Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Updates - Wed, 29 July 2009

Yes. Yes. I know that I have not updated my blog for awhile. Have been away and also had been lazy...amongst other things.

Twosome in Bali
I flew to Bali on Friday, 17th July to meet up with H. His flight was about half an hour earlier than mine. We stayed a total of five nights. I tell you.... five nights is certainly NOT enough. I didn't have enough time to laze on the beach nor to enjoy my customary beach Bale massage. Diving already took two full days... and golfing another day. And then there's the looooooong drives between locations. More about Bali in a separate post.

Bangkok - City of Angels
Spent two nights in Bangkok with Laundryamah. We left on Friday, 24th July and returned on Sunday, 26th July. All we did was SHOP and SHOP and SHOP. We stayed at the Citadines Apart'otels on Sukhumvit Soi 8. Not bad for the price we paid. They have a few other locations along Sukhumvit too. Laundryamah says she will stay there again next time. Not sure if she took photos of the room.
Read here for Part 1 of our trip....and will post more later.

Cupcakes Cupcakes
Yes. We did bake cupcakes for my niece's Full Moon. Not 100 but 125!!! Not only that... we had to bake in UNKNOWN sister's kitchen. We were quite chaotic with this and that not available. Not found etc etc....
At the end of the baking session, we had cupcakes coming out of our ears!!!
Go here to see a small portion of the cupcakes...

REAL Vacation...
For the boys! All they do is veg out in front of the TV or computer screen. I've not signed them up for any holiday Mandarin lessons this holiday. The only thing that I've signed them up is the technology workshop at BV. They go there every weekday from 4 pm to 6 pm. What they do there? I really don't know...but I think different days they do different things like engineering, games, etc etc....

H Away
Not that H is with us in Malaysia anyway.... He's currently in Boston. Doing some course thingy at MIT. Told him to check-out the KITCHEN AID for me....since it is much much cheaper in the States. But he said probably NO time. Bleah....
NO time to look for my KITCHEN AID but got time to buy his Blackberry!
Really...donno why he needs soooooooooooooooooo many phones! If he fiddles me more than his phones ah... I win lottery already!!!!

Medical Stuff
Okay. Not exactly medical... But S2 will undergo surgery this Friday, 31st July to remove the two impacted teeth in his gums. These two teeth are EXTRAS above his two front teeth. Gonna do it at Gleneagles in Ampang. Gotta be there very very early in the morning. It will be a 1.5 hr surgery. Day no need overnight stay.
As for my Lasik, it's scheduled for next Friday, 7th August. wearing my glasses full time in preparation. Have to say that I am not very used to very my glasses the whole day....makes me tired so very quickly.

Okay. Gonna stop now. Tired liow...Continue tomorrow...

All Work and No Play?

Errr.... actually that is NOT correct..
I should say ALL EAT AND NO WORK... that is if there is such a phrase.
Since the start of the Summer holidays, I have been eating and eating and eating. Not a single visit to the gym. When I put on my rings on my fingers this morning, I had a little fright.... they fit snugly on my fingers. Before... they were kinda loose. Oh gosh! I've put on so much weight these last few weeks. Looks like I really have to pop some fat burner pills if I want to lose the extra pounds! I certainly don't want my H to NOT recognise me at the end of the holidays! That would be catastrophic!!!!!


You hear your doctor mention the word. But what exactly is Mesothelioma?
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Practical Gift

One of my good friends will be celebrating her birthday soon. She is a lady who has almost everything under the sun. Thus, choosing a gift for her is a rather difficult task. I don't want to get the usual girly stuff like parfumes nor scarves. I want to get her something really useful and practical, that she could use everyday. I wonder if I shoud get iphone accessories as her birthday gift. Or is that TOO practical? What say you?

Lose 3 - 5 Pounds Per Week!

Wow!!!! Doesn't that sound good?
I mean imagine losing 3-5 pounds per week!
I wouldn't mind losing about 10 pounds....and be able to fit into that cute little black dress that I have been eyeing for ages.
And how am I going to do that?
I'm going to be the first in line to purchase the new Nuphedra Weightloss supplements which works as well as ephedra, but without the adverse side-effects. The only thing is that I will have to wait it will only be available from September 2009.

Beautiful Smiles....

Boys and I went to have our regular dental check-up this afternoon. Whilst we all only require scaling, I was cautioned by my dentist to be careful with my second molar. He indicated that I probably require a crown soon. He suggested ALL GOLD. I almost fell off the chair. Can you imagine how awful that would look? I don't want to risk looking like Jack Sparrow from Pirates of the Caribbean whenever I smile!!! Surely with today's cosmetic dentistry, something more attractive can be had! Perhaps I should seek advice from this orange nj cosmetic dentist before I proceed with any works on my molar. Or maybe I should just wait and see.....

Mad about Me?

My H is absolutely mad about cellular phones.
How I wish he would pay a little more attention to me than his phones!
Yes. You read correct. He has more than one. And I hear that he has just added ONE more to his collection. He texted me last night (he's currently in Boston) and told me that he has just got himself a Blackberry, and my Mikimoto necklace would have to wait!!!
Why would anyone need sooooooooo many phones??????

City of Angels - Part 1

No. I don't mean Los Angeles..... but Bangkok.

Went to Bangkok with Laundryamah last Friday (24th July) for two nights. You could say two nights is both too few and also too many. Too few because we didn't manage to visit many other places other than three shopping malls. Didn't manage to visit any markets. Too many because if it were more days, we would have to declare bankrupt!!! Everywhere was on SALE!!!

This Laundryamah really can SHOP!!!!!!
Waliow! SHOP until almost have no dinner on Saturday nite. All the restaurants were closing and thus refusing more patrons. Almost have to return back to the hotel to make instant noodles! Lucky there were some restaurants near to our hotel that were still open. We had Italian food. Not great but at least kept our tummies full!

This trip is INDEED an expensive one. Not because that I shopped alot BUT because I lost one of my Mikimotos. It was about 6 pm and we were shopping at Siam Paragon when I touched my left ear and discovered that my earring was gone!!!
Sooooooo sad!!!
I must be moaning and groaning like a wailing cat, and irritated the shit out of Laundryamah that she prompted me to replace the lost earring immediately
DING DING DING. Isn't that a great idea?
Surely there is a Mikimoto outlet at Siam Paragon. And yes. There was one!!!
No. They don't sell just one earring. So what did I do?
Bought another pair lor......

More later... DinnerTIME now.

S1's Birthday Round the Corner

Time really flies!
It just seemed like yesterday that I held my little bundle of joy in my arms.
In less than a week, my little bub will be turning 12!!!
How he has grown! Soon, he'll be taller than I am. I can already see shadows of manliness on his upper lip area....
Now. The question on the GIFT! What should I get him?
A new mobile phone? playstation 3? online game upgrades? books?
Which is best?

Must-Dos in New York

What would you consider the Must-Dos in New York?
For me... I would say the following:
- Visit the Empire State Building
- A walk in Central Park
- Shopping along 5th Avenue
- See the Statue of Liberty
- Lunch at the Plaza Hotel
- Watch the New York Yankees Play

I did all of the above except the last when I was in New York last year. I think the next time I visit New York, I will have to purchase the New York Yankees tickets way in advance of my travel, and watch them play. Only then, I can proclaim that I have done all the Must-Dos in NYC!

Great Deals Available!

Don't you just love SUMMER?
Not only can we enjoy a long vacation, we get great deals for almost everything everywhere too. There's a sale in just about every store in town. Buying necessities during a sale can really help in stretching the household budget. With rising costs of almost everything, every dollar saved is a bonus! Don't you agree? So before you buy anything..BIG or SMALL, check out for the weekly sales available!

Novel Way of Losing Belly Fat?

In the first week on my vacation, my sisters and I went to do get rid of toxins and what-nots from the head/face. I'm sure you all are laughing your head off and thinking "what nonsense!". But I think it does work. We took a photo of my face when it was half-done, and you can see the difference. When H saw me later in the week, he noticed a more lifted look of my face. And you know what he said?
"Why don't you ask them to put that in your belly button? Perhaps your belly can become smaller!"
The nerve of him!
Actually, since we are at this topic, does anyone know how to lose belly fat effectively? I have been trying to lose the bulge in years, and have not been successful.

Friday, July 10, 2009

Back Few Days Already.....

Been back in PJ since Tuesday afternoon.
Done what?
Nothing much other than EAT SLEEP and SPEND MONEY. What else?
But tomorrow will be a day of baking.... 100 Cupcakes for my niece's full moon.

Another Long Vacation

Did you know that there would be another vacation for the boys in September?
This means that barely a month after the new school year starts in August, they will be off again. H and I were contemplating if we should take the boys to Florida. Afterall, Florida vacations are great for kids. Busch Gardens, Universal Studios, Walt Disney World, SeaWorld, Kennedy Space Center...and the list goes on. The problem lies in getting a direct flight to Orlando from Asia.

Engineering Drawings

Many moons ago, I worked as a process engineer in an EPCC firm. I remember having to produce engineering cad drawings for some projects. This was outside my scope of work but it proved to be a good learning experience for a young engineer, plus the skill acquired was pretty useful. At times when deadlines were tight and resources limited, this specific skill allowed for the delivery of projects to be right on time.

Friday, July 03, 2009

Some Updates - 3 July 2009

Now some updates on other stuff!!! 

Start of Summer Holidays
Today is the boys' LAST day at school, and the start of a very long summer holiday. They only go back to school on the 24th of August. That's about 7 weeks! I urgently need some tips on HOW to keep them occupied...OUTSIDE the realm of TV, computer and handheld games!

Going back to KUL
Yes. We will be flying back to Kuala Lumpur next Tuesday, on AirAsia (What else? It's so much cheaper than KLM and MAS!). This time we are staying longer than previous holidays, till a week before school reopens.
First - have to sort out S2's oral remove the two extra front teeth inside his gums. Secondly -  I am going ahead to do my Lasik in early August. What to do? Have to reduce this blind-as-a-bat condition. 

Been busy since coming back from HCMC. My girlfriend ordered 50 cupcakes for her daughter's birthday for last Friday, and then H's colleagues ordered some as well. And this weekend, I don't know if my H used coercion or what.... but I have an order for a 100 cupcakes for his office. I don't know whether to be glad or otherwise. It is alot of work with NO maid. H said he will DO IT. I shall see..... 

Parties Parties Parties
Children's Parties are also the norm towards the year-end (School Year). Birthdays that fall during the summer months of July and August are usually packed into the last week of JUNE. The latest "terrer-menerrer" party that we attended was for S2's friend. They booked the WHOLE premiere cinema for TRANSFORMERS 2. 
Yes. The ones where you can recline the seats, have your own blanket and can order drinks... S1 was also invited. So initially, we were supposed to drop the boys off. But as there were still seats, both H and I watched as well.  I tell you... I am sure they spend $$$$ on this party. The kids were treated to lunch at Fish&Co, and then each of them had a BIG bucket of popcorn and drinks in the TRANSFORMERS 2 Packaging (which comes with a miniature figurine), served inside the theatre. H had few glasses of red wine... I'm sure the other parents ordered some alcohol too... Then there is the goodie bags, which consisted of sweets, a tinned box of Pokemon Cards, a little bag and some other stuff....  
I definitely do NOT see myself spending this kind of money for my son's birthday party!!!
SONS - If you are reading this. GOOD. Mommy is not spending this kind of money!!!

When H suggested our Bali DIVE holiday, I was abit skeptical as we haven't dived for ages.
Heck. I don't even remember how to SINK!!!
So, a REFRESHER course was arranged for last Saturday. We got the kids to go along with us, and do the INTRODUCTORY DIVING. Both boys enjoyed the activity, and want to continue with getting certification. Problem is.....S2 just CANNOT follow instructions. The instructor suggested to wait till he is 10. As for S1, I have talked to his friend's mom. Maybe the two boys can do it together. We'll see....
Back to H and I. I tell you... it is d@Mn difficult to LAUGH underwater. H had forgotten most of the hand signals and exercise. Whilst I knew what we had to do, H kept repeating the same mistake. And you could see the instructor (his colleague) desperately trying to communicate with H underwater. Very comical....

Okay lah...later..

Travel Travel...

My booking ordeal has not ended, eventhough I have booked the hotels in Bali.  I also had to book a hotel in Bangkok. Yes. I am going to Bangkok...on the 24th of July. Yes. Yes. Two days after I return to KUL from Bali. Sounds GILA. I know. This time, I go with Laundryamah for two nights. Again, after alot of anguish over the WWW searching for hotels, I've booked us in the Citadines (under Ascott Group, which would mean that this property is clean and decent!) @ Soi 8 at quite a good rate. Breakfast included, as well as free tuk-tuk ride to the BTS station. Only catch is that I have to cosy up with Laundryamah on the same bed. No twin beds wor..... :-(

H is also travelling with his pals to Macau next week. Thank goodness that he got his friend from HK to sort out the hotel. Otherwise, I sure FAINT. 
He asked if I wanted to fly from KUL with another friend, and meet him there. I was like "what for? All guys....doing guy things. What for I go and be a party-pooper?"... You say I GOOD WIFE or not?, there is still the accommodation to sort out for our family trip to London. We'll probably stay in a serviced apartment. Either a one-bedroom or two-bedroom place...depending on the price. Btw, we are flying via AIRASIA X!!!!! The tickets are like almost a quarter of the price of a regular airline! 
When I was booking the seats, I asked H "want to purchase comfort kit or not?". 
His answer was " No need. I MAKE comfort kit for you, with blanket, toiletries and even slippers!! You'll even think that you are on Singapore Airlines!"...hahahaha
Actually, this is really quite a good deal.... but don't know how comfortable it is for such a long flight. I will tell you about it when we've experienced it. Actually, this London trip will work out cheaper than my friend's one week cruise around the Komodo Islands. The price for ONE person is enough to buy the London air tickets for FOUR of us....and they've got 4 in the family!
So NOT necessary that a holiday in Indonesia is cheaper than Europe!

Really Really lots of TIME WASTED!

Doing what?
Surfing the net and checking out where to stay in Bali in July!
I tell you.... July is certainly not the best time to go to Bali.
When we went to Bali in April 2008, and stayed at the Novotel Tanjong Benoa, the rate was only like USD 85 or something like that. When I checked for July this year, it's USD 180!!! 
Peak season rates also apply in all other hotels that I checked.

Initially, I was going to LUX it out. I told H that we  stay at either The Ayara or The Inter-Continental at Jimbaran Bay. H was okay with this idea..... until we decided that we were bringing the two boys to London in September (that will be in another post) during the Raya holidays, so there goes my LUX OUT of the door!!! 

So...there begins by surfing and surfing the WORLD WIDE WEB for the best deals in a nice hotel. It has been a painful ordeal. Painful because my neck is aching like h#ll from the funny posture that I sat to surf. Bleahh.....

Here is my very painful process.....

First - I consulted the recently received Bali Guide from Citibank ...and saw that the Bali Khama all-suite and villas looked quite decent, but a tad expensive at USD 179 with no breakfast. Then I went on to look at others...and shortlisted Nikko and Melia Nusa Dua
BUT BUT. I told myself that I don't wanna stay in Nusa Dua/ Tanjung Benoa again. I mean the last 3 times we were in Bali, we stayed in this area...

After lunch with my friend, she said that I should just stay in Seminyak since I could get a villa with private pool at approx USD 160 with free shuttle, breakfast etc etc. So there goes the surfing to look at the BEST deals for a Seminyak villa. I tell you... there really is ALOT of villas with private pools at that price. So which one to take? Spent soooooooo much time looking, and then shortlisted a few, and then told H to do the final decision on the villas. Suggested this one that is sort of close to Ku-de-Ta... then he said "That's quite far out. Why don't we just stay in Nusa Dua/Tanjung Benoa. USD 20 is not going to make a lot of difference! We can just take a cab if we want to go to Seminyak. I went to book The Bali Khama.
After I booked, and then the more we discussed, it seemed that we won't really be spending time JUST at the beach...since boys are not with us. We wanna check out the restaurant, shopping and night scene over at Kuta/Legian and Seminyak areas (as we never get to do these if my boys were here)

And what do I do?
Went back and CANCELLED the booking!!!

And then we talked some more...and then decided to maybe stay one night in UBUD
Looking for a hotel in Ubud also headache. There are the really really HIGH END ones which we can't afford, and then there is the cheaper ones...which H doesn't want to stay. Very few mid-range! I saw some places at USD 70 which had quite good reviews at TripAdvisor, but  H said NO. Then I thought how about The Mansion which was voted best in something in the Conde Naste Mag. At USD 170 per nite, H said OK. But then I go and read in TripAdvisor, reviews were like "not worth the money, not as advertised...blah blah blah" so that was out. I think at this point, H got abit fed-up liow...and was like "Can you please book already!!!!!". So the next one that came up was The Bali Payogan. Photos looked alright and H said "Just book lah". So I booked lor. But when I read the reviews at TripAdvisor, really make my head spin! 
Some reviews were d@Mn good and some were d@Mn bad.
How like that? Which reviews to believe? 
Anyways, booked already and don't want to go search anymore. H says "Aiya...only one night. How bad can that be??" So  I will post MY review of this place after our stay. 

After lots of DING-DONG here and there, this is where we are staying...

17th to 19th July - 2 nights @ DONNO where. It will be up to where the DIVE company book us. This will be close to the DIVE sites. I really don't know what and where we will be. It will be a SURPRISE!!

19th to 20th July - The Bali Payogan Resort, Ubud in a Garden Villa

20th to 22th July - The Holiday Inn Baruna Resort, Tuban. Figured that since this is new and from a chain, the rooms would be quite decent. It's close to Kuta and all the action, plus I do get to have my Pina Colada on the beach! 

Wednesday, July 01, 2009

I am very confused!

Okay.... you know I am going on a diving trip with H in July, right?
Well, we are going to stay with the dive group the first two nights....wherever that may be. So that leaves with the remainder 3 nights, that I will have to book ourselves.
The thing is we do NOT want to spend so much.

I can either stay in a chiapalak cheap room in a 4.5/5* Nusa Dua/Tanjung Benoa beach hotel,
I could forgo the beach and stay in a Private POOL Villa in Seminyak (villas with beach is BLARDY expensive lah).
I kinda like the idea of sipping pina colada on the beach chair, with wind blowing in my hair...or a massage in the beach cabanas. I just can't think of any pros in a villa...other than having privacy to #!@^## out in the open!!!
Aiya...think I will just go with the hotel lah, hor??