Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Inconsiderate VS. Cow Sense

Are these people being inconsiderate or it's just that they have cow sense??

What am I on about?
Well, we went out dinner today and when we came home, there was a car parked RIGHT in front of our gate. Hence blocking our entry and exit. Dad had to go down and inform the 'CULPRIT' to unblock our gate. He cited that there was no parking space. All this lazy bugger had to do was to park the car at the junction...which is only about 50 meters away. And yes, there were empty spots. Dad was pretty civil ...because he is an advocate of "semangat kejiranan". Me? I had to wind down my window to show my distaste. Mmmm...not sure if my scary eyes bulged out.

Mind you, our gate design is of the TIMBER 'weave' type whereby we have NO visibility from inside the house, whether if a car is parked outside our gate.
I mean, it is OUR Gate. Surely when we wanna go out, we have the right to just open our gate....and it is an AUTO gate. Should a car be parked right outside, we will surely HIT it. I can tell you that whenever I go out, I will just PRESS OPEN without looking outside.
Why should I? It's MY house and MY DRIVEWAY. If some people with cow sense want to park outside my gate and risk damaging their car, should I care?
I seriously was hoping that stupid bugger was going to park outside my gate again. I WAS going to DELIBERATELY open my auto-gate to BANG his car. YES. Even if this means that I have to spend money to repair my gate.
But then...perhaps my eyes DID BULGE out as he didn't re-park the car to block our gate.

"I just called to say... I LOVE YOU!"

Call me silly. But whenever someone mention karaoke, I will pick up an imaginary microphone and start crooning "I just called to say... I LOVE YOU!". There are hundreds of songs that I could sing. But without fail, I will pick this particular song by Stevie Wonder. As if that's not enough, I will actually shake my head like how Stevie Wonder used to do it ... decades ago. Gosh! Did I just revealed how old I am? Perhaps I should start crooning the latest hit by Lady Gaga ..... just to show that I am up-to-date with current times and not an oldie!!!

Holiday Excitement

Don't know if I have mentioned it...but H and I are taking the boys to LA and Las Vegas this December for our annual family vacation. I am pretty excited to show my boys all the outdoor Christmas decorations that line the streets of LA, not to mention along The Strip. I can imagine all the huge Christmas trees and the wonderful lights that will be put up by the Las Vegas hotels... I think all the theme parks will also be decorated for the festive season. This will be my boys' first trip to the States and I can feel it in my bones that this is going to be one MAGICAL trip for the entire family!

Tuesday, October 26, 2010

"Who is looking after your sons?"

....That was what my little 4-year old nephew, D asked. Heheheheh...

Yes. I am still here in PJ...but going down to Singapore later this afternoon for a night. Need to do some paperwork stuff tomorrow morning, and then back to PJ. Yeah. Short trip. Don't really want to stay too long in Singapore - VERY EXPENSIVE leh!

Then Thursday will be more doctor's appointment... My dentist to pick up my mouthguard (to stop me from clenching my jaw) and my one-week post-op check-up with my eye doctor (had my LASIK enhancement last Friday). Feeling a bit weird with my eyes... using my RIGHT eye for distance, and my LEFT for reading. Odd feeling that I need to get used to.
Yeah lor. "Lou far" in my RIGHT eye already. When I went to my friend's house on Saturday, commented to them about being "Lou far"... and lo and behold, both my girlfriends discovered that they are also kinda "Lou far"...but we all insisted that we still FEEL SOOOOOO YOUNG. heheheheh..

As for my sons, I think they are doing fine. No real complaints from H....but then, my H is more lax than I am. He probably allowed the boys to more no-goods than I would have. Definitely less screams and shouts from H as somehow, boys are more afraid of him. He only needs to say it ONCE. With me, I need to say it like FIVE times before my boys would respond.
NOT Fair .... Well, this is a good break from all the screaming and shouting - for boys and also for me!!!

Okay lah... I will post photos of our LOOT from Bangkok when I get back to Jakarta...

Dark Circles Galore?

Did I tell you that I haven't been sleeping well?
I've somehow starting clenching my jaw in my sleep. As a result, I keep waking up in the middle of the night, or wake up feeling rather tired in the morning. Worse, I look horrible with dark eye circles. I admit that I've always had mild dark circles, but lately, it has gotten worse. I actually look quite like those Chinese Vampires! I really do have to do something about the dark circles and my sleep patterns. Otherwise, not only will I go mad.... I will probably scare off little kiddies too!

Very Bad HABIT indeed!

What bad habit am I talking about??
Picking on my pimples.
Yup. I have this bad habit of touching and pinching on my pimples whenever I am watching telly. Although I know this will bring about dire results like UGLY pimple scars, I still do it.
Do I do it subconsciously or otherwise??? I really don't know.
I just know that I pay the price of trying to get rid of those UGLY scars by buying all sorts of creams. Sometimes they work, and sometimes they don't. I also feel that as I grow older, it is harder to get rid of the scars. Guessed these old cells are not regenerating as fast as they used to....
Really have to stop this BAD habit!

What's the First Thing that comes to your mind...

.....when you hear the term "Colon Cleansing"?
Do the horrible thoughts of copious water being pumped through a long hose to your "underside" come to mind?
This was my immediate thought and it certainly is not a pleasant one. I have been told many times that there are many benefits in colon cleansing. It detoxifies the human body, helps to lose weight, reduces acne and generally improves one's health. But I just couldn't stomach the thought of going through this "way of colon cleansing".
Luck is on my side though.... I just found out that there are new ways of having one's colon cleansed. One which is more palatable! All you have to do is pop a couple of colon cleanser pills. This way is soooooooooooooo much better than the traditional "water hose" way, don't you think???

Sunday, October 17, 2010

Leaving all the boys alone for TEN Days

Yup. Yup. Yup.
I am leaving all the three boys alone for 10 days.

Where am I going?

First to Bangkok for a couple of nights. Meeting my two sisters and mom in Bangkok for our first ever family GIRLIE HOLIDAY. Mom and sis, M flying from KL. Sis, D flying from Singapore. Will also be meeting my old friend, YY in Bangkok for lunch.

Then, it's back to KL for me. I have to have my Mouth Guard fixed by my dentist. I don't know if I mentioned it in my blog, but I have developed a BAD habit of clenching my jaw sooooo00 tightly that it has given me bad headaches and tireness (can't sleep well in the night...waking up still tired!). Hopefully, after this contraption is fixed, I will feel better.

Primary reason of going back to KL is to have my LASIK enhancement. Did my LASIK last August (2009) and they did tell me that most likely I needed an enhancement as my prescription of very high then. The computer didn't allow to fully-correct my eyesight. So... got to do it again. But just gonna do one eye...leaving the other for reading when long-sightedness (Lou Far Ngan) sets in. Then there's the post-surgery check-up a day later, and then a week later.
That's why I will be 10 days away from my boys.

H is actually in Singapore now.... and when he called me a while ago, he was at SANDS. I said "Eh? What is this? Told me you need to work. Why at SANDS gambling?"... and my kepoh S2 who has been eavedropping interrupted and said "He SHOULD be relaxing and enjoying himself now....cause from tomorrow, he will have to take care of us for TEN DAYS!"
Hahahhaha. True. True.

My boys' schedule is quite gila next week...with the Student-Led Conferences with the Teachers on two different days, then there's the Mandarin Classes, the re-scheduled after-school activities, etc. etc. ...Naturally, I had to brief my H and tried to do it over dinner yesterday night. He said "Don't tell me. Don't tell me. I am not listening. Email to me." And EMAIL I did.
I don't know what's with men. Before I booked my flights to Bangkok and KUL, I told him the proposed schedule...when I was going, when I was coming back etc. Obviously, he wasn't he went "WHAT? TEN DAYS??? Why sooooo LONG?" when he asked me again about my schedule two days ago! Actually told me to fly back home for 3 days, and then fly back to KUL to collect my mouth guard and to have my second post-Lasik check-up.
AIYO... really never sit plane before meh???

Anyway, did a whole load of grocery shopping this afternoon. Packed and labelled all the meats/chicken/bones etc and freezed them in their respective "day package". Typed out the boys' menu for breakfast and dinner for the next 10 days (except for weekends....H probably will take them out anyway) - this is for the maid so that she knows what to cook on each day. Am almost ALL organized except that I need to buy a few more items, and to make Lor Mai Kai tomorrow.

Also made a fairly large fruit cake yesterday for H to munch on while I am away. It would have been much better if I had checked on it before the recommended cooking time. I don't know why I didn't...when I usually do. As a result, the cake is slightly over-cooked. Oh well.. next time lor then... BTW, had an order of cupcakes from a friend for yesterday too. See here.

That just leaves packing my own barang-barang.....

5 Kgs to go....

What is the fastest way to burn fat? Do you know? Care to spill the beans? I've been trying hard to lose some weight... My H said that I HAVE TO lose at least 5 Kgs before I am allowed to board the plane for our year end holiday with the boys. It is going to be a 3-week holiday and we are sure to binge on all the yummilicious foods available. He does sound cruel, but I supposed he's afraid that I won't be able to fit into my clothes - and would have to SPEND his hard-earned money on a new expanded wardrobe!

Friday, October 15, 2010

Errr... More from Melbourne

Errr... this is a continuation from here. I also thought that I didn't buy that much scrapbooking stuff but then when I looked at them today, I thought "Mmm...quite a lot also..."

Silicon Spatulas
(Just found these. They were tucked together with my scrapbooking stuff.
Bought this from the same shop where I bought the Cupcake Holders)

Scrapbooking Set from Costco
(Has 2 albums, papers, stickers, brads, stamps, ribbons, metal embellishments, chipboards)


More Embellishments

No more buying for a loooooooong while!!!

Shopping ONLINE is GREEN!

Is that good news? Or is that good news?
I bet you are excited to know that shopping online has less environmental impact than going to the retail outlets. This fact was proven in a recent green study by The Green Design Institute at the Carnegie Mellon University. It was found than a whopping 35 percent reduction in carbon dioxide reductions can be achieved by shopping online. This reduction generally stems from consumers NOT having to drive to and from the retail stores. Not only consumers save time from NOT having to go to the stores, there is a great savings on gas. So don't feel guilty the next time you CLICK "Add to Cart"!

So Many TVs.....BUT...

Yup. We have many TVs in our house - 5 to be exact. But NO antennas for all of them. You must be wondering what do we watch without an antenna? Well, there is the cable TV (that doesn't use any antenna nor satellite dish), the computer downloads and of course the DVDs. We didn't really need an antenna.....UNTIL the World Cup Season some months back. The cable channels did not telecast the games and the only way was from the main national channels. So what does my H do when he was really desperate to know the score? He went outside and watched with the security guards. One of them had brought his little portable TV which has a good enough antenna. Little screen...but did the job!

Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Day still not over????

Just as I thought I could come home and shake legs, I suddenly remembered that I have to take S2 to have his trans-palatal arch fixed. The appointment is for 8.30 pm. So late yeah? But weekend, doctor not around and he didn't want to wait another week. He said it's better to have it fixed asap. So.... Have to squash into a weekday this week. Oh well....
Got to go now. It's only 7.30 pm....but then, it takes an hour to get there....

Work also not so long....

Ya. really. Working also not so long hours...when I was working, I usually leave my house at 8 am, and that's to send S2 to my moms with the maid or whatever. And am usually back at my mom's house by 6.30 pm. But today....I have been out of the house since 6.45 am, and am still out.....waiting for H in a cafe in his office building. What to do? We only have one car, and to have the driver send me home first and then come back to pick H would be a nightmare. So...I just come and duduk here for half and hour to wait for H to finish work....that is, if he don't suddenly go into some last minute meeting!!

I constantly find myself having less and less time. I wonder why? I don't work now. Why always NO time one? Is it the traffic or just getting older that my "sau kiok Mann"(hands and legs slowed down)? Or just doing nonsense?
Maybe a bit of everything lah....

Anyway, I was at the US Embassy for 3.5 hours today. Had to apply US Visas for both the boys. Really really gila. I thought with their appointment system, should be a breeze but NO! I arrived at 7.30 am for my 8.00 am appointment. As usual, had to queue outside, then queue inside, then go through security, queue some more. Wait. wait. queue some more... And the interview was like 3 minutes! It was fast as both H and I have visas already. lucky boys needn't come along as they are under 14. Saw some aunties have their visa applications turned down. Like so "chamm". Can you imagine waiting for 3.5 hours and then they tell you DECLINED! Not come back another day but DECLINED? And these appointments have to be made waaaaaaaaay in advance. I actually submitted the boys' application on 22 August and earliest appointment that I could get was today. 1.5 months!!! Waliow! Also, here the officers seem scarier... I remember when I went to the US Embassy in KL, it wasn't as scary and long a wait as here.

And from US Embassy, I have to rush to the Thai Embassy to drop some papers off, and then to H's office to drop our passports off for our re-entry permit extension. Otherwise, after my 10-days away, I cannot enter back into the country!! And then went to my reallllllllllly long Mommies Lunch. Have to say a really long lunch. From noon to 4 pm!!! Not lunch liow. Includes afternoon tea also! Lucky I gave instructions to my maid on what to cook tonight. Errrrr...don't think I can or should eat. Must go on diet lah...had quite a lot of sinful desserts at lunch. What's the boys' dinner?
Good 'ole Bak Kut Teh.

Tuesday, October 12, 2010

What's been up with the boys??

...Other than taking turns driving me mad???

Let's start with my older one... He has been pretty committed in the FOBISSEA try-outs this term. Though he did pretty well in an athletic meet two weeks ago, he wasn't picked to be part of the team. Needless to say, we was mighty disappointed. Good also lah, cause the games are to be held in Manila and H isn't too keen with the idea of Manila. Nevertheless, S1still attended the athletic meet at school last Friday - getting 2nd place in the U15 Boy's High Jump. This fella is starting to realise that he needs to excel in something, and that needs commitment. For the last two years, our advice had all been on deaf ears. Now, he sees our point... He knows he needs to be more responsible but somehow BEING responsible is such a hard task for him. Until now, I am still constantly nagging, lecturing, scolding him to do him homework, pack his bag, etc etc. I can hear myself being a broken record! Of course many times, I just want to say F it lah. But being a mom..."mai suei suie tei" go back and do what every mommy does. *Sigh*

As for S2 ... he had opted to take the ABRSM music exams in March 2011. His music teacher said that if he is commited, he can do Grade 2 Flute instead of Grade 1. My S2 insisted that wants to take the challenge of taking the Grade 2 exams after our lengthy talk. It has to be his decision. I don't want to be droning out PRACTISE YOUR FLUTE. PRACTISE YOUR FLUTE. PRACTISE YOUR FLUTE...and then to be greeted with sour face. And what do you know? After agreeing that he will attend all lessons and practise his flute, and reminding me to pay the exam fees yesterday, our friend did NOT attend his flute lesson. You say lah. Kik Sei me or not??

S2 had his braces fixed last Saturday. Apparently some friends at school are calling him JAWS. Hahhaha. He's okay lah. At first, he was pretty upset...because he said he will look like a GEEK with his glasses AND braces.

Other than that...they both will have a student-led conference with their teachers next week. THAT - will be handled by H. I won't be around. He told me to EMAIL the boys' schedules and what I want him to do with the boys... Let's see how he handles the boys in the 10 days that I am away.

Friday, October 08, 2010

Who said "didn't buy much in Melbourne"????

Me lah....
I sincerely thought that we didn't buy much as the exchange rate is not exactly favourable to the USD. But when I unloaded our stuff from the bags and put them all on the table, I was a little surprised myself with the amount of stuff we had bought in Melbourne.

S1's Request - A Book
Salad Spinner

Cupcake Containers
(for boys' lunchboxes... H said "waste money"!)

2 -Tier Cupcake/Muffin Carrier
(some of my scrapbooking items are stuffed inside)

A Variety of Dips, Pates and Rolo Dessert
(Yes. Bought a Cool Bag and Reusable Ice Packs)

Pita Bread
(Dad said "never heard of people go australia and buy bread!" hahahhahha)

Chunky Soup, Seasoning, Sandwich Spreads, Sauces and YES - Tomato Ketchup
(My gila hubby lah...he is a tomato ketchup freak!)

More Sauces - A variety from MasterFoods

Instant Mac&Cheese and Soup Stock

Byron Bay Cookies, Halloween Marshmallows, Cadbury Chocolates, Scrabble Belgian Chocolates...

Sweeties (H's) and Ferrero Rocher (boys')

Fruit Bars and Dry Fruits
(for the boys)
Gingerbread House Kit

Vitamins (for S2) and EPO (for me)
Wines and Bubbly....

And I haven't post my scrapbooking stuff yet... Actually, didn't buy that much scrapbooking stuff as they were so much more expensive in Australia than the States. Most of the nice things were all US-brands rather than Aussie.

Wednesday, October 06, 2010

Melbourne is NO place for diets!!!!

I've said it, and will say it again. Melbourne is NO place to visit if you are on a diet! How to? When the produce is fresh, luscious and bountiful ? Even if you don't go out to the restaurants, a stroll in the market is enough to salivate!

On the first day in Melbourne, I went to Prahran Market on Toorak Road... Just couldn't resist the lamb, sausages etc etc on display. Called my sister and told her that I am cooking in the serviced apartment and she was like WHAT??? Shocked that I was gonna cook on the first day. Okay...not really cook cook. I bought a variety of sausages, a seasoned lamb loin, beef shashlik, pita bread, a variety of Mediteranean dips, a variety of desserts, fruits... All I had to do was chuck the whole lot into the oven. It was very very yummy indeed. Forgot to take photographs. Actually, forgot to take photos of quite a number of meals...didn't take of our Yum Cha at Westfield Doncaster, the pho bo in Footscray nor the yummilicious lunch at The Point @ Albert Park - one of the yummiest meal....

Anyway, here's some photos that we managed to take before diving in!!!

The next 4 photos were taken at The Press Club near Collins St somewhere.. The owner chef is the botak judge in the Junior Masterchef Australia. Don't ask me his name. I donno leh.... Donno what the dishes are called also...

Supposedly my "birthday cake" at Koko Black. Think this was at Lygon Street?? Too sleepy to remember.

Some seafood stuff from Claypots over at St. Kilda.....

Cheese Platter at De Bortoli Winery....

The next 4 photos were all taken at Yerring Station Restaurant ... the pork dish was really really good! Absolutely gorgeous!

Needless to say... all this eating has made me put on lots of extra weight! I should really have done what I said in the sponsored post before my trip...,i.e PACK SOME DIET PILLS in my luggage bag! Didn't lah... Now have to really eat light to lose the 2 kg gained over the few days in Melbourne!

I'm Scared to Touch his Forehead!!

How do you check if your child has a fever?
I don't jump straight for a thermometer. Usually, I will place my hands or my cheek against my boys' forehead first. Should I feel the temperature is warmer than "usual", then only I will whip out the thermometer. Most of the time, this mommy's in-built bio-thermometer works pretty accurately to gauge FEVER or NO-FEVER. But lately, I am afraid to even touch S1's forehead...let alone put my cheek on it. Why?
Have you seen the erupting Mount Vesuvius on his forehead lately? His acne is pretty bad. I've give him special facial wash and creams. I don't know if he actually uses them or the product did not agree with his skin. Perhaps I have to find alternative acne treatments to solve his skin problems. Know any good brands for adolescent skin?

It's already ONE WEEK!!!!

Yeah. One week since I came back from Melbourne. Where does all the time fly too? Maybe there is a BLACK HOLE out there somewhere that just sucks out all the time in the world....leaving disorganized suckers like me scrambling to try to finish off all the tasks at hand.

Really donno what I have been doing for the last one week man! Time really just whooooooooosh by! Let me try to recall what I did....(this is just for my record)

Wednesday - arrived in the morning, dropped H off at the office (Yup! He went straight to work! ...I couldn't never do this!), arrived home and had to unpack all our loot. I thought we didn't buy much (since exchange rate NOT favourable to us, almost parity with USD!) but when I put all the stuff on the table, it did give me a little bit of a surprise! Will post pictures later. Then took Dad out to Duck King for lunch....he said it was the best meal he's had since he arrived. He only ate out twice (at the food court!! because boys wanted different foods)...whilst we were gone. Can't remember what I did in the afternoon...

Thursday - I hopped onto the early morning school bus... as I had a Year 6 Parents Rep meeting. kepoh... volunteered for S2's class. What to do? His class sooo "chamm" parent wants to volunteer. Anyway, rushed home to take dad out grocery shopping, and then lunch at Penang Bistro, dropped him off at a massage place and then RUSH to school for my reading duty (for S2's class again). After that, waited in the school cafe for the boys to finish with the after-school activity, and then RUSH to Mandarin tuition. Went to the gym for an hour, and by the time I got home, I almost pengsan.

Friday - Dropped H off at work, then took dad to Chinatown in Glodok. Took him through the back lanes and streets...warned him NOT to buy any raw foods. He wanted to buy the shellfish...but aiyer, sitting under the sun for sooooo long. Sure will LAU SAI. Speaking of LAU SAI. S2 is home from school today. Vomitted and also LAU SAI. Donno if it's because of the edamame that he had's been sitting in the freezer for a long time already, and maybe some power outages might have made it gone off. Poor guy. Already soooo sau-mang-kai.
Anyway, we did eat in a little coffee shop in one of the back lanes. Nothing wrong lah... No LAU SAI or anything. From here, took him to Cafe Batavia for a cup of coffee... It's a building from the 19th century. Nice ambience... caters mainly to tourist, I would think. Dad then had a lunch of Hainanese Chicken Rice in some singaporean restaurant... I was still stuffed from brekkie so just watched him eat. Then it was off to D'Best Supermarket to buy my nasi lemak ingredients. Dad had wanted to learn how to make nasi lemak from scratch. My afternoon was basically cooking the nasi lemak, the sambal and the fried kunyit chicken. Had early my day has not yet ended.
After dinner, I had to rush to JIS to pick S1. He had participated in an athletic meet.... supposed to end at 7.30 pm...but it ended at 9.00 pm. Not bad for his first athletic meet. My S1 ended 3rd in 200 m and 3rd in the Medley. There's another athletic meet at his school this Saturday.

Saturday - S2 had a birthday party. After we dropped him off, we went to Paulaner Brahaus for a porky brunch... and halfway through, my S1 was feeling ill (probably too much exertion from the night before???) so didn't do anything after lunch. Dad went for a massage and we basically had a simple dinner that night. After dinner, still had to trott off through the traffic to pick S2 from his friend's house.

Sunday - We took dad to Table 8 @ Mulia Hotel for their Dim Sum Brunch. Stayed there from 10 am for 2 hours (not because we wanted to, but because the porky stuff were only available at 11 am). Said our goodbyes to dad - as he was leaving for the airport immediately after lunch. We took a cab to the mall - H wanted a haircut, and to get a sports bag and shoes for S1. After seeing S1's performance, H felt that S1 needed proper gear. He said the bags that I have for my boys are too POOFY! Bleahhhh! Dinner again was pretty light.

Monday - The usual...Painting at my friend's house, and then to school to pick the boys up for their Mandarin tuition, and an hour at the gym.

Tuesday - Didn't go scrapbooking as my friend said there won't be power. So went to run some errands at the Singapore HC with H, came home - did my insurance claims, cleared some paperwork etc etc.

Wednesday - Supposed to go to the Thai Embassy with H...but then with S2 ill, decided to stay home instead. So here I am typing away on my keyboard when I am supposed to be clearing MORE paperwork from my work desk. Will I do it? Or do more nonsense on the computer???