Friday, December 28, 2007

Quick One...

Have been busy since I got back on the 17th. Now..where have I been and what did I do?

Tuesday, 18th was basically spent chatting with a friend who so happens to be back from the States, and to buy toiletries and slippers (since I didn't bring mine).
The next day, we drove down to Singapore (not I drive mom did) on the 19th and got back on the 21st of December. Have to say Singapore is very expensive!!! Didn't buy anything at all.
On Saturday, 22nd was the Chinese Festival... had the usual prayers in the afternoon and then lunch with Tong Yuen, and then it was off to MidValley with my mom, boys and MIL. MIL wanted to buy pressies for the boys.
Sunday??? Aiyo...this one I forgot.
Monday, 24th Dec. Had to rush to bring H's NAD DVD to be fixed at the distributor which is located in Taman Maluri. Aiyo...that fella said that particular model very few ppl buy cause expensive and also may not have parts liow. True enough. The fella told me today, the board koyak already and cannot be fixed. So, moral of the story is to just buy EL CHEAPO brand, cause spoil liow won't "samm thung"!!! Then it was rushing to Pavillion to have lunch with my girlfriends, CC and KL. Of course must go...CC had an increase in $$$ when she switched jobs, so..."watt" her for "yue chue long hau" (sharks fin for gargling mouth??). And yes. I did have the non-environmental friendly sharks fin. And then later, went to do last minute shopping with my sisters. And Christmas Eve...also my daddy's birthday...we had dinner at home..with takeaway turkey...
Christmas Day...Opened pressies...and then...errrr...what else arr?? Forgot again!!
Boxing Day - Drove down to PD. Aiyo....what happened to PD?? So scary the beach!!!! Why PD? We have babies and thus do not want to drive toooooo far... Anyway, convoy of 4 cars down to PD. Just got back today...
And off to Bangkok with H. Leaving boys with my parents....

Last Minute Shopping...

You know the Chinese saying of "want to get married, then bind feet"? It generally means "doing things at the very last minute". Well, this was exactly what my youngest sister was doing on Christmas Eve. She was scurrying around on Christmas Eve to get presents for my brother-in-law and I don't know who else. We were in the Adidas factory outlet over in Section 14 that she finally found something for my brother-in-law. And since I was there too, I looked at the Adidas golf shirts for myself and Adidas soccer shoes for the boys too. But as boys did not come along, it was rather difficult to buy the shoes. So, gotta go again. This time, with the boys!

Friday, December 21, 2007

Diving Gear...

Initially, H and I wanted to go for a Diving and Golfing holiday post-Christmas. We've got our personal golf sets and shoes for golfing. As for diving, we've got our mask, snorkler, shoes and fins. What's still missing are our very own BCD (buoyancy control device), regulator and dive watch. Was wondering if we should purchase the BCD and regulator or just rent them from the dive shops at most resorts. But we will definitely want to buy our own dive watch. I would want the stylish Technomarine watch in blue. It'll go very well with my blue fins and blue wetsuit. Yes. Even diving, I have to be colour-coordinated!

Monday, December 17, 2007

All Packed...

Bags packed.
Passports, Tickets - Checked
Done the Online Check-In.

Wait. Wait... till 3.30 pm to leave the house to the airport to catch our 7 PM flight. Was thinking of leaving at 4 pm but driver is afraid that there might be a jam. Or perhaps the earlier he sends us off, the earlier he can get off!!! Gave him the day off tomorrow, as H only gets back from the US on Wednesday. Yeah...I did say Germany in my earlier post, but he flew to the States from Achtung-Land.

So...while waiting... I blog abit lah..

Started off Sunday (yesterday) quite early. is early for me lah! Took boys to a place called Pancious for pancakes with ice-cream. Yup! Yup! Early morning have ice-cream!! hehehe.. I couldn't find my friend's book that I had borrowed earlier. So told the boys that whoever finds it, gets to have ice-cream with their pancakes... And both of them found it! So, have to keep my word lah. Had the book (titled Siblings Without Rivalry) in the car with us, and S1 started looking at some of the cartoons in there.
I said "Don't you think the parent in the book is like me??".
And then he commented "this isn't how you talk to us. You wouldn't say 'boy. You look upset with your brother. I am sure he had said something that upset you'...".
"The book is advising that is how us parents should talk to the kids", I replied, and then proceeded to emulate the book with the nicest, calmest voice that I can muster.
S1 then said "No. No. That doesn't suit your personality! That's not you mom. You are freaking me out! Stop it! Stop it!".
"Then how do you want me to be when you guys fight? Scream?"
"Yes. Yes. Please continue to scream at us!" was S1's reply!
Basically, my son has given me the GREEN light to continue screaming at him!!! Hahahha

After pancakes, we proceeded to Carrefour to buy Laundryamah's maid uniform. I bought a GREEN coloured one. For the long pant's version, the BLUES and WHITES were all XL. There were absolutely NO MEDIUMs for any colour. So, I bought SMALL but they still look okay for a normal-sized maid lah. I figured you didn't want PINK, so I bought the GREEN one. Laundryamah - You owe me RM 36/-. Yeah...think price increased a bit from the last time...and IT is more expensive than the expat supermarket lah...

Then we were off to Seibu to buy EL's CK bag. Well, guessed some other ladies fancied the bag too. FINITO liow... So, didn't buy her bag. But wandered around this new mall, which is only half opened. Walked over to the East Wing. Discovered that Harvey Nichols is gonna be the anchor tenant in the East Wing. *Reminiscing* Used to lurve to go to Harvey Nichols in London during the sales.... When I told H about it, he was pretty excited that they are opening a store here too!

After that hopped over to another mall to have a my friends said that they've just renovated. Went to kepoh lah. Popped into Debenhams to buy H's Xmas pressie, plus to the Food Hall to buy ingredients to make Loh Mai Kai. Had to freeze them to feed my H while we are gone. Also given maid off 4 days per week...Yes. She only needs to come in 3 times a week to sweep, mop and do H's laundry while we are gone.

Went home, rested and then made the Loh Mai Kai...then we were out again. This time to TIME ZONE.
Because the last time mom was here, she indulged the boys with trips to TIME ZONE, and consequently they have amassed a total of 1289 TIME ZONE tickets!!!
We had to redeem them already, as the expiry date is 31st December 2007.
Certainly H is not going to redeem them while we are gone.
What did the 1289 tickets get us?
  • 2 x Small Packets of Fruit Juice
  • 1 x Soft Toy (Stitch from Lilo & Stitch)
  • 10 x Cans of Soft Drinks
  • 5 x Lousy Mechanical Pencil
  • 3 x Sweets to go have lunch now... See you soon!!

Friday, December 14, 2007

Busy Busy....

Busy with Shopping...
Yup! Had to do my last minute Xmas Shopping before I head home on Monday, the 17th December. And Debenhams started their Midnight Shopping yesterday, with Buy-One-Get-One-Free, from 9 PM to Midnight. So what do I do??? Major kiasu...was there yesterday morning to check out what was interesting, and to try out clothes. I knew that the fitting rooms were gonna be packed to the max. At 8.30 PM sharp, I tucked the boys into bed, and then went to Debenhams. YES. It was packed!! Sorry. Cannot show you most of the stuff I bought as they are Xmas Pressies...What I can show are the following:
Wrapped Pressies in the Luggage

S1's Cool T-Shirt

S2's Cool T-Shirt

Oh yeah...I shop shop shop till almost 12 midnight leh. Shop until gila. When I left, I passed by Gucci (which also just started their sale). Waliow!! It was still open at 11.45 PM, and packed to the MAX. Those ladies were coming out with bags and bags of GUCCI merchandise. Some people just have all the dough!!!

Anyway,...I still have to go and buy Laundryamah's Maid Uniform... and EL's Calvin Klein clutch bag. Already told her to buy buy buy the other when we were at Seibu, but she was 'sum-tai-sum-sai'. And then at the airport, called me to get it for was on sale..converted costs RM 560 I think.... So, my shopping errands will extend to this coming Sunday when traffic is minimal.

Busy Golfing....
After Wednesday's crap golfing, I went to the driving range with two friends today. Hit about 12o balls. Much better than Wednesday....but think still need some work. Will bring my golf shoes back to KUL, and maybe get an instructor that can speak proper English for at least one lesson. Hope I will improve. Cannot be the more I play, the worse I become. Right?

Busy @ The Salon
Went to the salon to have my hair permed today. Yes...abit last minute before I go home. But my hair was getting limp and out of shape. And summore the other day, a friend saw me at the gym, and said that I look like Ah Soh!!!! She said I have a lot of white hair, and I should colour it, and perm to have sexy hair!!! Hahahah... And then told me to put some make-up, then I'll look good. I went to the salon after my golf....

My hair from the back
(...took the pix a bit senget and funny looking)

Busy Packing
Not only have to stuff the Xmas Pressies...but there's still our clothes, shoes, plus the kids' old books that I want to give to my nephews, B and D. So, have to sort them out from the mess in the boys' room.

Busy Booking
H and I wanna go away together after Xmas....without the kids. H will not be back for Xmas as he has a contract nego on Boxing Day. Our first choice was to go Diving in Cairns but flights were full...then we thought we'll go skiing in South Korea. The tours are either full or too long. Then we thought about Golfing & Diving in Krabi... But where have we decided to go?
It was H's suggestion. But good lah. I need to go to the Four-Face girlfriend, C whom I used to tag-along with had already gone in August and won't be going soon. Will also want to meet up with a good friend, YY. I'm sure she would be thrilled to see H and I. Will have to SMS her tomorrow. We are flying AirAsia...sooooooo last minute, so the tickets EXPENSIVE lah... We paid almost RM 1500 for 2 tickets. And H got to fly in to KL summore...and that is also expensive... Usually, it costs about USD 130 or thereabouts...but this time, it's doubled! This H lah...his schedule always sooooooo last minute that it is MEGA difficult to book in advance. Always like that one.... And when I was buying the tickets, I was contemplating one airline with another etc...and he called me sooooo many times from Germany. He said he was afraid that I sure think here, think there over USD 20. He was right! I was! Basically, he called to ask me to just bl@rdy book the tickets!! hahahaha...
Now, it's just the hotel that I need to book (no lah...don't want to stay with YY lah..not so nice...she sure offer her driver and all one. I "mm-hou-yi-see"). H's colleague can get us some discounts at Novotel Siam Square...but knowing me...I want to surf those lastminute sites to see what other deals I can get!
Did I mention that H was offered a posting in Bangkok again about 3 months back? But because it's a lateral move, he declined lah...

A Spare is Required...

As mentioned in one of my previous post, H surprised me with a new Canon IXUS 950 IS last week. I'm still fiddling with the camera's features. The camera came with an additional 1 GB memory card. However, it only came with one rechargeable battery. I think I should get spare rechargeable batteries for this new camera. Don't you think? I definitely would be kicking myself hard if I miss a perfect picture moment due to zilch power in my battery!

Where to go??

H and I want to go on a trip together just after Christmas. Yes....without the boys. I've checked around and flights to most places are fully-booked, or are commanding a premium price. As know how wives are.. always worrying about how much it would cost. I should learn to close my eyes, and just splurge on an overseas trip. Perhaps we should fly to the city that we had our honeymoon..... Las Vegas, and stay in a 5-star Vegas hotel, order room service, try my luck at the roulette tables and watch the famous Vegas shows. What say you??

Wednesday, December 12, 2007

Ladies Day....

Hubbies off to work.

Kids off to school.

And us ladies off to the golf course.

Well, it's Ladies Day at the PI Golf Course today....and next week, kids will be FULL-TIME with us (last day of school is this Friday, 14th Dec) my girlfriends and I had to seize the opportunity. I guessed the other expat wives/moms are also thinking the same thing. The course was rather packed. Flights in front and back of us.

But BOO-HOO-HOO... I played like crap today!!! Really really bad. Worse than the first time. Worse than when I first started at the driving range. WHY??? HOW COME??

My girlfriends said that I expected too much, and gave myself too much pressure. I donno... but how to go for a GOLF & DIVING HOLIDAY with H??? Was thinking of going to Krabi after the PD trip. Now, with my golf like donno-what, how? How? How? So... gonna go to the driving range to sort out whatever that needs to be sorted out this Friday. *sigh* :-(

We had lunch at the clubhouse today rather than going to the nearby mall. Was just too lazy to get up from the chair after our usual iced-lemon teas... Felt really really lazy and needed some pampering after the $h!tty game. Called my usual spa but they were fully-booked. So thought that I'll try another. Went to the Harnn & Tharn Spa near to my house. The decor is more modern minimalist as compared to the traditional woody look of my usual spa. I forgot to take picture BEFORE my treatment. So this pix is after...hence the yucky dirty used towel on the bed.
What did I do? Had a scrub, massage and a facial. The scrub and massage was quite good. But the facial was LOUSY lah. All-in-all, my 2 1/2 treatment costs about RM 200/-. Had a 25% discount for the scrub and massage with my credit card. A bit geram that the LOUSY facial had NO discount!
But I still think my usual spa is better. Cheaper summore. Also, I notice that these fancy spas (including The Spa at the Four Seasons Hotel) does not massage the boobies, as compared to the local traditional spas. The local ones also massage the stomach more thoroughly... I know some of you are gonna go "Eeeeewww...massage boobies!!".. Heeeheeee
Anyways, my skin was "pakk-shoot-shott, watt-loot-loot" (white white, smooth smooth) after the spa session. But then also no one to appreciate as H is en-route to Europe :=(

Improved Fitness?

I have been a member at the Celebrity Fitness gym for about 4 months now, and have been diligently working out at least twice a week on the various fitness equipment available there. I usually work out on the CrossTrainer for about 30 minutes, and then onto the strength training which involved weights ranging from 10 kg to 25 kg. Although I have yet to lose a single pound, friends have commented that I look fitter. I do feel fitter. And the other day when we were at the Safari Park, I didn't pant after climbing a steep and high flight of stairs. A good achievement indeed! :-)

Bright Lights are Needed!

What type of bathroom lights do you have?

Mine looks something like this-->

I'm lucky that my rented home has bright lights for the bathroom. Lighting in the bathroom is very important. I need the bright lights to see every single pore on my face so that I can extract them as part of my weekly ritual. As I don't have a dressing table, I do my minimal make-up under these bright lights too!

Of Dreams and Such...

Every kid has a dream of some sort...

I must be one of the most horrible mom in the world. My constant stance on REALITY may be a little too harsh for my kids??? see... yesterday (Tuesday) as the boys were getting dressed for school, S2 mentioned that next term, he'll want to choose something other than Tae-Kwon-do as his Wednesday after-school activity. He remarked "my soccer is very bad. I want to improve so that I can play for Manchester (United)". And immediately I answered "Aiya.... even if you play very well also you won't be able to play for Manchester United lah!!!". S1 then interjected with "Mommy! Why you spoil people's dream like that one???"....Oooooops!! Is that a case of my ME & MY BIG MOUTH??

Same thing with S1....says he wants to be a spy with CIA... Well, in reality, he will never be able to work for the CIA. So, it's my job to tell him that, right??? Anyway, he has asked me to check out schools/camps for spy-training.
And search I did!

There are quite a few actually, but most are in the US, with one in NSW, Australia. UK has one that is only 3 hours long, which would not be shiok enough. The one is Australia operates during their summer which the recent schedule shows to be towards end-January 2008. This one, timing is not right for S1 as school starts on the 7th of January. Guessed we'll have to rely on the ones in the States. H said that we can bank S1 into the camp, tour for that one week and then come pick him up. So...perhaps we'll plan for this next Summer. As for S2, either he'll tag along with us, or we'll bank him into a different camp. The spy-camp unfortunately is for kids about 10 years S2 does not qualify....

Monday, December 10, 2007

Telephone Systems for Businesses

Can you run a business without telephones?
The answer is NO.


I am sure some would argue that the electronic mail (or more popularly known as email) can be used to communicate with clients and suppliers. But do you think that is enough? I think NOT.

I do not deny that email is a great communication tool. However, some things still needs to be sorted out over the telephone. Yup! The good 'ole communication tool that was invented by Alexander Graham Bell in the late 19th century. The telephone has come a long way since. These days, technology for telephone systems range from conventional Plain Old Telephone System (POTs) to Voice over IP (VoIP) capabilities. 115

To run a successful and seamless business, you want to be assured of an efficient and economical telephone system. You certainly do not want to be bogged-down by complicated systems that are a hassle more than a help, especially if you are just starting out a small business. You want to concentrate on other more important issues. You need a straighforward, user-friendly telephone system that can help you tap on the most economical telephone technology, and in most cases, would be the VoIP technology. Know which maker uses the latest VoIP technology?

Talkswitch! It's a real great phone system for small businesses, and Neobits is having some current great offers! Neobits also offers other brands of phone systems designed for businesses between 2 and 250 users; such asAvaya, Panasonic, NEC, Allworx, Epygi and much more. Their 3,000 customers in the US is proof of their sought-after services.

Importance of Insurance

My girlfriends and I get-together at least once-a-week. During one of our usual chats over coffee, "sudden death" became one of our discussion topics. There was a case whereby a healthy and fit 30-something executive suddenly collapsed and died leaving a stay-at-home wife with two children. Overnight, her life changed forever. Not only she had to deal with the sudden death of her spouse, she had to start fending for herself and her two young children. Fortunately, her spouse did have a term life insurance, that would at least preserve some financial stabilty for some period of time. Otherwise, life would be mighty hard!

Sunday, December 09, 2007

H's Pressie

Remember this??

It's S1's purchase from Bali for his dad. :-) As per my previous post, some friends are visiting us for a few days, and so we took them to the Safari Park yesterday. Just as we were about to leave the house, I think S1 asked H why he didn't wear his pressie. H must have said that he didn't want to wear it cause I heard S1 say something like "you are wasting money!". The next thing I knew was that H went up to change into the shirt. When I saw him, I really did burst out laughing. My thick-skinned H remarked "Don't laugh. I am one of those few ones that can carry this kind of look!".... Our guests were like nodding and saying "Yeah. Yeah."!!
Yeah. Right. :-P

P/S Our guests left today (they arrived on Friday), but looks like they won't be visiting again! Not that we were bad hosts but think they just weren't used to the BAD traffic jams in this country.

My Xmas Tree is UP!

We put up our tree last Sunday...waited for S1 to come home from his Bali Trip first. H fixed it up, and when I tested out the lights, they weren't working. Thus, H and I drove out to the mall to buy a new set of lights. Didn't want to wait another day. Put up the lights and then the ribbons. As usual, boys hung the ornaments. Still the same GOLD ornaments that we had since we lived in Singapore...before S2 was born. So, the tree and the ornaments are older than S2!

Looks like I could do with some more ornaments! :-)
Yeah...NO Xmas Pressies under the Tree :-(
Also put up the STAR lights that I bought from IKEA many years back. But this is the first time that I had used them. Nice? Bought some carved wooden snowman from the bazaar. Cute, huh??

Saturday, December 08, 2007

Are you ??

......One of those women who spends hours in the bathroom picking on your blackheads? Doing something that you know that you shouldn't but still do. So, are you?? Come on... be honest. Okay. I admit I am one of the guilty ones! *Gulp* My eyes would light up when I see these makeup mirrors in hotel bathrooms. They are really really great! You could extend them to suit your position, and with standard magnification, you can see every single pore on your nose!! What is even better is some models come with in-built lighting!!! Just the very mirror that every woman needs!!

Will cute novelty details work??

I've been told by some of H's coworkers that H can be quite intimidating at work....especially so when he's waiting for month-end reports. And recently, he was advised by the Human Resources Department to be friendlier to staff. I wonder if he is a real OGRE at work!! Perhaps I should get him some cute novelty silver cufflinks such as those illustrated below. Maybe such whimsical designs would tone down H's perceived aggressive and fierce persona. What do you think? Will they work?

Friends Visiting...

Finally! We have another set of friends visiting us after one year. Yup! The last time we had friends over from Malaysia was one year ago. Somehow...nobody wants to visit us in this 3rd World Country. Even my parents are not visiting as often as when we lived in Bangkok.
Anyway, family of 4 arrived yesterday... Took them 1 1/4 hours from the airport. I thought that was quite good considering it was peak traffic. When I saw them at the door (I didn't go to the airport. Sent the driver only)...they were lik mega-exhausted from the jams. :-)
Took them to a restaurant named Payon. Went there because it was close to our house, and it was local food. Thought we should always bring our guest to try the local food on the first day. Anyway, food was okay lah... but because it had rained before, the grounds were abit soggy. Otherwise, it would be quite a nice place... The restaurant had a landscaped garden, with koi ponds and was lit with torches around the premises. So, on a normal day...the ambience would be better.
Supposed to bring the kids to watch dolphins and sealions perform today.....but it rained soooooo heavily that I took them shopping instead. The kids complained of course... but what to do? (My boys didn't come as they have school).... Went to Long Beach Seafood Restaurant (Yup! The same one as the one in Singapore) for dinner.... H "kik lau" me, so didn't enjoy my dinner that much. :-( Long story...
Gonna go to the Safari Park again tomorrow. Setting off at 7.30 am, as driver says that it will take 1 1/2 hours to reach the place...and it opens at 9 am. Early start, hopefully, early ending and early return home. The guests want to visit the spa in the evening tomorrow.

Thursday, December 06, 2007

Traditional Custom

Did you know that there is a traditional Chinese custom of giving gold chains and other gold jewelry to brides, and one-month old babies? This custom has been practiced in my family for many generations, and is still going on today. Somehow, the Chinese view GOLD as a must, and I received quite a number of gold chains from my relatives when I got married. Unfortunately, the designs were rather old-fashioned, and not something that I would wear. Well, my sister will be tying the knot soon, and I guessed she'll be receiving some gold jewelry too. Luckily for her, there are beautifully crafted and stylish gold chains available these days.

Luxury Homes

Went to a Christmas Party for both parents and teachers of S1's class yesterday. It was hosted by one of the moms, and I have to say that the house is a luxury home that is an envy to all. I especially liked the spacious granite-top designer kitchen, and the beautiful landscaped pool area. The house is located in an enclosed compound surrounded by one of the top golf courses in the city. Houses in this vicinity are definitely categorized as luxury real estate, and are really sought after by many, both locals and expats. If we could afford the rent, I would want to live there too!

Year 6 Xmas Dinner

Went to S1's Year 6 Parent-Teacher dinner at one of the parent's house yesterday. Or should I say mansion?? Anyway, it was a combined dinner of all four classes. Not many parents turned up. From S1's class, only the parent/s of five students came. Quite low ....considering the class has 23 kids. Anyway, it was nice meeting the teachers in an informal way. Didn't realise that S1's teacher was soooooooo tall until yesterday. Even with my 2 1/2 inch heels, I couldn't reach his shoulders! And mind you, I am about 5 feet 6 inches tall!!! Yes.. still think he is a fairly good-looking chap! Hahaaha.. Did get goodbye pecks on both my cheeks! Hahahah... Cheap thrill!!

Anyway, had quite a good chat with T's parents. H didn't go as he was still not well. Don't know how we got to the topic of husbands and minor wives etc etc, and that how local ladies are in abundance to swoon over expat men...blah blah blah.. but then there was a case whereby one of the top-level expat wife of T's dad's company ran away with her personal trainer. Apparently, it was a SHOCK to the men in the company....because they thought it was "their world with all the local gals flocking". So this was a wake-up call for them. Then there was another case, whereby a Belgium lady left her hubby whom she have had four children, to go live with a stall-holder, and she was happy hawking! Yes..more gossips as we gulp more wine! :-)

Tuesday, December 04, 2007

My New Toy....

Presenting my NEW Toy...... Taaa Daaaaaaaa.....

Yup! A new digital camera...a Canon Ixus 950 IS.

Came home from my brunch at a friend's house, and H was already home (sick maaaa...), and he said "go and bring me my history book .... " So...I be kind and went over to fetch his history book since he is ill. I was like "which one? so many titles".... then he said "and bring your camera over too!". Well...he didn't really want to read...just wanted me to find my Pressie. :-D

"Is it my early Xmas Pressie?", I asked. You know what was his reply? "No. It's a pressie for XXXXX!" Hahahahhahah...and then as I was playing with my new toy, and was taking some random pix, he gave me this really hamsap face!!! hahaha...but NO lah.. I had to go out and buy groceries. Nothing in the fridge already leh!!! NO JOY for H... Hehehehehhe... perhaps tonight????

Sunday, December 02, 2007

Great Gift Baskets for Men!!!!

CHRISTMAS is only 3 weeks away!
And I have yet to buy a single Xmas gift. I know. I know. I am a terrible procrastinator. Will really have to start pronto. Otherwise, I am sure to be caught by the massive jams at the malls. To simplify things, perhaps I should just order the gifts online. That way, I don't have to fight with fellow-shoppers over discounted items or for a space in the queue. I've been browsing at Gourmet Gift Baskets, and they sure do have lovely gift baskets for all your loved ones. I especially like their gift baskets for men. Think I would get H the "Hitting The Range™ - Golf Gift Basket". Not only it has the necessary golf tees and practice balls, it comes with yummy gourmet snacks that I know H would enjoy. And for my dad...what else but the delicious "Ice Cream Smorgasbord™ - Ice Cream Gift Basket". Dad absolutely luuuuuurves ice-cream!!!

S1 back from Bali...

S1's flight was to arrive at 1.50 PM on Friday, 30th November... I was in school for S2's Egyptian Day, so had to zooooom off from school to the airport.

Oh....Oh... Before I continue about my S1... I want to tell you about Ms. Boobies. Remember her in my previous post? Well...she was in school on Friday too. Well, I saw her coming in but I ignored her and con tinue talking to some other moms. If she can snub me. I can too! Well, Ms. Boobies this time, did expose her boobies and thighs again. Her cleavage was about 3 inches exposed. Not that sort of faint lined ones...but the deep deep type of cleavage. I was talking to another mom, J...and she said that she doesn't like her either. Neither does her husband. Funnily, J said that this Ms.Boobies somehow wears quite "normal" outside of school. She'll be in a simple T-shirt or whatever, but in school...her tops are waaaaaay down, and the skirts are waaaaay up, with high high heels. Met another local mom who didn't like her too... Looks like she doesn't really have that many friends at school. Naturally, she continued to be the topic at our coffee session later. One joke that came up about why S2's teacher didn't turn up for the Xmas Dinner was because his wife didn't allow it....shouting "You are NOT going to the dinner with Ms. Boobies!!!! Hahahah...Yes. Us women can be quite terrible b!t@hes!!!! kekekekek

Anyway.... initially, my driver said that it'll take 1 hour and 45 minutes from school to the airport...but after my coffee with the gals, he said that he had discussed with the other drivers, and there is a shorter and more direct route. actually took us only about an hour. Just as well, as the plane arrived about 20 minutes earlier. But ...this nomadicmom was busy chatting with another mom at the WRONG gate... By the time we realised, most of the kids already gone. hehhehe... But we did pick up our precious sons. :-)

S1 of course had a whale of a time. He looked sooooooo grown-up as he told me his days in Bali. And he is really really sweet too. He bought gifts for me, his dad and brother with the shopping money I gave him. When I asked him what he bought for himself..he said he didn't have enough money. I should really give him a lot of credit to actually buy stuff for us rather than himself.

What he bought...
Necklace for me..
(okay..this one I think I could wear with my green top lah...I think)
Necklace and Bracelet
(Errrr...this one,... I don't know. Think I will look like siow char boh(mad woman) if I wear... Before I saw it, S1 asked "do you have any orange dress? I bought you necklace and bracelet to go with your orange dress"... When I told him I don't know when I can wear this set, he just said "Aiya.... wear it when you go to Bali lah")
Very Canggih Shirt for his Dad
(When H saw it, he was like "Wah-lau !!!!"....hahahahahahah)
Equally Shocking Shirt and Shorts for S2

Okay...not the nicest of stuff..BUT BUT... IT is the


My sweet and wonderful S1....


Market Research a Must

Few friends of mine have been saying that we should start a small business here....rather than idling our lives away. The idea sounds great. But what business can we embark on? One that is interesting enough to keep us motivated, can earn us the moolah, as well as allow us to work on a part-time basis? On top of that, effective and extensive market research needs to be conducted for our business to be successful. For example, initially...I had an idea of starting up a local English Language magazine for kids here. But market research shows that the fluency of this language is rather low in the general population, and such a magazine would not be viable at all. So that idea was scrapped. Yeah. I know...what a bummer!

Saturday, December 01, 2007

Year 3 Egyptian Day

Friday, 30th November - Egyptian Day for the Year 3s.

The kids in Year 3 have been learning about Ancient Egypt for Humanities this term. They learnt how ancient Egypt is, how they live, etc. Kids also learnt to write their names in hieroglyphics. So to finish off the term, they had an Egyptian Day at school, and kids are supposed to wear their Egyptian costume and bring in party food.

I knew about the costumes, as we were given illustrations of the costumes about a month back. Boys' costumes are basically just a white skirt which my friend got a tailor to sew up a bunch. Cost about USD 3.50 each. Kidsmade their own jewelled collars at school. What I didn't know about was the Party Food lately, S2 has been quite bad in giving me messages from school.

So, as I woke him up at 6.10 am to get ready for school, he bleary-eyed said "Mom. I have to bring sandwiches to school today!". "NOW only you tell your mother??" said H. And then I added "yeah... where am I going to find bread and stuff to make sandwiches at this hour?". "Mom. No need sandwiches. Any savoury"..... Geezzzzzz. Certainly didn't give me alot of time. What do I do? I was gonna go to school to see how cute he looked in his, I popped by into a bakery to buy some buns on my way to school as the Party Food.

When I got into school, the kids were all changed into their Egyptian costumes...and getting their make-up done. S2 had blue and black eye-shadow for his eyes. He looked really cute. The teachers were also all dressed in their Egyptian garb, with the dark-drawn eyes too.

Some kids having their make-up done.

Skinny S2 getting up from the chair after doing his make-up.
See his skinny ribs?????

Kids in their Classroom.
They actually addressed their teacher as "Pharoah" on this day. cute!

Ancient Egypt Board in the Year 3 Area

Jars for the Pharoah's Organs?

Another Life-Size Egyptian Prop...

The Cartoonist (alamak...cannot remember his name) - the Scandinavian guy who has a program on Nicklelodean Channel.... was in school on this day too.... to demo his cartoon-drawing skills, and to promote his books. Naturally, all the kids wanted to buy his books. S2 had been bugging me for the last couple of days for USD 8 to buy one of his books. But since I was in school, I bought three... bought the one on Monsters, Wild Animals and Robots. Didn't buy the one on cows though. This kiasu mom also joined the queue to get him to autograph the books lah.

Yes...that is my skinny S2 again...