Thursday, April 29, 2010

I am feeling Better...

....both physically and emotionally.
Time will heal

I have wanted to avoid posting about this. But wondered if journalling would make me feel better. I don't know.

I suffered a miscarriage on Tuesday.
I was 9 weeks in.
I admit when I found out I was pregnant, I did cry at this surprise.
After a night of pondering-over, I was rather glad. Happy. Excited.

We have had names for him. For her. But I really think it was a her.
Silly H even talked about bringing her to New York for next New Year's Eve.

And now...All's a void.

Honestly, I feel a sense of emptiness....

Changing Diet

I don't mean to eavesdrop. But I did overhear a couple of ladies talking at the next table earlier this week. They were discussing about the best way to lose weight. And one of them was advising the other to change her diet to suit her blood type. Yup. You heard me right. Diet according to one's blood type. I thought it was rather novel too. And it seems that the lady can't eat protein, can't eat dairy, can't eat a whole load of stuff. Gosh! That seems rather torture, right? I was thinking to myself that I would just get the best weight loss product, to achieve my ideal weight rather than her recommended method.

Handbag Lover

With the number of handbags I have, you would wonder if I am a Handbag Lover.
Actually, I am not really one. I am more of a shoe girl....
Then why all the handbags?
Well when I was younger, it was my beloved mom who would lavish me with handbags. Now that I am married, the baton has been passed to H. He would say "Is it time to get you a new handbag?", and my answer is always "I don't need a new handbag". My girlfriend L-Amah says I am the dumbest wife around!
Are you agreeing with her as well?
Alright. Alright. I will ask H for a new handbag. I saw some marc jacobs handbags online which I thought were quite attractive. Just wondering if I should buy it off the web or to physically go to a shop. What's your opinion?

No more excuses....

I haven't been going to the gym for the last month and a half. Even asked H to cancel my gym membership. However with the recent event in my life, I have no excuses for not going to the gym. One more week of rest, and I should hit those elliptical machines, and perhaps do some weights. I supposed it was a good thing that H procrastinated with the cancellation.

Monday, April 26, 2010


Nope. My boys have not been driving me up the wall that I have to declare "I Will Survive".
It's just that this is my MUST SING song at Karaoke.
After reading about mamapumpkin's Karaoke outing, I absolutely have to SING my LUNGs out too! So, last Saturday, I dragged the three guys in my life to Karaoke at Senayan City.
I am one of those that only know the old songs...whilst the boys sang the rap songs and what-nots... Black-eyed Peas, Lady Gaga, Muse???
I seriously wonder if my singing skills are THAT bad??? Cause when I started to sing, ALL three of them were squirming on the sofa, screaming "HELP! Save me!". H was like "Oh My God!". And when I started on "I will Survive", S2 was screaming for help at the door!
GONE are the days when I used hear "Mom! Your singing in the BEST! Please sing it again!"
Boo Hoo Hoo....

DSLR Shots

Remember my new toy? Errr...actually, not so new already since it's been almost 4 months. H has been complaining that I bugged him to buy it, and I never use it. He said why didn't I bring it with me to Singapore. Well, I was travelling on a Budget airline with limited baggage allowance....bringing the huge mama with me would have taken over my whole luggage!

Anyway, here are some photos taken a few months ago....during S2's soccer games.

Can you see the bug in the flower?
More Flowers
Don't you think the sky looked GREAT?
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Squint. Squint.

Lately, I noticed that I have developed a bad habit of squinting my eyes. I squint when I wake up in the middle of the night fumbling in the dark to the Little Girl's Room. I squint when I wake up early in the morning in the bright sunlight. Seems it doesn't matter whether it is dark or bright, I still squint. I am wondering why and have been trying to stop this bad bad habit. At the rate that I am going, I have to get some potent wrinkle cream to smooth out those squint lines! I heard that prevera is a good product. Affordable too...retailing at less than USD 30! I mean, that is a good price, considering most products in the market costs an arm and a leg!

Handy Device....

H's Birthday is less than two months away, and I have started thinking of suitable gifts. I was wondering if I should get my H a KVM switch. I know it sounds like a boring gift...but it is such a handy device, especially now that he keeps his work in two different computers. With a KVM switch, he only needs to use a single keyboard and monitor to work on those two computers, rather that running from one place to the other. What do you think? A good idea or not?

Thursday, April 22, 2010

Funny Quote of the Day...

A friend sent me this and I think it is hilarious...

" Women are simply Angels and when someone breaks our wings, we continue to fly..............on a broomstick. We are flexible like that."

Lazy Worm....

Here comes the lazy worm.....tapping on her keyboard....after napping for 2 whole hours in the afternoon. And this is when she woke up at 10 AM this morning! Talk about LAZY LAZY LAZY!

Nothing much has been happening...hence I am able to be LAZY. Hahhaha

Oh yeah. One key thing that allowed me to continue with this LAZINESS is that I have a new maid now. Maid No.18 in the history of my being as an employer. She came for an "interview" (not much of one, really...) before I went to Singapore. She had worked with an American family for 7 years before as a cleaner (so she says...she could be lying to get higher pay?), and the moment I heard that she worked for Ang-Moh before, I also not so keen then they would be demanding this and that and what-nots. I told her that I certainly would not be able to pay her what her last employers paid her blah blah blah, and she was still keen to work. So cut long story short.... she came to work as a part-timer for a few days, and during the week I was away in Singapore; and commenced full-time the day I came home. Worked out alright, as then sheets were all changed when I got home. So to date, she has worked about 3 weeks. So far, okay lah....NOT as clean as my previous one but boleh tahan. She can take instructions in the kitchen pretty okay. Thus have been whipping up the boys' bacon and eggs breakfasts...without me having to supervise. But still have to teach her to cook our usual Hainanese Chicken Rice, Bak Kut Teh etc etc.

Other than that, nothing much has been happening. Boys have NOT yet driven me up the wall... Their nonsense is at a manageable stage now (or so I think!!! hahahah). H and I have just been watching telly and watching telly.... We as a family, have been rather boring....kinda like fallen into a rut, if you ask me. At first, the earlier move to Singapore in July was sorta gonna change that...but now, move is till at least end of 2010. So, we'll see... When I told H that we are such a boring bunch, he was quick to dispute....and then wanted to immediately plan for a holiday for July! Heeee...

Hope I will have something more interesting to write about in my next post...

A to Z!

Did you know that there are literally hundreds of wrinkle eye creams out there in the market? Name any letter in the alphabet from A to Z, and you can find a wrinkle eye cream...from actifade to Z Bigatti. But how does one how which is a good eye cream to use? We can't exactly be buying each and every product in the market and trying them out on ourselves, right? Plus, these creams usually cost a bomb too! So what is the solutions?
This is where product review sites comes to the rescue. You can compare on the prices and efficacy of various products, and also find out which product is second to none.

Thursday, April 15, 2010

Two Weeks of Easter Break Whizzed By....

Really. Time just whizzes by so fast that if you wink or sneeze, I'm sure you would have missed lots. Can't believe how fast time really flies. Boys started their 2-week Easter holidays on 27th March, and with a wink of an eye, the holidays came and went. And it's almost the end of the first week of Term 3!

Boys and I flew to Singapore on Sunday, 28th March on Tiger Airways. Budget airline but the food certainly not budget-priced. We had 3 cup noodles and 3 packet drinks....and that set me back SGD 25.50. Most expensive instant noodles ever! What more, the flight was re-scheduled to an hour later....which was quite a bummer. By the time we arrived in Singapore, it was 11.30 PM. Dad (drove down to Singapore from PJ on Saturday) picked us up from Changi. Think boys went to bed at 1 AM in the morning!

And we had a packed Monday with appointments to visit schools. Have to say most schools that we visited are quite sad-looking when compared to the boys' current school. We didn't visit schools that had a looooooooooooooong wait-list. Thus, UWC and SAS were not on our list. The only school that all of us felt up to par, and better was Tanglin Trust. But again, there is a waitlist for S2....and only way for S2 to get in, was to have S1 in the school for at least a term first. I donno lah. The Canadian International School will move to a spanking new premise in Aug 2011...but meanwhile, it is in some interim location. ISS looks really quite sad. OFS seems too compact for 3600 students. EIS is such a small school. So how? So how?

And whilst we were in Singapore, there were few developments in H's job/assignment.....and instead of moving out of Jakarta in July 2010, we are staying here till at least the end of 2010. That changes the criteria in our selection of schools again. So back to square one! But as my friend says...I would have a little more time to search other schools, plus maybe more chances in schools with waiting list. Oh well...Bleah.

After all the "official" business of school-visiting, we had Thursday FREE. Dad and I took the boys to the new Universal Studios on Sentosa. As I have an ongoing back problem, I did not go on ANY rides. Dad went with the boys....and after Revenge of the Mummies, dad felt really dizzy and sick. He said that he almost Died! Both the Battlestar Galactica rides were closed... guessed they weren't ready. The Madagascar ride not opened yet.....and the staff at the food establishments were still not quite efficient...can you imagine waiting for about 40 minutes in the queue for hotdogs? And to think that Thursday was NOT a holiday, and the crowds were NOT that big. Really crazy! So suggest that you wait awhile before you visit this place.

Dad left Singapore really early on Friday morning, as he was gonna go to Jakarta the following day. Our flight was later in the afternoon.

Mom and dad arrived in the afternoon. I didn't go to the airport. Sent the boys with the driver instead. Don't think mom and dad did much here other than watch TV (they both started on 24 Season 8) and lots of makan-makan. Let me think where we went to makan...we went for Seafood the first night, Marriot for Easter Brunch, Social House, Ce Wei, Ita-Suki and a couple of places in Bandung.

Oh yeah. We went to Bandung for a night. Wasn't exactly an enjoyable trip as the tire punctured halfway, and we had to wait by the roadside whilst the driver changed the tire...PLUS dad had an upset throughout the trip to/fro Bandung, he was too tired and bothered. Took mom to a couple of factory outlets while dad slept in the hotel with boys watching telly in the adjoining room. Next day, took them to the volcanic crater. No. didn't walk down to the smaller crater this time. Just look-see around the Queens' Crater only.

Supposed to go strawberry picking with the boys, but somehow "no more strawberries?" so was a BIG disappointment. The worst was that we had to drive quite a distance to the berry farm, and then to another. Both also we couldn't pick our own strawberries. Real Bummer.

Other than that, didn't do much. Initially dad wanted to go to Chinatown, then he changed his mind per his words "think of the jam also sien!". And then it was time to go home! So fast, one week liow.

And then come Monday, boys started Term 3 of school. And I am sorta back to my normal routine....