Tuesday, March 27, 2007

Count my Blessings...

I have been really bad to S1...not intentionally lah, of course..but when I look back on events, find that I am tooooo harsh on him. He didn't mean to upset me, of course...just somehow I can snap! *sigh*... Like yesterday, I came downstairs and he came to hug me and wanted to *pat* *pat* my back but he did it wrongly and somehow *slap*slap* me. "Si peh thia" man, ...of course I screamed at him lah... I know he didn't mean it to come out wrong.... But I just snapped... And then later, I saw him shaking my notebook again. I already told him to stop doing that the day before as the hinge on the screen will come loose (and yes, it has). So what do I do? Screamed at him again lah. He just nod his head and looked sooo apologetic.

Why do I do this??? I should count my blessings that S1 turned out to be a normal and smart boy who can use my notebook for his Powerpoint presentation, for his emails etc. His Powerpoint presentation is sooo much better than alot that I've seen from some of my ex-colleagues.

Count my blessings that he loves me and wants to hug me.

Count my blessings that he knows that he's done wrong and be apologetic.

I felt soooo bad when I was thinking about the events...he was already in bed, and this morning didn't get to see him (okay... I zzzz like a piggy since my mom is around)...So, will wait till he comes home from school later today... Talk to him before I leave for Athens tonight. Need to tell him sorry and that I love him....

I love you, S1!!!

Monday, March 26, 2007

Think tooooo much!

I think toooo much! I have been telling myself to STOP! And let things take its course whatever it may be...But my mind can't help itself and would wander all over the place! For example, my period was supposed to be due on the 20th of each month...and I am ALWAYS on time... So, when 20th came and my period was no where in sight...I told myself "don't worry...don't worry.. February only had 28 days...so...period surely will be late...Period will come on the 22nd"... Okay, 22nd looms round and period still nowhere in sight... I told H about me being late, but NOT to worry as Feb was short.. and H asked in a very melodious voice "you are not pregnant are you???" ... I have to say my mind started to wander...questions questions questions..

- Where to deliver?
- Does that mean that I have to go back to Malaysia to deliver the baby?
- What about boys' schooling? Ask mom to come while I am in Malaysia?
- Get a maid to look after baby? She sleep in the house or in the maid's quarters??

I know! I know! SIOW SIOW SIOW lah me...

Then, the night of 22nd, could feel a tinge of belly cramp and have to say I was relieved to know that my period was coming..and YAY!!!! Period came on the 23rd!! "PHEW!!!!"

Told H that all those questions popped into my mind, and he was like "sai mmm sai ar??"

Have to tell myself to STOP THINKING TOO MUCH!!!

Sunday, March 25, 2007


I had to write about this...I went to dinner with S1's teacher and some of the other parents on Friday nite... (H didn't come as he had another dinner to go to)... There was this mom...waaaaa her boobies were on display man! Her baju was kinda low, and really can see the roundness and curves of her boobies.

Don't say the men look-see and salivating ler... I also cannot keep my eyes off her boobs man! (No! No! Not jealous! Just think she very brave to wear baju like that to a parents-teacher do) I hope she didn't see me looking at her boobies... Ha ha ha.. But I have to say she's got nice boobies... Hahaha..

School House Rock!

The musical "School House Rock" is finally here!!!!

S1's musical performance on held in their newly completed theatre on Thursday, 22nd March 2007 at 4.00 pm. My mom, H, S2 and I went to see his performance. Considering it's a bunch of 9 and 10 years olds..it's good. All the songs actually revolves around "grammar, science, maths etc".... I learnt about Interjections and Conjunctions on that day!!! ha ha ha.

Athens...Here I come!!

Finally!!! The trip that I was promised! We are off to Athens this Tues/Wed. We are going to be there for 5 nights and returning on the 2nd of April.... but only arriving back home on the 3rd.

At first, H wanted to go to either LAX or LHR but the redemption flights on Singapore Airlines were full... Yes. It's a last last minute thing. So, since we've both not been to Greece... and there were flights..so go to Athens la.. So..have not been updating my blog for the last week because busy checking out for hotels... Siow H said 5 nites in Greece seems long, how about fly to LHR for the weekend?? I was like "mei chor kor fei kei meh"??? Donwan.....

So, it's 3 nights in Athens and then the remainder 2 nights in Delphi and Olympia...

Kids? Oh...my mom is here ma.... heee hee..

Tuesday, March 20, 2007

"Lau Sai"...

Had a very very bad day yesterday.... Started at about 4 am when I woke up with reaaaaaaal bad tummy ache, then had to run to the toilet...lau sai. Lau sai about 11 times man. Not only I lau sai, my belly was soooooo painful. Was practically squirming all over my king-sized bed. When H called me in the morning...I told him I lau sai...and he asked "on the bed or what?".. Alamak!!!

I had PoChai Yuen, then another type of chinese medicine, then tagamet, then linchi.. Put so much minyak kapak on my belly... My limbs were all sooooo lembik. Slept whole of Monday... Boys had the day off from school (public holiday) and obviously, they played PS2 and watched tv until their eyes popped out. S2 was like "yeah..no school on Tuesday!'. I asked "Why not?" and he said "because you sick ma". I was like "what has me being sick got to do with you not having to go to school?" He didn't know Monday was a public holiday and not because I was ill...

Feeling much much better today....

Sunday, March 18, 2007

My Mommy Arrives Today!!

My mommy will be arriving today!! And guessed what? She didnt' tell me what time that she would be arriving leh.. Have to call her about that...

S1 asked her to come see him PERFORM wor... so, of course she obliged lah.. S1's practising driving me nuts...I have to say... Sang and sang until I also know how to sing... "conjunction junction...what's your functionnnnnnn?" . His year 5 group is performing next Wed and Thurs... He came back the other day and announced "I looked absolutely stupid in my costume". Hee hee...

Okay lah...wanna go buy a computer table for the boys now...later..

Cheap & Nice

So nice right? Okay...of course not as terror looking as some of the terror florists...but do you know that I bought this arrangement for only RM 20???? Soooooo "tai" lah... Where can find such cheap arrangements in KL???? Cannot, right?? RM 20!!!

The A-Z of Yourself Meme

Got tagged by Mommy of Two Angels... not sure how to do this..but here goes..

[A is for age]:
The youngest one in the Women's Group!!!

[B is for booze of choice]:
Baileys, Malibu, Kahlua.... list goes on...am I an alcoholic???

[C is for career]:
What career? If you consider EXPAT wife and mom as a career..

[D is for your most dreaded]:
Bad things happening to my kids

[E is for essential items you use everyday]:
Alot. The usual bathroom items lor

[F is for favorite song at the moment]:
This old song from Alicia Keys... cannot remember title

[G is for favorite games]:
What kind of games? Inside or outside of bedroom??? Ha ha ha

[H is for Hometown]:

[I is for indulgence:]
Donno what is considered as indulgence ...

[J is for favorite flavor of juice:]
No favorites but watermelon juice is what I normally order in the Coffee Shops back home

[K is for kids]:
My two monstrous monkeys

[L is for last hug from husband]
This morning... when he was leaving for the office, and then to singapore while I continue to ZZZZ

[M is for years of marriage]:
10 1/4 years ...not without challenges, trials and tribulations... :-)

[N is for name of your crush]:
Currently? Don't have lah... So lau liow.

[O is for overnight hospital stays]:
Quite a few... but most notable was S2 hospitalised for 5 days few years back due to severe infection...fever, diahroea, and had to be put on the drip. Me...on the other hand, put on weight as the hospital has Starbucks, McD's, Petit Au Bain, Jap Restaurant plus some other ones that deliver RIGHT to the room!

[P is for phobias]:
Think don't have kwa...

[Q is for quote]:
"To be or not to be...that is the question"

[R is for biggest regret:]
Don't have yet...hopefully will not have one ever

[S is for status, married or single]
Married lah of course... Thought there was a question asking how many years??

[T is for time you wake up:]
6 AM in the morning to get boys ready for school... then I go back to bed, and normally wake up at about 8.30 or 9.00 am...

[U is for underwear:]
What? Colour? Type??

[V is for vegetable you love:]
Don't really like to eat veges lah

[W is for worst habit:]
Currently, peeling the skin of my heel, which makes it raw and painful. ... (yes...have to stop!!! My pedicurist said "Aiyo, Mrs.. Eat kacang lah" Ha ha ha. cause I told her I do it whilst watching telly...

[X is for x-rays you’ve had]:
Latest one..on my elbow ..when I fell while ice-skating

[Y is for yummy food you make]:
Can make all sorts of yummy food wor...

[Z is for zodiac sign]:
Libra... yes... life is about balance.....

S2 the Cassanova ...and Kids

The other day, we were all in the car going for dinner.....can't exactly remember what we were talking about but S2 said something that I thought was pretty funny.

S2: I don't like Taylor. She pretends and tell lies!

Me: Why do you say that? What did she do?

S2: One time, when we were going to C.Woods, she came and sit next to me in the bus, and then she lay on me. I told her to go find somewhere else to lay. I was so angry with her. Then she lies and pretends that it was accidentally. I know it is purposely.

Here...some cute little girl wants to sit and put her head on my son, and he gets irritated!!! I told S2 " Now you don't like her to lay on you... wait till you are a teenager... " which of course he doesnt' understand yet.

Anyway, had a dinner with some of the other class moms from S2's class. I was relaying that S1's classmates are all having crushes etc. At this age, they can devise "strategy" to get a girl's email address. The kids all have an email accounts at school. And S1's friend Justin wants to have this girl's email add by which she has refused to give him. So Justin somehow got the girl to send an email to S1, and in turn asked S1 to give him the girl's email address. You say smart or not???

As for S2, he is still very much a mommy's boy. He said his girlfriend's name starts with M. And I was trying to soooo hard to recall all the girls in his class but still cannot think. Then he said it's "MOMMMMY"! And tells me that he wants to marry me! At this age, I'm told this is very normal. This other mom, she was telling me the same thing, i.e. son told her that he wants to marry her, and she said "But I'm already married". And guessed what the son said??

"It's okay. When daddy dies....".

I thought that was hilarious!

Wednesday, March 14, 2007


Don't know if I mentioned in my earlier posts but have joined a group of Malaysian/Singaporean ladies for regular coffee mornings and beading classes.. on Tuesdays. So far, have ate 3 times but not done any beading yet. Next week will go look-see the beading session.

Anyway, yesterday was another makan session. The host suggested we played this tongue twister game called "PING PONG PIANG" ... Everyone sits in a circle and the first person starts to call out "PING" and the next goes "PONG" and the next "PIANG". Sounds simple enough..but you can call out to the person on either sides.. that's where the confusion starts. I am the youngest amongst them... and was the first one to foul out when my tongue was PONG PING PIANG...ha ha ha. Supposed to call out PIANG only. It's really silly but really really funny when you see everybody fouling out with their tongue or sitting stunned and don't know what to do. It was hilarious...

Monday, March 12, 2007

Kids...and iPods

As I mentioned, I volunteered for S2's school trip... and we visited a life size replica of a long house. The guide was explaining to the kids that such a house would be in the jungle. No electricity, no cars etc. And out came a question from these 7 year olds with "Is there iPod ?". The guide was like "no iPods, no ps2, no gameboys!" Aiyo...I tell you, apparently, 50% of the school kids have an iPod of some sort.

Just now, went jalan-jalan in the mall with H while waiting for kids to finish their mandarin classes, and H was very itchy to buy some gadgets. First, he wanted to get me a phone. I was like "What for?"..then he saw the mini-mini iPod (as V so gallantly informed me that the mini-mini iPod is called the iPod Shuffle...) and wanted to get for the boys... I of course said NO lah. The boys are not REAL music fans. It will be a case of "just wanting to have it"...

Anyway, told H that if he really wants to buy me stuff, might as well get me a pair of earrings rather than a new phone...

Wednesday, March 07, 2007

Perfect Kids...

Thought I'll write a little bit about kids after reading Laundryamah's rants about her son.

I have to say that I've been guilty of screaming and shouting at my two boys. Yes...very often. I guessed sometimes I try to defend my actions by saying that they are naughty etc etc. But of course sometimes they are REALLY NAUGHTY. However, alot of times, they are just being kids. And in the heat of the moment, you just lose sight of things and just rant and scream etc when unexpected things happen.

One recent episode was when S1 came home and asked me for an iPod, which of course I said NO. And then he said "can I work for it?". He basically wanted to bake cupcakes to sell. He then proceeded to the kitchen to look for the ingredients, and accidently tugged at some bottles, and off flew the Goober and the Crumpy bottles onto the floor. Broken lah, of course. Wah!!! Of course I screamed and shouted like some MAD woman. Screamed and screamed and screamed. Think he was a little shocked and I saw his eyes got teary but I didn't care. Still screamed and shouted like some deranged woman lah. Later that night, I thought to myself that he's actually meant well. At least he tried to think of some ways to earn some money, rather than look at me and DEMAND an iPod etc. The broken stuff were an accident. He definitely didn't mean it, nor wanted it to happen. Why am I so hard on my 9 year old? He's only 9 and sometimes, I expect him to behave like he's 29!!!! Even some 29 year olds behave worse than my 9 year old!!

Why do I expect a perfect kid? When I myself is NOT perfect at all?? I am trying to learn and be more patient. Friend told me this..if whenever you want to scream or blow up, breathe, and then walk away. Calm down first before you reprimand your child. OR ask yourself "is this a life and death matter? Can it be salvage?" and work from there....

But then...of course, when the kids are kicking each other...there's nothing better than scream "STOP IT NOW!"....

General Updates... W1 March

Whacko Broadband
Wariow...my broadband was out out action for about a week. So cialatt. Don't really know what was the problem. It's like off and on, off and on. So many problems that H said to change the provider to the 3G provider instead of the current land land. So, I don't know..will see how it goes.

Jazz Festival
We went to Jazz Festival last Saturday. It was fab. We left boys at home with the maid, and had dinner at Crystal Jade. Nothing fancy...just porridge and Fried HK KwayTeow. Then off to the Jazz festival. It was kinda scary as we approached the entrance. Sooooooo many ticket touts and I don't know why, but H answered them so gruffly like "wann kau ngai" like that. Anyway, they had 15 stages around the area, so just go round listening to ppl you like lor. We queued for David Benoit...and when we came out, it was like a madhouse as ppl were trying to get in. I've not seen in real life bouncers linking their arms in a row trying to control the crowd until now. We left David Benoit early as we had to q for Chaka Khan. Chaka Khan looked abit "pui" or maybe she has been "pui" for along while now. Don't know if she was behaving like a diva or what...she was supposed to come on at 11.15 pm and only came out at 12.30 AM. It was only an hour concert...but she sang the usual favorites. Of course I screamed along the verses that I knew lor. Her daughter was one of the backup singers... the BIG boobs must be in the genes. Hee heee... By the time I got into bed was like already 2 am... and I have to say that i slept like a baby...(all the standing also made me extra tired lah..)

School Outing...
Volunteered for S2's Class outing today. It was a half day thing but don't know why, I was sooooo tired when I got home, I slept for TWO hours. That shows that I am waaaaaaay off my prime!! Had to "look after" three other kids on top of my own, so, two boys and two girls. As usual, the girls were pretty good. Stayed close. S2, of course was staying close. Don't know why, but he acts like baby with me around. When I went to school.. Err. I put them on the bus and I went by car. Some ppl were surprised that I didn't have the boys in the car with me... He he he.. I was like "jazz music in the background" OR "screaming fighting boys in the background". Obviously, the soothing sounds of jazz won thumbs down!!! kekeke