Monday, July 30, 2007


Waa.....These few days like EAT non-stop!!! Let me recall... Friday Nite, we had seafood at Pantai Seafood (think that's what's it's called) in the area near Sungai Ara (Near BU 11). Had crabs in chilli sauce, soft shell crabs in salted egg yolk, prawns, fish, mantis prawn...Saturday Nite, we went to Loong Foong Seafood in Paramount, and TOday, we went to Oriental Pavillion at Jaya 33 for Dim Sum, and then to Mizi Steamboat in Puchong for Dinner. Really ciak ciak ciak NON-stop! Looked at myself in the mirror this face like sooooooooo PUI already. Really need to "kiam ciak" lah... :-(

Sunday, July 29, 2007

Innovative Tutor

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Had coffee with two girlfriends today (I know that I seem to eat and drink alot lately! ) and the hot topic of discussion was our boys' education. Yes, between the three of us, we have 8 boys! Anyway, my girlfriend was concerned about the spoon-feeding, rote-learning of the local system; whether such a system would stifle the children's development in a global society. Stopping short of transferring the kids to an international school, perhaps the next best thing would be to supplement the current syllabus with something more exciting from an innovative tutor. One that would be able to entice the natural curiosity of children, allowing them to explore, experiment and ask questions whenever they wished.

Drying Up...

Have to say that the opps for blogging for money are getting less these days...for me that is. Most of the opps on PPP exclude Blogspot. Sometimes, I see that there are a total of 110 opps, but the qualified ones are only like 10 or less. And most of these opps are on "looking for romance" etc... Aiya... So sad leh... And then the PayU2Blog also these days only like 1 assignment per week, as compared to the initial 10 in the first week. Smorty also NO opps... So, guessed no pocket money for me!!!! *SIGH* Some more come back to KL only spend spend spend!!!! Hopefully the consultancy thingy will bear some fruit!!!

Saturday, July 28, 2007

Misha's Mummy Very Clever!!!

I have to write this!!! Misha's Mummy is very clever leh.... We have NEVER met, and I don't know how....she could identify me and my boys at 1Utama on Friday. Took boys there to use up our MPH vouchers....and there was an exhibition on Janome Sewing Machines, just outside of MPH. There was a demo, and I was explaining to my boys about the programmable sewing machines. I don't think I was that LOUD or screaming at my kids.... How did she know that it was me leh?????? I am soooooo easily identifiable meh?? SO, I think this Misha's Mummy got six sense lah!!!!! How come never come and ask me "Are You Nomadic Mom?"....We could have gone to DELICIOUS and eat some scones with cream and jam!!! Aiya...what could be worst?? If it's not me, then the woman would just say "chee sin" only ma...haaaahehheeehhhee

So...want to meet at 1Utama next week???? DELICIOUS it must!

Adult Diapers!

Most people would think that they would be in the ripe old age of ninety before they require incontinence supplies. On the contrary, you would be surprised how handy these would be when your belly acts up after the hot curry meal that you had for dinner! I mean life still goes on, even if you are suffering from diarrhea! Kids still need to be picked up from school, bills to be paid, groceries to be bought etc etc. You wouldn't want to be caught dead with a yucky smelly stain on your pants. Would you?

Friday, July 27, 2007

Soooooo Ulu, meh???

I had lunch with one of my ex-colleagues yesterday, and then popped into the office to say my Hellos to everyone, and to collect a tax letter from HRD. While waiting for my letter, small talk ensued... I donno why, but people must think that my life must be quite sad and miserable over in the third world country...

....that my kids don't go to school, and are home-schooled! WHY would anyone think that? Would I even go to a country where my kids have NO proper education??? Of course, then I have to say that they go to the BRITISH school lah....

....that I am grounded in my house because I don't drive there! Aiyo..... Again, I have to say I have a driver...

I am soooooo "cham" looking meh??? BLECH....

Reading Tutors

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Boys and I were at the bookshop this afternoon, and S2 was reviewing a "Book of Knowledge" at the counter, and was reading out loud. A lady overheard his reading and commented that he could read rather well for his age. I have to say that the reading tutors had helped to improve his reading tremendously!

Time Flies...

Not to say that I am feeling nostalgic or what... but my little cousin whom I used to accompany to feed the ducks (a favorite pastime of ours when I was living in UK) when she was just a toddler is turning 20 this year! Somehow, in the back of my mind, I still think that she's a little girl... but this little girl has just completed her first year at Oxford University... Waaaaaaa... Very clever girl hor?? But she doesn't want to remain there wor... So, will transfer out to another uni when new term starts.

Anyway, my dad very bad leh... kept asking her to "SPEAK PROPER ENGLISH!". .... Heehee...cause she speaks with the proper British accent.... aiya..of course lah, she's born there and she's been in boarding schools since 12 years old wor... If she speaks our MALAYSIAN English, then something is very very wrong!

Well, older son also ten this year.... don't want to say old also cannot!!!

Wednesday, July 25, 2007

20 YEARS!!

20 Years AGO, on this day.. H and I started to "pak-tor".... :-) waaaaa...time flies wor....

I was going through some old photos... we looked sooooooooo young then!!!

Okay lah..better go to bed now.. so sleepy liow...

Tuesday, July 24, 2007

Rockin' Girl Blogger

Kekekeke.... Laundryamah voted me wor...Not because I am a cool looking gal, but because she said I always ROCK in the Yeeeeeee Haaaaaaaar sense.. Kekekeke... velly malu ler... Like I some GILA woman like that. No lah.. Seriously, I am a very naive goody-goody girl lah...

also voted me wor.... heheheh.. I become famous or not?????

Who can I vote? Most blogger I know also already ROCKING!!! WHo else will ROCK?????

DIY Stuff

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I know this sounds strange, but I am into DIY. I'm normally the one that will buy the tool box, screws and stuff! I'm the one that hammers the hooks onto the walls to hang the paintings. I'm the one that actually sand our outdoor teak table, and then oil it. Honest! I'm also quite a neat freak, and I would love to have some RED-colored metallic custom cabinets to store all my DIY stuff! And perhaps a workbench for some craft work too!

Consulting Job??

Got a call from my ex-boss this evening. When I saw the caller ID, I was a bit weary... wondering what could he want? Well, turns out that the company that he part owns may want to use my expertise in wastewater/water treatment in the Third World Country that I am currently residing. Told me to work out some consulting rates, and how they can pay me.... and working permits and such. Rates and payment may be quite easy to work out...but permits may be a little trickier. I cannot be seen OUTRIGHT working as my residence permit prohibits it. And such part-time work somehow doesn't warrant me going through all the RED tape to get a work permit, right? I think have to ask H to find out a little bit on this...

Will see what the job to wait for the call..... But from I hear from my ex-boss is site survey and basically ask all the right questions, blah blah blah...But the design and actual work will be done by the people over in Singapore. Then I look-see the final proposal/design when they are done. Think it sounds alright... See lah...

Mmm...HOW much should I charge per hour???? Any ideas??

Golf Gear

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From my previous post, I mentioned that I've bought a set of golf clubs. What is still missing from my gear is a pair of golf shoes. I wanted to wait for a sale before I purchase a pair.... Well, always good to save some cash, right? Went to my golf lesson in a pair of old Timberlands, and my golf instructor took one look at then and commented "This type of shoes are not for golf! It's for shopping! Please buy a pair soon!". How can I save some cash and at the same time get a pair of shoes asap??? Well, with discount coupons. Of course! The online site KeepCash has discount coupons from many golfing stores. But think I like the coupons. They currently have a $10 off for every $20 Purchase. That's 50% OFF! Is that GREAT or what??

This post is sponsored by :

Old Photos...

My scrapbooking kakis were all telling me that those adhesive-type photo albums are NO good for photographs. So looked through the old albums to try to see if I can transfer the photos to new albums. Well, there were of course some old old photographs of me... with those BIG plastic framed spectacles. Some more in PINK colour wor... Hahaha.. Late 80s style kind lah. I started wearing contact lens around mid 80s but of course still wear glasses when take out lens right?? So, got some photographs lah.. I showed to S1 ...

Me: Who do you think this is?
S1: Errrr....Mmmm... Grandma?
Grandma: No! It's your mother.
S1: Omigod!!! You are a NERD!
Me: How dare you call me a NERD!
S2: Errrrr...Geek then!

You see lah.. sei mou?????

Monday, July 23, 2007


Have you ever felt really ALONE in a room-ful of people??? A room filled with relatives, friends and family? All the people you've known for donkey of years. But yet....feeling alone and not understood at all????

BTW, I'm fine.....just writing rubbish...I guessed...

Weight Loss

I recently put on some weight. Don't ask me how.... But probably because I've stopped yoga for awhile and I've been binging (thinking that since now I'm doing golf and scuba diving, I deserve to eat a little??). If I don't go on some kind of diet soon, I will not be able to fit into my clothes. I've recently discovered that there is an African plant called hoodia that can suppress one's appetite and thus promote weight loss. Perhaps, I should try this out!

Friday, July 20, 2007

Visit to Dermatologist

Well, think I've had umpteen posts about my problematic feet. I finally visited another Skin Specialist here in Malaysia. My mom had previously consulted this male doctor and found him to be really good. Anyway, when we went to the medical center, he was on leave. But there was another dermatologist (woman) there. And of course the nurses asked if I wanted to see her instead. My mom, who was standing next to me kept on saying "No! We want the man! We want the man!". The way she said it was really quite funny!!! Notti people would know what I mean...heee hee...

Anyway, when he looked at my feet, he said it didn't look like fungal infection at all. But he did another skin scrape anyway, and analysed the sample immediately. Confirmed that it wasn't fungal infection or whatever. Just a type of eczema. He looked at the medication provided by the doctor I saw in the THIRD WORLD COUNTRY and commented the oral medication prescribed was not the right one!!! But the first medication was CORRECT lah... So cialatt!!

I was not prescribed any oral medication this time...just some creams and ointment. AND the MAIN advice is to STOP PEELING my kaki!!!! My mom commented that if I don't stop peeling my feet with my itchy fingers, ten doctors will not cure my problematic feet!

Mailboxes Galore!

I grew up knowing only one kind of mailboxes, i.e the mail slot type (see picture below). It's built into the pillar that supports the front gate at my parent's house. It never occurred to me that there were all sorts available. I guessed I just didn't really paid any attention to mailboxes....until I went on holiday Down Under. The homes over there are measured in acres! As opposed to our usual 22 x 75 ft homes over here. Many a times, you can't even see the houses itself. All you see are the residential mailboxes at the start of the driveway. It's quite interesting, as you would be driving along a country road, and you see mailboxes of all shapes, sizes and colours peeping out by the side. I guessed their owners take great pride to install mailboxes that represents their own unique style and taste.

Thereafter, I somehow do notice the different types and designs of mailboxes. Even the ones that line the Wisteria Lane houses in Desperate Housewives!! Well, there really are ALL sorts of mailboxes available in the market! Commercial mailboxes, column-type mailboxes, wall-mount mailboxes etc. The list is endless!

My Cheeky Fella...

I have to say that my S2 is one cheeky fella...

Took him to 1Utama the other day as he wanted to go to Art Attack (S1 didn't want to come).. As I was walking past Women's Secret, S2 said "Let's see what's the women's secret" and proceeded into the store, and then turned over a bra to look behind and then commented "what's the women's secret?" and then to another bra, and repeated the action and the comments "what's the woment's secret?" ...he did that to about 3 to 4 bras... I had to drrrraaaagggg him out of there... Soooooooo me-malu-kan.

When I "banked" him at Art Attack, it's like normal lah.. all the instructors were busy with other kids and their projects. BUT when I picked him up, they were all singing their "Goodbyes!" to him cheerfully, like best of pals like that. Knowing S2...must have either charmed them all or drove them gila liow...hahahha. Think that fella told his entire life story to the instructors. and soooo patt... asked his instructor if she was married lah, how old lah...etc etc..

I asked him.."you sure told people which country you lived". He replied "Yeah". Then I said "I'm sure you told them what school you went to too!". Then he replied "No! See! You don't really know me after all!!!!". Really pei-lei-chuai-cheong!!!

Monday, July 16, 2007


First, I also want to say "choi!" lah..this 4-4-4-4 business.. in Chinese very mm-lai-see.... This TAG is from Mott over at her tropical island or now some mountains liow.. Hope I can do this before the juice in my Apple become dried up.

Four jobs I have had in my life:
1. Shit Cleaner - Hahaha... yes..worked in a company that designs wastewater treatment plants
2. CON-Sultan - heheehee worked in an evironmental consultancy firm...that talk kok...
3. Table Banger - My boss always say I bang table wor....when talking to contractor lah...
4. ????

Four places I have lived:
1. Petaling Jaya
2. London
3. Swansea
4. Bangkok more wor...??!!??

Four Country I have been on vacation:
1. Greece
2. Australia
3. US of A
4. Italy...this one also got more wor...

Four of my favorite foods:

Wa...this one very difficult...I so wai-sik.
1. Fish Head BeeHoon
2. Chue Yoke Meen.... Aiya..what happened to No.3?? Put here lah.. Mee Yoke

4. CRABS!!!!

Four places you would rather be right now:
1. Blogging in the comforts of my home rather than sitting on this HARD chair in the cafe
2. Maybe on nice comfy bed
3. On a soft comfy bed
4. Really really on a soft comfy butt velly pain liow...think I've been sitting on this HARD uncomfy chair for about 2 hours....wanna balik liow..

Four friends to tag:

Have not been not know who has or not done this no need lah ar... Please excuse me, okie???

Trucks Everywhere!

I never really took notice of trucks on the road....I mean sure..there were those dirt-covered trucks that hauled the usual construction materials. But hey! Who notices them?? But when we moved to Bangkok a few years back. It was like WHOAAAAA... trucks were everywhere. And they ain't hauling construction materials, I tell ya! These trucks were gleaming cool-looking mean machines! You see nicely made-up petite ladies behind the wheels of these trucks too! But trucks are quite practical considering you can haul ALL the super deals at that Furniture Sale!!! I once wanted to buy a teak shelf which was really really cheap. But it was cash and carry and it certainly couldn't fit into my SUV. A truck would have been able to haul it back! With a truck bed liner, there won't be any scratches too... Awwww...wished I had a truck then.

Orlando Magic!!

Orlando, Florida...

I think this place is where every kid wants to be! DisneyWorld, Busch Gardens, Kennedy Space Center, SeaWorld, Universal Studios etc etc.. H and I would love to bring the boys here for a holiday. It would have to be for at least 2 weeks. I doubt anything less than that would be sufficient to cover all the wonderful places. For that duration, we would rent an Orlando vacation home. I love the idea of having all the comforts of a home. The separate living spaces for the boys to chill out (so that they won't bother us!), washer/dryer (you won't believe how many sets of clothes the boys can go through in a day when they get active!) and the fully-equipped kitchen to prepare little snacks for those little growling tummies!

Treasure Hunt Clues.. are some of the clues that was thought of by my very very clever Speech Pathologist Sister who resides down under...

You won’t find your next clue
Under your enemy’s head,
But rather underneath the
Birthday boy’s bed!

A pirate’s ship holds many secrets
as it travels beyond the sea…
Your next clue is in a pirate’s “ship”.
What could you travel in?

You are getting close!
The vast waters of crystal clear
Needs some cleaning too!
Seek this machine for the next clue!

you're very close, young pirate
to your destination
what you seek for lies,
somewhere in the kitchen!

where chickens are roasted
cakes are baked
you can cook lots here,
...even your enemy's head!

There's a few more lah...but don't have them with me now lah.. Anyway, here's a Pirate Joke..

Why are pirates pirates?

Because they ARRRRRRRRRR!!!!!!!!


Education Today

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These days, everyone has a university degree of some sort or other. Gone were the days where having a degree makes you special, a cut above the rest. As my aunt says, throw a stone into any crowd and I am sure you will hit a university graduate with a bachelor's degree. I thought that was quite funny. But it is indeed very true. These days, a bachelor's degree may not be sufficient to guarantee you a job. Employers have a vast pool of potential employees to choose from. How do you distinguish yourself from the rest? Perhaps, a master degree? Or even a doctorate degree? Excel in other extra-curricular activities? Be an expert speaker-presenter? The list is endless, and only you would know which suits you best!

Disconnected!! Very Chamm

Aiya...this NO internet connection in the house is very chamm lah... And my neighbour doesn't go online so often. The other day said that I was gonna put in the Treasure Hunt clues...halfway writing I was like "eh..what happenned?" Alamak...that fella turned off his WIFI wor. Siow siow H actually said "you can ask him to leave it on!". GILA! If that fella know ppl using his bandwidth sure lagi he will protect with passwords and such, right?? Besides, don't even know which neighbour lah...

Anyway, am now sitting in a cafe wor... SO chammmm to check my email, and all... Worst of all, got to eat a very very fattening brownies with vanilla ice-cream!!! Some more Laundryamah said I "fei-chor" wor.... Bleccccchhhhh....

Saturday, July 14, 2007

Little Doggies...

We have had pet doggies for quite a long time. And they have always been the cute little ones. Pomeranians. Spitz. Mixed Pomeranian Spitz and now Miniature Pinschers. Think the most we had was 4 dogs at one time. Being a pet owner for that many years, I didn't know that there's actually Organic dog food available in the market. Did you? Well, there is. And man's best friend (In this case, woman's best friend??) does deserve every bit of healthy food available!

Empty Spaces!

Just went out with my girlfriend this afternoon. In our chats, the topic of living space came up... and of course in my case...I have too much empty space in my current house. I suppose I could either leave the empty spaces for my two boys to run about (which they do!), or to furnish with tastefully designed home furniture. I have not really decided yet. What do you advise?

Sporadic Connection

Aiyo......I feel sooooooo "disconnected"!!!!

NO Internet Connection over here at my mom's place!!! I have to rely on the whims of one of my neighbours... Errr...I have been "borrowing" his or her wifi...... So, think he or she have been out partying the last few had no connection whatsoever lah.

Today, I came and test out..wah! got connection wor... So, I have to blog to my heart's content lah!!! HEHEHEHE....

Mycenaean Gold

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Since ancient times, gold has symbolized wealth and guaranteed power. When H and I visited the National Archaeological Museum in Athens, we saw how important Gold was in the ancient Mycenaean civilization. There were all sorts of gold artifacts. Gold swords. Gold ornaments. Gold cups. Gold jewelery. And the most significant artifact was the Golden Mask of Agamemnon (see the photo that I took) that dated back to approximately 1580 BC. Fast forward to the 21st Century. Gold is STILL as important as it was in ancient times. And it goes on to show that gold is a good long term investment. You can purchase gold in either coin or ingot form from Monex Deposit Company (MDC.

Wednesday, July 11, 2007


We had S1's Party on Saturday, 7th July 2007.... almost one month earlier than his actual birthday. I expected a total of about 15 kids. But ended up with only 9. Some that said they will come didn't turn up. Even with fewer kids, think it was still okay. I managed to buy some Pirate's Themed tattoos which the kids LOVED! Sculpted some balloon swords for their pirates' duel. Also let the kids have a hand in making their own candy floss....but in the end, I still have to do it.

It did start to drizzle a little bit, but luckily stopped after about 10 minutes. I was thinking am I gonna entertain the kids if it rained?? The whole idea was throw them into the pool! Boys played with water bombs, swam, fought etc. Had a Treasure Hunt too. Will post some of the clues (which was cleverly thought-up by my youngest sis...her ENGRISH VELLY GOOD ONE!!) later...

Thought the Treasure Chest cake looked pretty good. I was quite pleased with it. (Nope! I didn't make the cake.) Brought back those pirates who knows? I might have another Pirates Party here in PJ.

Mandarin Tuition

Tomorrow. Boys will start on their mandarin tuition. Yup! Holiday also must do some work what.

Kiasu? Nope!

Just that the boys need to polish up on their mandarin...especially S2. His mandarin-speaking ability is zilch! Plus need to REMIND them that they are chinese! Everyone is saying that my boys speak with some ang-moh accent already. I donno. I can't tell. I still think they speak very Malaysian lah..

Anyway, they will have this tuition 3 times a week. 1 1/2 hours each time. Not too bad what. Otherwise they will be watching TV, playing games. Right? Just today, one was playing gameboy and the other watching TV for many many hours leh.

S2's Singaporean classmate actually have to GO to the normal Singapore school this holidays. Immediately the British School breaks for the summer holidays, they went back to Singapore, and started on the Singapore school. Will be doing this for the whole of the Summer Holidays. So, lagi NO holiday for him.

Furniture for Guest Room

About a week ago, H told me that his sis and BIL will be in town for a visit. But he didn't tell me that they would be staying at our house. And I just found out today that MIL will be going too. As I have previously mentioned, my guest room has only ONE SINGLE bed and nothing else! This means that MIL will have to sleep in the boys' room. SIL and her hubby will sleep in the guest room. One of them would have to be on the mattress on the floor though. So, guessed I really have to buy some furniture for the guest room soon. My dad did complained about "letting guests sleep on the floor!!!". I checked out Coaster Furniture . They do have great bedroom sets.

Real Estate Agents

I recently got news that the tenant for our house may want to terminate the lease before the contract expires. When I told H about it, he was suggesting that we engage a real estate agent to put the house on the market. Somehow, he figured that we won't be coming home for a long time. I have to say that I did not like the idea at all, not having a house that we can call ours. I voiced it up to him. I guessed he relented and then suggested that we inform the agent so that a new tenant can be found soonest possible.

First Day Home!

Just came back from my Hokkien Mee dinner at O&S. The hokkien mee okay lah..but the beehoon not good leh.. Anyway, also had the Stingray Panggang, Satay, Rojak and the Tauhu Sumbat. eat alot hor??

This morning already had my roti canai x 2 and teh tarik at Pandi's (think wrong spelling is it??). Boys wanted to have roti tissue... otherwise would have gone to eat my kway teow soup. After that, took boys to the indian barber place nearby to have their haircuts. Last Sunday, boys wanted to cut their hair at this salon where they get their hair washed too. So... "thann" lah these boys! I said NO since we are coming home already...RM 8 at the Indian Barber vs. RM 20 at the salon wor...of course I chose the cheaper option lah!!!

Jewelery Storage

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As I was getting the boys' and my passports from the safe for our trip home, I saw my little plastic box which I used to store some of my jewelery Thought that I should bring it back with me, as it would be safer back home than over there. Besides, I don't change my jewelery with what I wear. So there's really no point to keep them over there. I was pondering...what if the customs officer stop and query me about this box of jewelery? Would they say that I am a smuggler of some sort? I was thinking of answers to reply...just in case. I was thinking maybe I could say that I am traveling and need to change my jewelery with what I wear. But the problem was that the box is a normal plasticware that one would use to store leftovers! Now, if I would have one of those fashionable Jewelery Storage bags from, then I am sure the customs officer would believe me!!!

Tuesday, July 10, 2007

Balik Kampung...

TODAY is THE Day!!!

Yup! Boys and I balik kampung to PeeJay today... Just putting in a short post to kill some time before we go to the airport...First have to drop by the mall to buy the very yummy DONUTS!!! Velly velly good ones..Even better than Krispy Kreme!!!! Or is it spelled with "C"s??

Anyway, since we will be gone for 3 weeks. Had to do last minute cooking last H still has some food to eat! Hahahah..Of course he will be gallavanting when we are not around..But also must keep some foods in the freezer lor.. Made "Lor Mai Kai" and Curry Chicken Filling. The latter for him to use as filling for his toasted sandwiches. Also stocked up the fridge with CapriSonne and other sugar-laden drinks! Hahahah.. didn't go blog hopping... got to pack and last minute instructions to be given to maid..etc etc.. My maid shiok lah. Only need to come to work 3 times a week whilst we are gone... Okay..over and out...till later...

Monday, July 09, 2007

Kids Bedding

Think every woman has a thing for linens. Towels, sheets with coordinating pillow cases, duvet covers, etc etc. I absolutely love to buy bedding. So much so that I've been barred from buying more by H. Hahaha.. But he didn't mention anything about buying kids bedding!!! I just LOVE coordinating bedding. Boys' bedding designs include Spiderman, Finding Nemo, Harry Potter, Power Rangers, Jackie Chan Adventures....the list goes on and on :-). If there's one on Pirates, I would LOVE to add to my collection.

Sunday, July 08, 2007

Laundryamah's Maid Baju

Amah... This is the baju that I bought for your maid. Size MEDIUM in Blue as requested. Bought two sets. The set comes with a pair of bermuda-length shorts which I didn't take any picture. Errr...sorry picture is not rotated. Using new ibook now and am still very blurr blurr...thought I rotated it but donno why leh...

Saturday, July 07, 2007


Did you know that there are different types of make and designs of Mailboxes ? Curbside, Column, Wall-mounted etc. etc.....Back home, we lived in a link house which only had a slit in the pillar by the gate for our mail. And now in our current rented home, even a slit is NON-existent....let alone a mailbox!

New Toy Surprise!!!

H wanted to cut his hair this morning... So we went to the mall...

Took boys jalan-jalan and then went to the barber to meet up with H. Boys went in first, and when I went in, they said in unison "DAD bought a new computer to surprise you". Well, he sure it is

I have to say that I was rather surprised! It looks quite canggih. Yeah?? I am now using my new iMac to blog. I have to say that it is kinda different. I am so used to the MS WIndows platform that I am not very used to this. All the icons are sooo different too. I have to sit down and spend half a day to find out what is what!! So, please excuse me if you find my posts looking funny!!

Btw, I told the boys that my old Dell still belongs to me. And S2 as usual "NOT FAIR! You have two computers and we have none...blah blah blah!".

Thursday, July 05, 2007

Cat Stationery for Loot Bags

MommyOf2Angels' (M2A for short lah) Little Angel will be turning 2 soon. As I mentioned in my previous post, saw some cute cat stationery. And since I am going home next week, bought these stuff on behalf M2A. Wei..M2A - Hope they are okay. ( don't look too clear)

Pencils and Lead: Bought 5 packs of each colour.

Erasers: 3 Packs (since each pack has 4)

Sharpeners: 5 Packs. Each pack with two sharpeners

I didn't buy the cat bag as I didn't know what you wanted. This range have all sorts of bags. School bags, those a little like handbag, cosmetic-sized bag, wallet sized ones, drawstring bag.... etc etc. There is also another range called "cool cat" but think that's more for teenagers as the colour scheme was black, grey and white...

Did not buy the glue stick as they didn't have enough. Nor the rulers as they only had 5 pinks but only 4 blues. Wanted to buy the scissors...which were quite cute, but thought that scissors might be dangerous to your 2 year old!

Vintage Cars

A Vintage Cars Showroom recently opened not far from our home. Being a gal, I would normally NOT notice a car showroom. But this one drew my attention, as it has a rather nice looking cafe on its premises. Also, each time I drive by, there would be gleaming vintage cars parked outside. It must take quite a lot of patience, hard work and all sorts of Automotive detailing supplies to restore those cars to their former glory!


This tag is from WMD...

Think I would prefer to be a PTWM (Part-Time Working Mum). I've been a FTWM and SAHM before. But mine you, I have never been a PTWM my reasons may be skewed or unrealistic. Anyway, here are my three reasons...
  1. Working part-time would allow me to have my own dosh!!! Which I feel is quite important.(Don't think earning that little $ from blogging counts as part-time work...)
  2. Flexible hours in part-time work would allow a good balance between working and family life. FedUp of work, very quickly can go home. FedUp of Kids, also can give excuse that I need to work. So, no problem with too much of a good thing!
  3. Continual intellectual stimulation,... and having a wee bit of sense of achievement...(unless I suddenly be such a GREAT woman golfer, I will poo-poo having a "normal" job!!)

Here’s how it works:
1. So easy peasy, if you were given a choice, would you be a SAHM or FTWM? Just provide 3 darn good reasons.
2. Include your post link to the list below and
Finally,3. Tag another three mommies

List:1. Immomsdaughter prefers to be a SAHM
2. Miche prefers to be a SAHM too.
3. SYH prefers to be a PTWM.
4. Shoppingmum is definitely a SAHM material.
5. WMD definitely prefers FTWM
6. Nomadic Mom THINKS she prefers to be a PTWM

Most done already...but maybe Dancing Queen, Judy and SAHM don't mind doing???

Prescription Drug Addiction

Ever heard of the saying "Too Much of A Good Thing can be Bad" ?

Many common folks would never ever thought that they, or their loved one would be a drug addict. The term "drug addict" somehow conjures an image of a homeless, jobless, filthy junkie. On the contrary; many ordinary people can and do get addicted to drugs, albeit involuntarily. The odd sleeping pill may help you sleep. The painkiller is alleviating the pain in your arm. Yes. These prescription drugs are helping you. Easing your pain. But did you know that prescription drug addiction can develop in just two weeks, and is almost inevitable after four weeks of regular use?

Don't Be Greedy!!!

Yesterday, was our 5th Confined Water Dive and Final Exam (Classroom)....

I had lunch with girlfriend after our golf lesson.... Had Vietnamese Beef Noodle and Fried Shrimp Springrolls, plus a Black Jelly in Coconut Milk (not a good combi)...went home and napped till boys came home. S2 didn't finish his snack - cake filled with loads of cream! And of course I ate the leftovers.. Took them to the playground. And some moms brought some food and drinks. I had a packet of junk food, a fried local snack and a coke. Went home, had a bowl of fruit salad and a slice of bread. At this time, I was already quite "zhai" (full)...Said my goodbyes to the boys and head off to the Dive Center.

H and his colleagues came directly from most have not had their dinner. And someone ordered pizza from Pizza Hut..the new ones where you can pluck the cheese-filled crust out and dip into mayonaise.... Needless to say, "wai-sik" Nomadic Mom had a few of them while completing the exam sheet. I was really really "zhai" but the mouth cannot stop!!!

After the exam (of course I passed with flying colours lah...), we jumped into the water...and reviewed all the stuff that we've learnt, i.e.
  • mask removal, clearing
  • Simulation of no air situation
  • Emergency ascent
  • Buoyancy control etc etc

Then when we finally finished and surface... I took off my regulator and burped...YUCKY!!! Some cheesey puke actually came up to my throat. I had to swallow it back. Happened about 3 times. I have to say it was soooooooo horrible. And then the instructor said "let's do skin-diving".. I have to say that I was MEGA reluctant. The thought sounded awful... diving without scuba gearto the bottom of the pool. I was afraid that I would swallow water throught my snorklers and then BLEAAAHHHHHH ....all the cheesey, coconuty, creamy stuff would evacuate from my belly into the crystal clear waters of the pool!

I asked "can I NOT do it?"....He said NO...

So... I do lah... Surprisingly...could do it quite well... But anyway, I was very very EAGER to go home after that... Felt soooooooo quesy...

Arrived home and faced the porcelain throne! Yup! You guessed it!... EVERYTHING came out!!!

Felt sooooooooo much better after that!!

So...MORAL of the Story is "Don't Stuff Yourself When You Are Full!"


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Tuesday, July 03, 2007

Learn Chinese in 5 Minutes!!

Got this from my aunt. Soooooo funneeeeeee!!!!

English Chinese
That's not right Sum Ting Wong
Are you harboring a fugitive? Hu Yu Hai Ding
See me ASAP Kum Hia Nao
Stupid Man Dum Fuk
Small Horse Tai Ni Po Ni
Did you go to the beach? Wai Yu So Tan
I bumped into a coffee table Ai Bang Mai Fu Kin Ni
I think you need a face lift Chin Tu Fat
It's very dark in here Wai So Dim
I thought you were on a diet Wai Yu Mun Ching
This is a tow away zone No Pah King
Our meeting is scheduled for next week Wai Yu Kum Nao
Staying out of sight Lei Ying Lo
He's cleaning his automobile Wa Shing Ka
Your body odor is offensive Yu Stin Ki Pu
Great Fa Kin Su Pa

Le Grande

When we first moved here, I had the task to find a home for our little family... For a third world country, the homes that are available for rent here is quite unbelievable. Large mansions with expansive lush tropical gardens, swimming pool complete with separate changing area, grand curved staircase which leads to an open indoor balcony (I used to joke that it's for royalty wannabes to announce "Welcome! My Humble Subjects!" ....hahaha), living and master suites all fully furnished with luxury period and Century furniture, Huge marble bathrooms, dry and wet kitchens, underground parking garage for 4 cars....the list goes on. Nope! We didn't get one of these Grande houses....opted for a decently-sized dwelling for our family of 4.

Sucker for Stationery....

Yup! I luuuuuurrrvvveee stationery.

Don't know why. But I do.....way from school days up till today, decades later....
In fact, I was just browsing in the stationery section of a major bookshop over here. And I saw some really cute items. Pink and Blue Pens, pencils, sharpeners, erasers, rulers, staplers, glue etc etc...all with pictures of little kittens on them. It suddenly sprang to mind that MommyOf2Angels' little angel loves cats and is turning 2 soon! All these cutesy items make a GREAT Party Loot Bag! So...MommyOf2Angels. You want me to get some or not????

More On Scuba Diving...

That's me...lounging in my wet suit on the terrace chairs....
I am invisible ma.... Hahaha..
(Yeah lah... "So lame" as the kids would say...They picked it up from the Singapore production "I Not Stupid")

Anyway, H insisted that I buy the wetsuit before the 2nd Confined Water Dive...fai-see I catch cold and thus he would have to look after the kids :-P ....heee heee. Notice my garb are all blue and black?? Must be colour-coordinated, of course! Want to dive also must dive with some style-la. Can't exactly be a hip cool momma if the colours all clash, right??? kekekeke...
Let me think...what did we do for our 2nd and 3rd confined water dive ar... just one week, all forgotten liow... yikes!! Oh yeah..
  • Using Buddy's Octopus when Out of Air, and Swimming to Surface
  • Inflating BCD with Mouth, while keeping Afloat
  • Inflating BCD with Mouth, in Deep Water
  • Using and Clearing Snorkler
  • Swimming 200 m, followed by floating/treading water for 10 minutes
  • Obtaining the Right Buoyancy in Deep Water
  • Breathing through Free Flow Regulator
  • Removal of Face Mask, and Putting On Again
  • Towing your tired Buddy (I told H that he has to MASTER this Skill!!!)
  • Check Lists...

Have to say the scariest one for me was removing my face mask. I thought that would be nothing to it. But once my mask was off, everything exposed. My lids (eyes closed since wearing lens), my nose...and as I exhaled, the bubbles rushed and brushed against my nose and lids. I could feel water going halfway into my nose and I was soooooo scared that I would accidently snort it in. Wa....really full concentration to do this properly!

Instructor told us that everything has to be agreed between the two buddies. No such thing as one want to go here and one go there... Then silly H said "Think next life, if I am become a counselor and a couple comes in...Wife complains husband don't spend time. Never do things together blah blah blah... I am just going to give ONE advice... TAKE SCUBA DIVING!"... hee hee.. Not only doing things together, but must be close together, must agree some more... unlike watching can be on the couch, the other on the bed... hahahah...

Oh... S1 actually did use my fins and snorkler at home...he's quite good actually and wanted to come along for Scuba Diving Classes...But told him no lah... Think I will be very stressed with him around.....IN the pool... I would be worried if he can remember to continuously breathe and NOT hold breath, etc etc. You would be worried too, right??

Well......tonight will be our 4th Confined Water Dive....

Every Marriage...

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Every marriage would have their peaks and troughs, happy and sad times, ups and downs. It's NORMAL. In fact, a marriage goes through a cycle of passion, reality knocks, frustrations, forgiveness and acceptance, and finally togetherness.

A couple that tells you that they are always happy and never argue are most likely keeping up appearances. I can tell you that H and I went through a bad patch two years ago. Family, close friends would know that. I was lucky to have great people to talk to, to vent my frustrations, to cry, to be listened to. I think women feel much comfort in talking (I guessed you already knew that!!!). I would have felt worse, desperate, sad and hopeless were it not for the wonderful people that were around me then. If you find that you are in the situation where you need someone to talk to, but feel uncomfortable confiding in people you know, phone counseling by professional counselors could be the answer for you.

Although I would not want to experience those times again, it's an invaluable life and marriage lesson.

Life is a Journey.... :-)

Monday, July 02, 2007

S1's Mandarin

Today, both boys have Mandarin Classes....and.... S1's teacher complained about him. Said that he didn't really want to do his work, kept on forgetting to bring his books, threw tantrum when she reprimanded him etc etc. Think she must be quite frustrated because she said that we can request a change of teacher if we are not happy with her teaching!!

Wa....of course I scolded S1 like crazeeee lah. I asked him if he cin-chai-bo-chai complete his work so that he can come out and play Dragon Fables on the computer. And he very honestly told me "YES". So, barred him and the brother from playing any games on the computer at Mandarin Class. I didn't pay hundreds of dollars for them to play computer games there!!!

Also, no TV today and tomorrow as further punishment...and if no improvement, TV's coming out of their room as well...

Busy as a Bee

I was telling H that I was thinking of cancelling my golf lesson on Wed, and he said "No. Why?"...

Aiya.... thought my schedule is kinda tight and he wants me to go and collect his NAD dvd player... and I just can't see any time slot available other than Friday....if I don't cancel golf.

Let's see..

Monday (today) - Cooking Duty @ School, Boys' Chinese Class
Tuesday - Scrapbooking, Grocery Shopping, Scuba Diving Class
Wednesday - Golf Lesson, S2's Play Date with entire Class, Scuba Diving Class
Thursday - Dermatologist's Appt, Boys' Chinese Class
Friday - Nothing Planned but First Day of Boys' Summer Holidays.. really quite tired.... for today's cooking duty, we were very brave to have two groups of kids ALL at once, instead of the normal one group each time... But we were making cup cakes...and there weren't enough time to make two batches... Waaaa.. I had to be AS LOUD AS nine kids combined!! :-) Sorry...didn't take any pictures...wallopped all tha cakes pretty quickly!

Pigeon Forge, TN

Want to getaway to the mountains but the idea of roughing out in the woods sucks to the max?

No worries!

Pigeon Forge cabin rental may be the answer to folks (including me, of course!) who wants to enjoy the mountain fresh air and scenery in utter pure luxury. The beautiful log cabin have all the creature comforts that you would want in a home. A Large Great Room with an amazing floor to ceiling stone stacked fireplace, a fully equipped Kitchen, Master Suite with a King Size Bed, jacuzzi, a game room and a beautiful deck to admire the view of Mt. Le Conte!

The Police - Concert

Every breath you take
And every move you make
Every bond you break,
every step you take
I'll be watching you

Does the song above rings a bell??
I'm sure it does!
Wanna go watch the song being performed LIVE???
YUP! It's Official! The Police's 30th anniversary reunion tour starts this summer in cities around the U.S. and Canada. Don't miss out on this amazing event!
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NEW YORK Must Dos!


Every visitor to the Big Apple would have a list of Must-Dos. Visit Times Square, Metropolitan Museum of Art, Stroll leisurely in Central Park, Sail to Ellis Island, Climb the Statue of Liberty Island. Many are also excited to Watch a New York Yankees Game or Enjoy a Broadway Musical. But do know where or how to get tickets. In this case, the services of a new york ticket broker can come in handy. Tickets to concerts, broadway shows, sports games plus other events can be purchased online, and way in advance of arrival in New York. This way, your seat to the event is guaranteed!

If I don't....

If I don't go back to bed after sending the boys off onto the school bus, there is actually a whole lot of things that I can achieve! It's quite unbelievable how MUCH time is wasted when I zzzzzzzz like a a little Miss. Piggy.

Today, I mowed the back lawn. See how nice and neat it is! My previous gardener is really hopeless....everytime ask him to mow the lawn, the lawn will still be one patch here and there. My handiwork quite good yeah? But H said the plants by the wall are starting to look like a jungle...

After that, I trimmed the bamboo by the pool... looks a bit weird because I only trimmed those that I can reach. Didn't want to use the case I fall and nobody can save me!! So, the top part have to wait for the new gardener to trim lah. Then, I have to fish-OUT all the cuttings from the swimming pool.

Had a shower, ate my salmon/egg/cream cheese sandwich (YUM! YUM!), did a poster for S1's birthday, ordered some tables and chairs for Saturday's party, and it's only 11 AM.

Sunday, July 01, 2007


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Suddenly...velly banyak!

I actually registered with PayU2Blog some weeks back. But had some problems with the log-in and password. Once that was sorted out, I still didn't get any assignments. I thought "aiya...maybe wait one more week before I send them an email". Then this afternoon, I terperanjat when I saw 10 new assignments. Good also lah...since PPP these days not alot of opps for me as on Blogspot, and Page Rank not high enuff :-P

Think I got a little over-excited and suddenly like diarrhea like that...spurt out so many paid posts continuously today... :-) Hee hee.. Kids over at friends house ma...Dumped them there this morning at 11.00 AM. Supposed to pick them up at 3.00 PM...But it's 4.10 now..and I'm still in my PJs and blogging away on my bed. Kekeke... Friend want to kill me liow...hahaha Texted her..she said boys are swimming now..Should be done by 5 PM. So, I go later lah....

Anyway, now I just have to divide those assignments over the week so as not to suddenly overload my blog with paid posts. My sis says my paid posts sounds like "informercials" girlfriend, not so politically correct. Said my paid posts "talk kok"...hahahah...

The Right Lighting

All interior decorators will tell you that lighting is of paramount importance. Location of lighting, the styles, the brightness are all key to create the right look and mood for any living or working space. For example, simple crystal chandeliers can instantly bring a feeling of luxury in a plain foyer, or a look of grandeur in a family dining room. Cheery bright lights entice shoppers to buy more in supermarkets too!

Lots of Things to Lug!

As H and I have recently taken up scuba diving, he has been thinking of travelling to Cairns, Australia in October. Why? Dive in the Great Barrier Reef, of course! Not only we have to lug our usual stuff, we would now have to source and purchase new luggage that is suitable to store and transport our scuba gear from our departure point all the way Down Under.

Every Little Girl's Dream

When I was little, it was every little girl's dream to get married to a handsome young man, have two wonderful children, a cute fluffy pet, and live happily ever after in a luxury home. This perfect home would have a long winding driveway that leads to the front door, with two luscious plants on either a perfect symmetry! Well, of course....that was THOSE days...many decades ago. :-) These days, little girls' dreams are very very different!

Medical Travel Insurance

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Summer Holidays are here, and many of us are taking the opportunity to travel abroad. We plan on Where to go. Where to Stay. Where to visit. We check on the best deals on tickets, hotels, and rental cars on the internet.

But do we stop and think if we require medical travel insurance?

You probably think "Hey. I'm as strong as an ox. And fit as an athlete. Why do I need medical travel insurance?"

Well... The probability of something happening while travelling is, perhaps close to nil. But what if you trip and break your leg? Or something that you ate resulted in severe diarrhoea and require hospitalization? The medical costs in a foreign country may be exorbitant. So, it's advisable to always include medical travel insurance in your travel expenses. It's a small amount that will save you a lot of headache!

Don't know where to start? Check out CoverMyTravels! They provide travel insurance for every occasion, even if you are suffering from existing medical conditions.

Birthday Party @ A Hotel...

Took boys to a birthday party that's held in a 5* Hotel yesterday afternoon.... The birthday boy's father is the GM of the hotel. When you hear it, you may think "waaaa..." but frankly, think it's quite troublesome. The party is actually quite small...about 16 kids, and held in a section of the coffee shop. The kids were getting a little restless after awhile, and kept on asking when they can swim in the pool. So, after all the birthday cake singing and candle-blowing, we adjourned to the pool which is at another level down. So, the staff had to MOVE all the food down to the pool area. Felt it was kinda kelam-kabut. The pool area is not that big, but not small either. It's much more difficult to supervise the children here than say, in a more confined home pool. Also, the host (birthday mom) was like sooooo busy instructing the staff most of the time that I was helping out with the games up in the coffee shop, and supervising the kids in the pool. Anyway, with the food being moved from coffee shop down to the pool deck, after the kids have the pasta and all, the ice-cream also all melted. The kids were like " has melted", and I sort of told them to pretend that it's milkshake. But end up most of the kids didn't eat their melted ice-cream... Well, in short...having it in a house... although not as glam, may prove to be more practical....