they speak English, they can tutor Maths, Physics and Chemistry. Aduh! I even have a MODEL that wrote in for a job. And her list of experiences are catwalk modelling here there everywhere. I was sooooooooooooo tempted to call her in for an interview and ask her to do Integration by Parts as part of our recruitment assessment! Don't they ever read the jobs ad PROPERLY?

That's the rant about staff.....

Ranting Awayyyyyyy....

I think this is going to be more of a RANTING blog than anything else. I have tonnes to do but I just feel like screaming. Since I can't do that, I'll just tap tap away on my keyboard! I donno lah. Is it me getting old or what? I feel very "mang chang" with every little bit of thing. Am very "mang chang" with H just this morning. Is it me? Or is it him being an @$$?

And all because of "taking photos". Stoooopid right?
He has misplaced my point-and-shoot and I commented that it's easier to use that to take the photos of the stuff we want to sell (yeah... want to sell a LOT of stuff from our apartment - that's another story). Then he went on yapping about "How hard is it to use your iphone blah blah blah". This went on for about 5 minutes and we were still IN bed.

Then when I got up, washed and changed. I took a photo of the Lazy Chair that we want to sell. Waaaa... so many comments from him about drawing and undrawing curtains blah blah blah. Then he went on about me making big things out of small things.
Easy for him to say. Just lying in bed and telling me what to do. Blardy @$$. Don't you just hate men?????

Wednesday, February 01, 2012


Waaaaaa... Ages since I updated my blog. You guys must be wondering if NomadicMom is still alive. Well, she was gone for awhile but has now been resurrected!

Where shall I begin. To much has happened since my update. Really don't know where to start. How about the fun stuff first? Like I am off to Bangkok this weekend. Nope. No husband. No children. Just little ole me. Meeting Sis No.2 there. She will be flying in from Singapore...

Other current updates... Boys' grandpa is here for a visit. Initially was a babysitting trip because we thought that H had to travel, and with my maid going off for a week and me going to work, we needed an adult at home to be with S2. Out little fella had acute appendicitis which had to be removed on CNY's eve. Talk about timing!!!!

Blog more soon!!!!