Saturday, April 28, 2007

More Sketches for the Wall

As per my previous post, I mentioned that I wanted to do either 4 or 6 sketches for the bare terrace wall....Decided to just do 4 Sketches, as No.1 - A bit lazy liow, and No.2 - Don't think the wall is that big leh. After I put borders and frames over the'll take up more space than as it looks now. Am thinking of white borders with either black or dark brown frames... Have attached the two new sketches. Nice or not?

Charles Dickens

S1 dressed up as Charles Dickens for school on Friday (27th April). He had completed a research project on a famous person, which was the famed author Charles Dickents. On this day, he had to walk around school pretending to be Charles Dickens..... Well, as I refused to buy a new suit just for this one-day thing, he had to wear one of his old suits that didn't fit too well. Also, with his oriental face, of course he doesn't look like Charles Dickens...more like some Ah Beng :-). He said alot of ppl asked him "who are you again??"
As you can see...Charles Dickens, S1 is NOT!!! KEKEKE...

Thursday, April 26, 2007

FREE Dating Site...

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You guys must be wondering why would I be writing about a dating site! Nope. I am not dumping H...not yet anyway. Hahaha :-D

Anyway, I do have a very good girlfriend whom I've worked with eons ago. She's 38 and single. Being the busybody friend that I am, whenever I meet up with her, I would always query her to see if she's hooked up with anyone. Her answer was always the same - "don't have anyone". is she ugly? Is her personality bad? One would ask...but the answers to those questions are NO and NO. She's a cute petite lady. She's active (she had climbed Mt. Kinabalu and hiked in the Himalayas), funny, helpful. Why is she single? Well, tshe works 5 days a week till late and goes directly home after that. Weekends are spent with her sister and nephews. How on earth is she going to meet anyone? I am sure there are thousands of people out there in the same situation as my dear friend. The free dating services provided by could just be the answer to find the soul mate that's out there. Why wait? When this great site is 100% free??

Wednesday, April 25, 2007

Gila Daddy...

Boys as usual were up to no good at the dinner table last night. (BTW, made Carrot Soup, Chicken Cordon Bleu and Buttered Rice) .... Boys were walking about instead of sitting still to finish their dinner. Both H and I were already done... S2 was being his usual monkeying self that he had some food drop on the floor... So, H took out the cane from the kitchen and gave S2 a whack... so of course instantly sat properly to eat lah. .... While we were waiting for kids to finish, gila H suddenly said "You think anyone use the cane to whack themselves or not? You think pain or not?". I said "you try lah"... GILA H really went to do it... He whacked himself, stopped. Looked up to the ceiling "thinking", "feeling' and then said "yeah. Pain!". Of course the boys were laughing their socks off lah, as H was making a fool of himself. It's been a long time since H being silly... It was rather funny, I have to say. And then he did it again. Needless to say, the boys were laughing so much that it was a little bit difficult to eat properly.

Shiza! Am late again! - Updated

Starting to panic.... am three days late. And I am very punctual one!! Last month, when I was three days late, got excuse cause Feb only had 28 days.... This month... aiyo...abit takut as March was a month with 31 days! How? How? Am keeping my fingers crossed that it will come tomorrow!

Am such a lousy mother that I don't think that I should torture any more kids....

Update: Okay! It came today (Thursday)....have to say that I felt relieved. I mean a baby is cute and all, but realistically... don't think I can manage. Don't know if I sensitiveor what, but yesterday, H was like "heehee are you pregnant?" and this morning, he seems rather nonchalant when I told him my P came.... Maybe I read into things too much...

Tuesday, April 24, 2007

Scrapbooking Session..

Went to the ANZA (Australian New Zealand Association) for their weekly scrapbooking session to have a look-see and to be inspired! Have to say that I AM INSPIRED! But because am a BEGINNER, not gonna start using the boxed set that was given by my sis.. in case I destroy one sheet and then the whole set is incomplete. Will drop by in the Scrapbooking shop in town tomorrow to buy some individual sheet sets and start something simple. Was thinking of some of the pictures that I took of the boys in the first week of school. They were wearing their blue Batik Uniforms and playing in the garden.. SO, am gonna seek out some blue papers and blue embellishments!

Monday, April 23, 2007

Chandeliers for the Home

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Came across D'Legne Chandeliers while surfing the net this evening, checked out the site and found that they are offering hand polished crystal chandeliers for only USD 799.99. That's a steal! The chandeliers are European styled, and the reason why the price is so affordable is that they SELL direct to you. The middlemen is cut out of the equation! Their chandeliers are exquisite and looks really good hung either in the foyer or over the dining table etc... I would love to have one of these....

Think it's eczema...

As per my previous post on my cracked heel, I said that it was Athlete's foot..but have been doing abit of reading, and it's not. Athlete's foot concentrates around the toes. I don't think I've mentioned it but I've also had itches on my hands since about 4 weeks ago. Friends tell me that it's eczema.... and I've done some reading up too..and yeah..I think it's eczema.

Was gonna attempt a PPP post on the organic eczema cream but all the opportunities taken up already. Nevermind lah, still gonna write about "eczema".

The itchiness on my hands were really quite unbearable. Scratched until blisters form. I recall that I changed to using a new brand of soap 4 weeks ago... and that may be the cause of it. I've thrown the soap away, the itch has reduced but not disappeared.

As for my heel, I don't know the cause... I've tried all sorts of creams. Now, I'm trying to do a regime of exfoliate, cream and fresh aloe-vera. See it it works.

Maybe also getting old...starting to find that I am allergic to quite a number of stuff. Bought myself a tube of Japanese sweets on Sunday (gonna go watch TMNT with boys), after popping two in my mouth, felt that I was turning into Angelina Jolie leh....

And remember my hospitalization in Dec 2005? Allergic to fish?? or What? Dizziness, red as a lobster...including the eyeballs, shortness of breath.... cialatt!

Misc Foods

Yesterday, I attempted to make sushi for the first time. Hee Hee ... The taste was alright, but as my H says "no presentation one"... S2 says "I prefer to eat in the restaurant"... My sushi roll sort of disintegrated into pieces and not hold its shape. My "Genki Sushi" style of salmon mayo also not like Genki Sushi's lah.. My california roll okay lah.. just roll into cone only ma.. Didn't take photo lah.. So malu :-)

Khaw Niew Mamuang
Or Mango Sticky Rice. Made that the other day. Have to say it was pretty good. Easy to make. The difficult part was to find SWEET mango. Not mango season now lah. Bought some from one supermarket. But the mangoes weren't even ripe, so had to go to another one to buy. Bought some "Bangkok Mangoes". Not that sweet either. My friend used to tell me that the good stuff, they keep IN Thailand and do not export! I think that's quite true. Always seem to get to eat SWEEEET mangoes all year round. Their pineapples are also mega sweet. I hate pomelos but Thai pomelos are yummy and I do eat them when I lived there...

Greek Food

Couldn't get these food photos in my earlier posts. So thought I'll include them here in my foodie post. ...The picture shows Greek Salad with big slab of Feta Cheese, Mussels Saganaki and Grilled Sardines...YUM YUM

New Baby..

There's a new baby in the family!! No lah! Not me lah. My sister has just given birth to her second baby yesterday. 3.5 kg BOY! Congratulations to you, SIS!!!

Yup! A second boy for her, a fifth grandSON for my parents! To date...5 grandSONS and ZERO granddaughters. When the first granddaughter comes, she will be a REAAAALLLL princess!! Will wait see which of my sisters gonna have the first granddaughter...definitely not from me ler... donwan liow.

Yup generation, was girls girls girls.. this generation is boys boys boys wor...

Friday, April 20, 2007

Sketches for the Wall...

I bought these two lounge chairs from a Malaysian friend who has left for Doha, Qatar. Each one costs RM 200, which is quite a good deal lah. They are still in very good condition. Probably because she's not really sat on them, and basically just used them as a "clothes hanger". I've put them in the terrace. But as you can see the wall is very very bare.

At first, wanted to paint something..but decided to just do some black pen sketches, that I can have black borders, and a simple frame. Have picked "Angkor Wat Ruins" as the theme. Am thinking to do a series of either 4 or 6 sketches (depending on whether I am hardworking or not)...but so far have completed two. Nice or not?

Thai Ko Kar

Or Cracked Heel or Hiong Kong Kiok or Athlete's Foot or whatever names there are... I have this problem that doesn't seem to be going away. Started sometime last year... and now it's still not healed. It's only on my RIGHT heel though. The skin hardens and cracks reaaaaal badly. And my tangan also soooo itchy cannot stop peeling it. Peeeeeel until it bleeds. Peeling that time not pain wor....but sometimes at night, when the pieces of skin harden and brushes against my bed pain. Even wake me up from my slumber.

I wanted to post of a picture of my heel but thought better not lah, skali people lose their appetite for the rest of the month. It looks so bad that I don't dare to go have my pedicure leh. Even when I had my yoga the other day, was sure the instructor was looking at my Thai Ko Kar.
A friend said that it's bad circulation. But I have reflex and massages what. That should help right? But NOT wor. Another friend said that I'm deficient in some nutrient. But what nutrient? I've bought all sorts of cracked heel creams but maybe it's my itchy fingers that's the problem... I think I am also abit GILA liow. Psychologically thought that peeling off the hard skin will be good. Really realised that I have a problem when I used a blade to scrape and cut the skin off my heels. Of course cut my self lah! So many places some more. GILA or not???

Both H and boys are trying to help me NOT touch my heel by screaming and threatening... H the screaming...Boys the threatening.. Threaten me by saying "if you don't stop peeling, we are going to watch TV and play games the WHOLEEEE TIME!!"

I know I know..have to stop this nonsense with the peeling business.

Wednesday, April 18, 2007

Handicraft Fair

Err.. today not so good lah me. Went back to bed after sending boys off..cause so sleepy. Had a fight with H last night, so slept kinda late. Fight about what? Aiya...usual lah..."king-kai" that went haywire. Of course before we went to bed, want to "ngai" me back lah. But where can just switch off fire one??? I "mm choy hui" lah. So, in the morning of course still want to friend back lah.. I still "mm choy hui" and went back to bed. So, went he woke up for woke, I could feel that he gave me a peck on my cheek and mumbled something like "see you later". But of course I am ZZZZ-ing, I am not gonna wake up and "choi hui" what.

Anyway, woke up at 9.50 PM (errr..actually, my friend texted me) and then was out of the house by 10.15 AM. Got Handicraft Fair ma... wah... I salah besar, go and colour-coordinate my outfit wor, so wear my heeled wedges. Aiyo.. kaki so sakit. Really "oi leang mm moi meang" man. Some more the place was soooooooo BIG. There were loads of, ornamental ceramics (statues, incense burners, basins etc), clothes, leather goods (shoes, bags, jackets, office table sets etc), baskets of all sorts, boxes of all sorts, artwork, assorted houseware, handicraft ...

What I bought?? Err...very pathetic. Only bought one very nice box (about RM 8) to dump the loose DVDs in our room; and an oil burner. That's it! Was looking at some Kebaya tops (about RM 120 for those nice embroidered ones. Malaysia how much ah? The lady said she used to supply to Endon's Batik project 3 years ago...) ...very nice, but thought that I will have no place to go in it, plus H probably will say "where got nice???" Also saw a nice tray that sits on foldable legs, but the one on display had goyang-goyang legs...otherwise would have bought at RM 48. Now come to think of it, should have bought a leather set for the office table. They have the mat, with the pencil holders and note holder etc.... And also maybe buy the soft leather magazine holder. I saw it in one of the Singapore Women's magazine... It's selling about RM 50. Think maybe I will go back again,...with more COMFY shoes! It's on till this Sunday (22nd April) maybe pop in to buy those things..

Tuesday, April 17, 2007

Honeymoon in LV - Updated

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The other day, S1 asked me..."Mom, do you know what LV stands for?" . Me - " Louis Vuitton?" Hee Hee :-) And of course he said "No! It's short for Las Vegas! Have you been to Las Vegas?"... Well, in fact, H and I had our honeymoon in Las Vegas....more than ten years ago! Have really good memories of our time in Las Vegas. It's a good place for a holiday. There's the theme parks, the famous captivating shows, the casinos, and it's a short hop to the Grand Canyon... cool, yeah? In fact, H was just commenting that now is the time to buy property in the States. Maybe I should get him to buy me a luxury holiday home in Las Vegas as our tenth wedding anniversary present??? Hey...we could rent it out during other times, and VOILA! It's an investment, and not wholly for my indulgence! Would be pretty cool...I should roll up my sleeves and research on Las Vegas real estate MLS listings now; and log onto and *hint* *hint* *blink* *blink* to H.

Blogger Tag

Got tagged by Mommy of Two Angels.
Aiyo... I am terrible in the BlogSphere answers are all crap and boring leh.

1) Who is the 1st blogger you meet?
Laundryamah lor. She was the one that urged me to start my blog so that friends and family can keep up with our nomadic life. And like Mommy of Two Angels indicated, known Laundryamah for the gazillion 24 years?

2) Who is the ‘Most Wanted to Meet’ blogger for you?
Aiyo...don't know yet

3) Who is the ‘I could meet, want wanted to meet but somehow never got to meet’ blogger?
Again. Donno

4) Who are the group of bloggers you most wanted to meet?
I guess MOMMY group ler

5) Do you have bloggers/blog readers that you wish to meet right now?
MOMMY group lor

Need to tag other mommies? No need lah. Okay???

S1's Year 5 Residential Visit

S1 is going away on a 3 day/2 night trip next month (7 - 9 th May). It's going to be the first time that he will be away on an overnight trip without any family! I mean he has had sleepovers, but that's at a close friend's house and only for a night...but this is different. Think he is rather scared. He was like "err...can I not go?". But you know arr... I don't know who is more scared? Him or ME???? :-P

These angmoh schools basically want the kids to be independent... and they don't want parents to call them whatsoever (so mobile phones for the kids not allowed on the trip). If you don't allow your kid to go, the teacher will call and "mann-cheong mann-tuen" and then advise you to give consent. If you still have reservations, then they will get the Year Leader to talk to you. Wa... it's like a NO-NO if you don't give consent. (My Singaporean friend didn't give consent for daughter to go on her Residential, and she was like kena "samm-fann" like that. So when she finally gave her consent, she wanted to go along, and of course the answer was a BIG NO. She was like mega-kiasu that she wanted to go there herself to look-see but stay at arms-length kind. hehehe....).

He's gonna do historical tours like to the museum, to the docks etc. But don't pway-pway okay. The kids are staying in a 5-Star Hotel. Three to a room. So S1's already selected his two room mates. Both also angmoh-kia. But luckily these two boys' moms are quite stern and no-nonsense kind. So...quite good also lah.

(p/s S1 whispered into his father's ear over dinner..."I am going to learn about S-E-X next year. We have got to watch a show. My friend, T is very excited to see the show".!)

Productive Monday!

Waa... have to say that yesterday (Monday) was very productive. After I sent the boys off on their school bus, I had my breakfast, did some weeding, updated my blog, and then I did go for my Astanga Yoga class. After the class, went to the nursery and bought 2 palms and some other ground plants. Went back, re-potted some of the plants and put some in the ground. Did more weeding, and then shifted my two lounge chairs to other end of the terrace. Showered, had some lunch, did about 6 Sudoku puzzles, had 20 minute power nap, then took boys to their mandarin class. Did some shopping, helped S2 with some reading, did more Sudoku. Good yeah?? ah.. after sending boys off at 6.45 AM, I sat on the terrace and did some black and white sketches of the Angkor Wat Ruins (from photographs lah...have not been there. Should! Any ladies interested to go?? Actually, should go to Borobudur first leh)..till about 11.30 AM. Dashed out to the Mexican Restaurant to have lunch with 3 friends...chatted till about 2.30 PM, then they came to my house for a coffee (or rather a tea) till about 4 PM.

Then H came back, and took the boys to the local SOS clinic...because got a note from the school nurse saying that S1's immunization is not up to date, and if I can't give written proof of the Tetanus and Polio Booster, he can't go to his residential visit (more about that later). But I remember in Malaysia, once the kids enter Primary School, we basically don't have to worry about immunization what. The Ministry of Health have school visits. RIGHT? Also I asked S1 and he said that he had jabs and some liquid drops when in Puay Chai. So had to go talk to the doctor lah. Anyway, doctor says no need then till he is 12. However, I remembered that S2 is due for all the booster jabs, and I would have to do it since we are no longer in the Sekolah Kebangsaan. But they gave him DTP, MMR and Polio. Say BCG no need wor. But I thought BCG must???? Wa.... S2 SCREEEEAAAMMM like siow man!!! Luckily H was there to HOLD him down. Really have to HOLD him down.. Don't think that I would have managed. Even the doctor turned away to laugh!!! Cause S2 was soooooooooo dramatic. You know him lah...

Remember my earring?? Aiyo, I dropped it again!!! I was like "OH SHIT!!" when I realised that it was gone, and in the clinic some more. Told H and I kena scolding as he said "You know that it is loose already. Some more you go and where it again. Shouldn't have worn it again!! blah blah blah". So, go look the consultation room. Cannot find. Was gonna give up. Then S1 heard that I've lost my earring again. So he went to look. He didn't find it, but seeing him looking at the floor prompt some nurses to look too. And luckily one of them found it. Si-peh lucky man. But cannot wear the earring liow..until I fix it. (P/s I gave my maid approx RM 40. She was surprised and I told her that it's for finding my earring. She was soooooo happy. )

Monday, April 16, 2007

Back on Schedule?

It's about 7.50 AM (local time) now.. So, I woke up at 6.00 AM this morning. Roused boys up from their slumber, sat with them through breakfast and sent them off onto their school bus. School bus was about 5 minutes early. Supposed to come at 6.51 but came at about 6.45 AM. As the Bus Mom (chaperone) was waiting for the boys, I apologised BUT she in turn apologised back saying that the bus was early.

Alot of people complained about the bus service, but again, I have to say that they are quite good. There was once that I was at school, and S1 decided to go home with me at 2.20 pm (he was scheduled to be on the 3.20 bus as he had basketball that day) as he was unwell. So I called up the School bus office to inform them that S1 will not be on the bus today. Immediately, the guy on the line said "What about S2? Will he be going back with you?". I was gobsmacked that they know S1 and S2 are siblings. I mean there are 600 kids that take the school bus everyday and yet they know the names of the kids. All of them??? GOSH! I will be in trouble if I work in there. I cannot even remember what I ate for dinner last night!

Anyway, after the boys left, I had my breakfast (coffee and toast) and then did some weeding in my garden. WOW!! I didn't go back to Bed! That's GOOD!! The gardener ... how should I say? Can't say he is horrible but yet... He comes 3 times a week for 3 hours each time, yet my garden is turning into a jungle. Is it that I need to supervise every single time? Be a hawk to "kapp" him when he works? There are weeds and such. I didn't finish weeding lah. Just did enough to leave a statement!

See if I am gonna keep my schedule and go for my Yoga class at 9.00 am!!

YAAYYYY!!! Earring is Found!

Actually, it's my maid, Y that found it. At least she didn't gasak it for herself. Reckoned it would have fetch the equivalent of a couple of her month's pay. So, she's quite honest, yah?

I was gonna write and complain about her "creativity" the other day. I've so far taught her three different ways to steam fish, i.e. the Teochew Style with the "hamm choy", the taucho style and the plain kicap style. But the other day, she somehow tried to be Kylie Kwong or whoever, and used ALL THREE styles on the same fish! Thankfully, it didn't taste yucky that we couldn't eat it. But did tell her to STICK to the way that I've taught her!

Anyway, this post is not about my maid grouses. It's to commend her on her positives.

No. 1 - She is still with me after 7 Months. In this country where maids come and go. This is a big Plus already.

No. 2 - She doesn't show me face when I scream at her, nor give me the dumb smile look like some of the previous maids that I've had.

No. 3 - She does have initiative to do things without being told.

No. 4 - She is quite "sik chou", in terms of sorting out boys and their school things

No. 5 - She is honest (so far...)

No. 6 - She is quite good in following instructions (although occasionally need some reminding)

Overall, have to say she is quite good. So, better just close ONE eye for other little things...which I do lah. I just tell her to do it lah.

BTW, I texted H about my FOUND earring, and he just called to say that I should reward the maid by giving her some money. I don't think I'll give her money lah...Maybe just buy her a gift as appreciation for her honesty. I know Laundryamah sure say "no need to treat maid so good!". Think she scolded me once when she found out that my Filipino maid (old maid back in Malaysia... ) has got a TV in her room :-)

Sunday, April 15, 2007

Lazeeee Fortnight!

Wa...these two weeks have been ONE LAZEEE FORTNIGHT man... After my trip from Athens, I have been sleeping till 10 to 10.30 AM. I got a shock this morning, when I woke up and saw that it was already 10.30 AM...not long later, H called me and said that he's already arrived at the TeamBuilding site...which actually takes about 2 hours drive from here. Can you imagine? My H left early in the morning, and I still "mm chai". I seriously thought it was about 9 AM only leh.

Boys already have been having a BALL of a TIME lah. Wake up, watch TV, play their PS2 the whole day...until they become ZOMBIE... even if they weren't zombie-fied, their eyes must have popped out of their eyes.

Well.. Thank Goodness we will get back to some normal more decent schedule from tomorrow. YAY!!!! Boys go back to school!!!! So, starting tomorrow, I will have to get back to my normal routine of waking up at 6 AM. Tonight must sleep early liow.

As for boys, that also means going to bed at 8.30 PM, waking up at 6.10 AM. No more PS2 during weekdays. No more Gameboys during weekdays too. As for TV. Only about half an hour IF they behave well.

Am very sad :-(

Am very sad today :-( cause I lost one of my earrings. It's a ring-type earring with diamonds - one like those eternity rings. BOO HOO HOO. I don't know where I dropped it. I don't know if I dropped it yesterday, or this morning or just. All I know it's GONE!!! Searched high and low for it. Told the maid to look out for it...aiya..sure say cannot find one lah.

H has gone off for a 3 days/2 nights team-building thingy this morning. So texted him about it. He was like " need to be sad lah". So, I said "now if your hands itchy and want to buy me stuff, you know what to buy lah". *sigh* Still sad lah. H bought me this pair of earrings when we were living in 7-8 years ago.

Guessed I'll just have to be a Pirate and wear one side lor...

Saturday, April 14, 2007

Ang Moh Kids

S1 had his classmate (plus his two siblings) over for play yesterday (Thursday)... They played PS2, some board games, swam etc. They stayed over lunch, so I asked their mom what they preferred - noodles or fried rice. And she said noodles. So, come lunch time, I served them fried noodles. Only S1's classmate ate, and had a second helping. His older sis and younger brother "beh hiow ciak" and didn't eat wor. Anyway, after lunch, I asked "Are you guys allowed ice-cream" and the answer came back as an "Of course". So, I gave them ice-cream with all the toppings... chocolate sauce, whipped cream, sprinkles..the works. Then after they've cleaned up their ice-cream bowls...

T (S1's classmate) : BTW, you DON'T have to tell our moms that we had ice-cream.

Me: What do you mean? Of course I have to tell your mom that you had ice-cream.

T: No. You don't. You can just waaassh the evidence away!

Me: You are NOT allowed ice-cream?

S (T's Sis): Oh! We are allowed! Like once every few months.

L( T's bro): Yeah. Once a lifetime! see, have been duped ! Eat first then face consequences later! These 3 angmoh kids are quite well-behaved. Their mom are more strict with them than I am with my kids. Sometimes feel that I am such a lousy mom lah...

Wednesday, April 11, 2007

Greece...Part 3

Sunday, 1st April
This morning, we visited the National Archaelogical Museum. It houses artefacts from the Cycladic, Minoan, Mycenean, Classical, Roman Times... The museum's quite interesting. But the BEST part was finding out that entrance is FREE! And all entrance into archaelogical sites is FREE on the first Sunday of every month!!

We had brunch at the square fronting the museum. I had a Greek Omelet which was filled to the brim with more feta cheese. H had a wine platter which was filled with all sorts of cheeses and cold cuts. So much cheese until we had cheese coming out of our ears!
Since entrance is FREE today, we went up to the Acropolis again as H wanted to take some pix. Initially, he was like DONWAN to take pictures at all. Then donno what bit him, and he's got the itch to take photos with his camera phone. Says that he wants to write a "travelogue" and put it in the company website wor. Stupid idiot was like "go away go away, I don't want you in my picture!"
Anyway, here are some shots of the Parthenon and views taken from Acropolis of the Agora and the theatre.

Again, we had dinner at Plaka in a taveran (cannot remember the name). We had mussels in lemon sauce. After that, did some souvenir shopping..Bought some olive oil soap, fridge magnets, Olive Massage Oil with Ylang-Ylang, Body Butter, Olives and Greek Delight.
Monday, 2nd April
We walked to Omonia Square, had some croissants and coffee in the morning; then walked back to our hotel. Final check on everything, checked out and went to the airport. This time, we are smarter. Took the Metro which only costs 10 Euros for the both of us.
We only arrived in Singapore the next day. Stuffed our faces in the lounge and then did some shopping in the terminal. Bought some books and StriVectrin for my stretchmarks. Apparently it's very good. Donno yet..only been using about 5 days.. will see how it goes.

Monday, April 09, 2007

Greece...Part 2

Friday, 30th March
This morning, we set off to Ancient Olympia, where the first Olympic Games took place in 776 BC... Ruins included the Gymnasium, the Stadium, Temple of Zeus, Temple of Hera (where they still light the Olympic flame in this current day), The Metroon (where they worship Goddess Rea with ORGIES...kekeke)...

Then it's a long drive from the Peloponese Peninsula to Central Greece. Had to cross the Gulf from Rio to Antirion on the newly constructed bridge (have to say that it's very "kui" to cross this bridge). Think it might be longer than Penang Bridge leh...

We drove towards Delphi, passing through coastal towns. Had lunch (yummy Greek Salad, Mussels in Creamy Tomato Sauce and Grilled Sardines... yum yum) in a place called Taverna Porto in Galaxidi..very nice village.

Then it's a climb towards Mount Parnassos where Delphi is. Again, checked into a 3* hotel, Hotel Parnassos. Waliow eh!!! Unlucky or not??? Got a whole bunch of high school students also staying in the same hotel. Partying like SIOW like that. Doors banging, Loud Singing, Clapping till 3.30 AM!! Complained so many times also they never stop!!! Really zombie man! Lucky H didnt' scold me (as I was the one that booked the hotel.. he was like saying that even want to book better hotel also don't know which one, all also look alike in the village.. PHEW!)

Saturday, 31st March
Visited Ancient Delphi - the navel of the Earth (Zeus released two eagles from opposite ends of the world, and it was Delphi that the two eagles met)...

Then we drove back to Athens... was abit sien of all the ruins liow, so took the Motorway back instead of the scenic route. Reached Athens and took wrong exit out... so obviously got lost lah... Of course H "ngam-ngam cham-cham" lah... luckily by sheer luck, I managed to navigate him towards our hotel...this time, at Novotel Athens. Hotel is quite nice,....but location not very nice ler. Anyway, dropped our bags, rested abit then went to return the car.

Had coffee and yummy croissants at Syntagma Square... these were croissants filled with Greek Cream Cheese, drizzled with honey and walnuts. Yummy like anything. H had wine... After that, more wine drinking...this time in the roof-top bar of the Grande Bretagne Hotel - where Heads of States normally stay....(cannot afford to stay here but at least can afford a drink lah... )

After that, we walked to the old quarter of Plaka and guess what? EAT again lah. H had the Lamb Souvlaki again, but I had the grilled Sea bass. Very fresh and yummy. This time NO more greek salad. We were having so much greek salad that we had FETA cheese coming out of our ears.

(don't know what's wrong with the Picture Upload function...not working will edit later)

Sunday, April 08, 2007

Greece...Part 1

Wa...memory very bad...let me think what we did...

Tuesday, 27th March
Flew to Singapore on Singapore Airlines to catch our flight to Athens. Had sushi in Genki Sushi... Walked around in the terminal...bought myself a little necklace from Madame Butterfly. Please don't say it looks Ah Soh...

Wednesday, 28th March
Arrived in Athens @ 7.45 AM local time. Took a cab to the 5* Athenian Callirhoe Exclusive Hotel...(thought stay in abit of style lah.. But then the room soooo small one. H says "THis is EUROPE ah...What you expect?". Anyway, we got a 50% discount on Think the cab driver cheated our money lah. He charged us 40 Euros, and I read that it should cost only about 25 - 28 Euros to get to city centre.

Spent almost whole morning trying to sort out our phones. As the roaming was NOT working. So, bought a local SIM card, but then also have problem with sending international SMS. So finally sorted out the phone, we headed out to the Acropolis. Wa.... climb up such a high hill man. But view was worth it lah... Then came down, had lunch at this restaurant called Taverna VITRO. H had the Lamb Souvlaki and I had the moussaka. We had the taramosalata for starter... Quite good the food here. Then it was off to see Hadrian's Arch and Temple of Olympian Zeus. Then more the Roman Agora on the other side of the Acropolis... After all the sightseeing, we went shopping as H kept on complaining that my Marks & Spencer pants looks like Ah Soh... So went into Massimo Dutti and bought 1 pair of pants, 1 pair of Jeans and 1 set of PJs... all paid by H lah of course. Then we walked some more back to the Hotel.. I was soooo tired, that I didn't even have the energy to go out for dinner. H had Nissin Noodle that he gasak from the Star Alliance lounge :-)

Thursday, 29th March
Had breakfast in the hotel, checked out and then went to Europcar nearby to pick up our rented car (again through best price around)... and off we went towards the Peloponese Peninsula... supposed to stop at the Corinth Canal but me being the navigator somehow overshot...and we went straight to the Epidauros (ancient theatre that sits 14,000 and still holds performances in the summer in this current day).

We had lunch in the seaside town of Nafplio, which has a Fortress. Of course didn't climb lah.. Followed "Lonely's Planet" recommendations on this restaurant Taverna Paleo Arhontiko. Wa...find until so difficult. In some small lane one, and we were the only customers. So so only lah the food.. H had the Veal in Lemon Sauce and I had Pork Stew. H said that he don't trust Lonely Planet it's for sure NO good one...
Anyway, then we drove to Ancient Mycenae. The Lion's Gate shown here is the gateway to the city. It's built in 13th century BC. Can you imagine? Over 3000 years ago!!! We got here kinda late, and almost didn't get in, ticket counter already closed some more...but managed to get the guy to let us in.. So NO need to pay!!! keekkakkaka Anyway, they found LOADs of gold here during the excavation, eg Golden Mask of Agamenon, which is in the National Archaelogical Museum in Athens.

After that, it's a long long drive towards Olympia. Wa... talk about bad roads in 3rd World Asian Countries.. this European Union country's roads also not exactly good...We had to stop for Goats Crossing. But views are Great!! The pix shows a Frankish Castle overlooking a hillside camera not so good.
Arrived in Olympia, checked into the family-run 3* Hotel Pelops (3* also NOT cheap leh). Not as nice as our first night's hotel but at least it's clean and the shower is POWDERFUL...
(Photos all from my FujiPix.. Zoom not powderful enuff!)

Happy Easter!

Cute bunny? Supposed to for Easter Brunch today (Easter Sunday maaa)...but the thought of Penang Prawn Mee was swimming in my head and refused to go away... So, we cancelled our reservation at Sofitel and went to the Penang Bistro restaurant instead... Had Penang Prawn Mee, Singapore Laksa and Penang Rojak. Shared with H lah of course.. So glutton meh, you think? Both boys had Roti Tissue and Seafood Soup. Yeah..weird combination... but nevertheless they gasak everything. S2 was not happy with our change of venue though ..cause he was looking forward to the Easter Egg painting, cookie decorating and ice-cream eating contest at the brunch...
I have been quite a piggy since we came back from Athens... sleeping till about 10.30/11.00 AM everyday. Lucky boys having their easter break, so no need to wake up at 6 AM. This is the only plus thing need to wake up at 6.00 AM...other than that, they have been driving me crazy and I've not even been back for a week. We came on Tuesday morning, and H went straight to work from the airport. I on the other hand, went home and ZZZZ. Woke up for lunch (dad cooked mee-sua soup), chat a bit with mom, watched dad swim with the boys for a while, and then went back to ZZZZZ.
Permed my hair on Good Friday. It's a public holiday over here, and H was with the boys at home.
Other than that, nothing much except that I've got very bad itches all over. Don't know allergic to what shit. Scratch Scratch Scratch only. Started sometime whilst in Greece. H thinks it's some ingredient used in Mediterranean cooking wor.. And some more we went for more Meditterranean food on Good Friday. H knows this guy who owns the restaurant...boys didn't want to go, so we went on our own lor.. Quite a nice place.. So, was a wine and dine thing.. Had Verve Cliquot champagne :-) till was a bit tipsy....