Thursday, February 28, 2008


Was just chatting with a friend this morning about our "dilemma". She said her husband kept nagging her to start a business since she is a stay-at-home mom at the moment. Though he earns a decent salary, he doesn't want to be working for someone else for the rest of his life. But what business? The business would have to be one that they are passionate about, plus be profitable. Can the profits compare with his current salary? Meanwhile, she has been investing in the local equities market for a few months, and has been making quite a decent return on her investment. She did ask me to try my hand in it. But I am such a scaredy-cat and I feel that the equities market is too risky. I would much prefer to invest in gold or silver coins. Afterall, these precious metals have been prized by men since ancient times, and still is. I am sure investing in these coins will not grow wrong. And I know just the right coin dealer to get me started in my investment. Through Monex Deposit Company (MDC); silver, gold or other precious metals coins can be purchased and delivered. Alternatively, they can also arrange for convenient and safe storage at an independent bank.

Wednesday, February 27, 2008

Me. Me. Me.

No. Not a tag....

Been feeling quite bleah. Is it because last week was hectic with my Malaysian CNY Brunch @ my house, S2's Birthday Party, Book Week costumes etc....and then suddenly quietness this week? I was feeling so bleah that I didn't go to my weekly women's brunch this Tuesday....preferring to ROT at home in front of the TV and my notebook.

Also ...I've been really a major procrastinator. No kidding. I have a long list of things to do...Eg..
- Re-upholster my dining chairs (torn and tattered. Sewn quite a lot of times already)
- Get new cushions for my patio chairs (think got 'fatt mou' already!!)
- Get chairs for the study (existing one broken)
- Book Shelf for S1 (He does have quite a number of books)
- New beds for boys (S2's 'lau-yah" Ikea bed needs to be replaced)
- Get H's HOLE-IN-ONE Certificate and ball framed up
Then there's the usual like clearing my cupboards, sorting out photos for scrap-booking etc etc.
I just can't get myself to start. How??

And have been sleeping like a real PIG....especially today. After sending the boys off on their bus, I went back to bed. I only woke up at 10.45 AM when I received a telephone call. There was No caller it must be from overseas....I had an inkling that it would be the client from I answered with a very very perky HELLO. Cannot exactly sound like I just woke up what!! True enough. feeling better today. Not so much bleah...but but but...still lazy as ever. But tomorrow will be an early day. Cannot go back to bed after sending boys off on the bus.
Actually, probably gonna bring boys to school in the car. S2 is going on his FIRST overnight Residential Trip tomorrow. I want to be at school to send him off. Last year, when he was in Year 2, he had a sleepover at school. This year, Year 3 kids go to a resort outside of the city for one night.


Book Week

Last week was Book Week at the boys' school, a week filled with fun and exciting activities to celebrate books! The boys got to meet Michael Bauer, renowed author of "Don't Call Me Ishmael". Boys also dressed-up as their favourite book character. S1 went to school as Jack Sparrow from the Pirates of the Caribbean series, and S2 as Obi Wan Kenobi from Star Wars. Yes. There are books on these two popular movies. S2 whom is a lazy reader, came home announcing that "books are food for our minds" and proceeded to read!! Real good, huh?

Need a Kick!

I know I should have completed all my spring cleaning before the Chinese New Year; but being a major procrastinator, I have yet to complete all my tasks. I have to purchase a book shelf for the boys (S1's been bugging me), audio racks for H's CD player and amplifier (equipment now sitting on the floor!!), new ulpholstery for my dining chairs (torn and tattered!!)....and the list goes on. What is wrong with me?? I am dragging my feet at everything. I need a kick to get me going!

Monday, February 25, 2008

S2's DYNASTY WARRIORS Party!- Part 2

This is a continuation from Part 1.

Although I ordered the cake and pinata a week before the party, I procrastinated until the day before the party to purchase stuff for the goodie bags. Ended up filling the goodie bags with junk food instead of personalized items as I originally intended. As not everyone RSVP-ed, I didn't have the numbers of party attendees. So I had to pack extras just in case.

Goodie Bags for the Kids

Candies for the Pinata
I have never ever bought soooooooo much candy in my life. Even with so much, I couldn't fill up the fatty Zhou Yun Pinata. Only managed to fill half of the Pinata

S2 standing next to Fatty Zhou Yun Pinata
Pinata strung-up in the Garden - ready to be hit!

Mad Rush for the Candy

I think next time, I won't want to have the party at home again. It was REALLY CHAOTIC. 17 kids screaming in the house is NO joke!!!!

Aiyo...and the stress leading up to the party. I didn't have any activities planned other than throwing the kids into the pool and the pinata. Party was to start at 3 pm. When it started raining at noon, I was like panicking like crazy. What am I to do with 17 kids? How to entertain them? PENGSAN lah.

Luckily rain stopped. Kids did play in the pool, hit the pinata. And then it started to rain again. *sigh* They ate nuggets and fries, candy floss and ice-cream. Aiyoooooo...I had kids dripping ice-cream on the floor INSIDE the house. Somehow, H's instructions to the kids to eat the ice-cream OUTSIDE (i.e on the terrace) was not followed. *sigh*

And when rain stopped, kids were playing in the garden bare-footed and then went into the house and SAT with feet up on my CREAM coloured sofa. DOUBLE PENGSAN!!! And I have blue-coloured cream from the cake on my sofa too. *sob* *sob*

Then half the kids left, and the remainder jumped into the pool again, and when they came into the house without wiping themselves, my marble floor was wet and slippery. And what happened? I slipped and FELL. Blardy sakit!!! Geez...

No more parties at home!!!

Life Insurance

When H and I got back to KL after graduation, we both found jobs and subsequently took out life insurance plan. It was a rather basic plan as we had just started working, and our salary was meagre. However, when I quit my job and moved with H for his various foreign postings we felt that his current life insurance plan then was inadequate. We decided then to increase his life insurance coverage. We obtained numerous quotations and signed-up with the company that offered a good life insurance rate for the coverage we wanted.

Sunday, February 24, 2008


The Theme this year was DYNASTY WARRIORS. As it is a game on PS2, it's not a popular party theme. As such, there is no ready-made partyware. I had to search the internet to get some DYNASTY WARRIORS clipart to make the party invitations.

S2's Party Invites

Then there is the Pinata.
Had to get a sample picture for the Pinata Guy to follow.
Who did I pick?
I chose the very very handsome and yau-ying Zhou Yun from the Shu Clan.

Handsome Warrior - Zhou Yun

Of course the Pinata Guy couldn't make the Pinata to be soooooooo handsome and yau-ying lah. Zhou Yun the Pinata turned out to be some overweight warrior that gorged too much on char siew pau and siew yoke!!! Hahahhaha...

Fei-Fei Zhou Yun the Pinat

Also took the same picture to the cake lady (same lady that made S1's Treasure Chest cake last year...). She operates from her house but has 5 full-time kitchen staff plus 2 admin ladies. Chose a simple square cake with Zhou Yun on top of the cake. This Zhou Yun at least look more warrior-like. :-D

Zhou Yun Figurine on Cake


I wanted to get something "extra" for S2's Birthday Goodie Bags instead of the normal chocolates and candy. The norm here is to give personalized items such as towels, bags, mugs etc to the party attendees. I was thinking of getting personalized pens with "S2's 8th Birthday" emblazoned across. But I was such a procrastinator that I didn't organize this earlier. I ended up rushing around the supermarkets purchasing candy just a day before the party. Yes. Boring chocolates and candy for the Goodie Bags. year, I will make sure that I do it.

Best Time to Buy...

We celebrated S2's birthday with a party at our house yesterday. Some parents sent their kids with the drivers, but some did come along and stayed throughout the party for a glass of wine and a chat. One of the topics that came up was property investment, and that this is the best time to buy real estate in the United States. H indicated that he is indeed monitoring the market there....from Las Vegas to Florida to Wilmington NC real estate. Mmm...I didn't know that he was doing that! Is he not telling me something????

Friday, February 22, 2008

Happy Birthday, S2!

S2 turns 8 today!
It seems only like yesterday when I was pregnant with S2. I was so afraid that I would lose him when I started having labour contractions at 26 weeks, and bleeding... I remember that I kept telling him to stay IN mommy, and not be in a hurry to come out. Thankfully, hospitalization coupled with very painful steroid jabs, drips, medication and bed rest kept that little fella in me for an additional 11 weeks. He was delivered at 37 weeks.

How time flies.... my little fella is now 8!!
Happy Birthday, SON!


Hilton Head Island

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Feeling All Grown-Up...

I left home to further my studies in the UK when I was 17. I learnt to do things for myself...... A far cry from my life back home where practically everything was done for me. This was a time of real growing-up. One thing that really made me feel grown-up was having a couple of checking accounts with my own personal check books and accompanying atm/debit cards. Although each check had a low limit, it still felt good to whip out my check book and sign on the dotted line!

Wednesday, February 20, 2008

Goodies from H's Trip

This is backdated. H returned from his Europe/US trip on the third day of CNY.... He came home bearing gifts, of course!

BV Wallet for Me....
(Actually, I told him repeatedly NOT to buy me anything other than the books and Kahlua )

Simple Digital Cameras for the Boys
(It's on SALE....)

(to be used when S1 has a sleepover at T's house, which is not too far from our house)

Books for Boys

Chocolates and Candy
(For his office staff)

Porky Sausages, Pate and Ham
(Ya lor...we are very porky people!!)
Bottle of Kahlua
(wanna make Tiramisu....)

Sunday, February 17, 2008

Voodoo Doll???

S1 had to make a Victorian Doll as part of his study on the Victorian Times. He was given the task last term. But he had been really really lax this school year, and didn't even try to get my help to make the doll over the Christmas holidays. I didn't see his work until a week before he had to hand up. The first time I saw it was on the 5th of Feb. He brought it home and was trying to stuff the doll. I have to say it looked really really sad. Took it back to school the next day. I expected him to bring the sad-looking doll back home on Wednesday so that he could work on it over the 4 days of CNY holidays. But with his tidak-apa attitude, he left it in school. On the following Monday, he brought it home and had to work hard on it since he had to hand it in on Wednesday.
This is what it looked like on Monday (11 Feb). H said "That doesn't look like a Victorian Doll? Looks like a Voodoo Doll!!!"....
He worked on it on Tuesday too..... He really hated sewing!!! This is how the finished doll looked like. So what do you think?? Voodoo Doll or Victorian Doll??

CNY Celebration @ School...

Took boys to their school's CNY Celebration on Saturday....thought that it would be nice to experience some CNY atmosphere. They had lion and dragon dances, tai-chi/wushu demo and fireworks. Chinese food was served but was not good at all. Just ate for the sake of filling up the belly. Drinks (coke/sprite/CapriSonne) was free, except for Heineken beer which costs about 55 cents. No doubt sponsored. There were FREE raffles tickets too but I didn't know that they were available to be taken!!! Otherwise, may have already won a dinner for 4 at Shangri-La hotel!!! Bleah...

Here are some pictures...

The fireworks was the finale of the night. Have to say that we were quite impressed by the fireworks displays. Not only the kids went ooooh and aaaahh... even I felt awed by it all. H was like commenting .."This is not cheap. This is where the $$$ in school fees go!". No lah. This event is organised by the PTA and has nothing to do with the school fees lah.

Thursday, February 14, 2008

H's Hole-in-One

No. No. Not from our Golf Game today....This was in December 2007.
Meant to post this earlier but one thing after another.. you know the story.

Anyway, here is his PRIDE and JOY certificate.

Yes. He was INDEED very PROUD of the moment. He even circulated his certificate for everyone to see at his first meeting after he got the document. His colleagues wondered what official document was being circulated!!! Hee Hee..

My next task is to have THIS PRICELESS certifcate and THE SPECIAL ball framed together with a small engraved plaques to commemorate this ONCE in A LIFETIME achievement!!!!

Better do it soon before something happens to them!! Then I will be in deep trouble.

Party Pack Fillings..

Have been busy planning for S2's birthday party next week. This year, S2 wants to have the Dynasty Warriors theme, and wants to invite the whole class. Printing out the party invites with this theme is quite easy. I've got to print sample pictures so that the cake and pinata can be this theme as well. What is difficult is to fill-up the party packs that are to be given to the guests. I want the packs to be filled with better quality items rather than the regular candy and chocolates. The locals usually give items like embroidered towels, personalised mugs or cushions. But I don't want to spend too much. Well, I could use those Overstock coupons to find unique and interesting Party Pack items and more.

Valentine's Day Bleah!

Valentine's Day started early...i.e. yesterday. I decided that we should eat out a day earlier rather than the day proper.
Easier to get seats...cheaper???
So I left boys at home with the maid, and went downtown to pick H from work. He was still stuck in a meeting so I went to Starbucks for a cup of coffee and waited for about 45 minutes. H was finally done and we went to a place called The Nine Muses. Had the foie gras as starter followed by seared scallops. The foie gras dish was so-so. I didn't like the too vinegary sauce. Scallops also so-so only. Dinner was quick. Think we were out of the place within an hour....just as the music guy started to play the piano. H was tired and wanted to go home and sleep!!! Go to this kind of dining place must enjoy right? Not like kuan-suei-loke-kiok (boiling water scald leg??) like that... So anyway..that was our dinner.

Then today... after boys left for school, we went to the golf course for a romantic round of golf. NOT!!! We ended arguing!! Started off with H's commenting about my golf. Then went on about other things. I mean you can take it abit...but go on and on SURE will upset me what. Plus the weather was not helping. Rained quite heavily in between. We abandoned play completely after the 6th hole. Rain did stop and H asked if I wanted to play the 9th. Already so maang already. Sure donwan to play lah. Supposed to be fun but turned out REAL BLEAH!!

Yes. I'm still quite upset... BLEAH

Tuesday, February 12, 2008

Treatment in Luxurious Surroundings...

Do you have a loved one that is addicted to drugs or alcohol?
If the answer is YES, I am sure you want to help them to find the best addiction treatment. One that is gentle, pleasant and most importantly effective. A luxurious rehab center hidden in the beautiful surroundings of Malibu may be just the right place for your loved one. Why don't you check out Sunset Malibu?

BU House Renovations...

When we bought our BU home a few years back, we renovated our place prior to moving in. We had a small budget and thus had to minimize on the works. There were a few must-dos such as widening my front gate, tiling up the front porch, re-tiling the living and kitchen floors plus changing all the bathrooms' ceramic ware. I really wanted to put in Grohe faucets in my bathrooms and kitchen. But our budget just did not allow it... How I wish that we had found a store that provided low low prices. Then perhaps I could have them....

Monday, February 11, 2008

Awfully Chocolate...

Firstly, I am not writing a paid post for this shop. I just want to express my "huh? Like that also can" thoughts. I'm sure people in Singapore are very familiar with this shop, as it is where it originates. My first encounter with this shop was when I went to have a romantic dinner at French restaurant with H, which was next to this cake shop. Being the kepoh-woman that I am, I went in to look-see and asked to have a look at the cakes. The place was decked out in all white with modern space-age looking chairs and tables. I could perhaps seat 20. I asked to see the menu. NO menu. NO displays of the cakes. They do have a little card that reads out 3 different types of cakes. I asked if they serve coffee or tea. No. How about water? Answer was a big FAT NO too! A shop that is all decked out like a cafe does not serve anything. They only sell 3 different types of chocolate cakes. Period. (Yes...they don't even serve their cakes. More about that later...) I was telling H " that also can open shop and survive?? Cake must be d@mn good??". And they are opening another shop nearer to my house.

My Singaporean friend was killing time while waiting for another appt, and decided to go try the cakes at the shop. She was relating to us that she went to buy the chocolate cake. I was like "Oh....yeah..the shop that sells ONLY 4 types of chocolate cake one" (I forgotten maaaa...)
"What 4? Only 3 lah! And so chamm. I get them to cut the cake, and we had to use tissue paper to eat the cake. Plates also don't have. No coffee. No tea. Water also don't have!" was her quick reply!

And today was the FIRST time I tried the cake. Those badminton mommies dropped by to buy a cake for another friend and I followed. Yes. Still selling only 3 types of chocolate cake. And the whole place had like 4 air-conds but NON were turned-on. Aiyo??? Why like that one? We were just saying ..if in Malaysia, sure tutup already.

The verdict on the cake?
Good but NOT THAT great. I've taste better ones lor....

A Chain for H...

Before I met H, I always have this idea that men do not look good in jewelry. But when I first met H, he did wear a gold chain around his neck and I thought he looked alright with the chain. But somehow the chain got lost a couple of years back. Since Valentine's Day is round the corner, perhaps I should find him a replacement at a shop that specializes in men's jewelry. I could get him a more modern design. What do you think?


I have been a very good girl today! First, I went to meet some other moms for a game of badminton (Okay. I am terrible at it...but that is another story) in the morning. And in the afternoon, I went to the gym and had an hour of workout on the exercise equipment. And you know what was the icing of the cake? Being told that I look thinner by the boys' mandarin teacher! Errr...but think I mucked it up by eating a huge big helping at dinner!!!

Saturday, February 09, 2008

Kids' Pretend Play - Part 1

I don't know if I have mentioned, but this city has very limited green spaces for kids to play. Thus, weekends and holidays revolve around going to entertainment areas that are located in the malls. Be it the cinemas, skating rink, bowling alleys or indoor playgrounds.

Recently, there is a new play area that has opened in this city. Located in one of the newest mall (Yup! Mall again...where else??). It is a new concept where kids can play pretend to be pilots, dentists, doctors, photographers, etc etc. It's been opened since Nov/Dec '07 but my kids have never been. I've been told that you have to purchase tickets in advance.

With Friday NOT an official holiday, and S1's friend is going.... I thought "err...ok. Shouldn't be too crowded". Popped in to buy the tickets on Wednesday. No hiccup. No hassle. No long Qs. Admission is in 2 sessions. You choose either the morning or afternoon session. I chose the morning one, which is from 9 AM to 2 PM.

So...Friday came, and we left the house at 8.40 am. Reached the place at about 9 am. Thought that I want to be kiasu and be right on the dot. Waaaaaaaa... SOooooooooo many people queuing liow! Even with pre-purchased tickets have to follow the SAME long Q. Alamak! Apa lah!! Some people were shoving and I was quite p!ss@d off lah. Anyway, managed to only get in at about 9.45 AM.

This place is very popular is because the make-believe looks mega real (plus it's new). The entrance ticket looks EXACTLY like the AirAsia tickets that you get. Yes. With AirAsia stamped on it. The kids get a cheque of a REAL local bank where they go to the bank to cash out their pretend money. They can spend the money, and also earn them. Other names that we are familiar with... Photographers - Sony, Ice-cream by Walls, Bottled Water by Aqua Danone etc. Kids really feel like they are working for the real thing.

With so many stations and so little time (till 2 PM only wor...), the boys only managed to visit 8 stations...
1 - Silver Queen Chocolate Factory: They learned about how chocolate is made, and they did have a hand to pour the melted chocolate into moulds, refrigerate and then pack the chocolate.

2 - Construction Worker: So proud to be a construction worker!

3 - Window Cleaner: Windows are really squeaky clean.

4 - Archeaologist: Not allowed in. So don't know what they did.

5 - Firemen: Heroic men to the rescue!

6 - Photographers: Donno what they did here as I was mighty hungry and went off to get a sandwich.

7 - Electrician: Making sure there is uninteruppted power...

We'll have to visit this place again to do the other stuff. But it'll have to be in March 2008 when the boys have their term holidays. Don't wanna be caught in the loooooong queues. So Part 2 will come in March.

Friday, February 08, 2008

CNY Happenings??

Actually...NOT happening at all.

With H away, my friend invited boys and I to join her family for Reunion Dinner on Wednesday. There were 2 other families there... It was held in her husband's office rooftop. As their business is in their creative industry, the office was very nicely designed. Exposed brick walls decorated with really really lovely OIL paintings. My S1 saw the paintings on the walls and said to me " need to practise more!". They actually provide free meals to their staff, ...had a glimpse of their daily menu...NOT BAD. I've been to many staff canteens but this one is really really nice. Looks like a real restaurant with those Kopi Tiam marble tables and side are 3 huge Aquariums, another side is a landscaped garden, one side is the kitchen/buffet spread and the fourth side are 2 Pool tables. The toilets are really nice too! My S2 was running all over the roof as usual. Warned him NOT to fly off the edge! Boys enjoyed themselves with unlimited soft drinks and with a game of Pool. The icing on the cake for my S1? Was when my friend's hubby said "Game playing is not all bad"...he's into developing content for 3G now..and feels strongly that the kids these days are the source of ideas !! My S1 was pretty excited and said he'll think of what game concept to develop!

We were gonna vegetate whole day at home on the First Day...but I decided that we should at least get out of the house for Dinner..and we did. Errr...where did we end up? To the mall lor... And Debenhams is having their FINAL 4 days SALE. Of course I have to go look-see. Saw alot of nice BUTTERFLY by Matthew Williamson tops. But thought the price was still NOT that a STEAL. So just bought myself an OASIS Top...70% Off plus an additional 20% Off. Paid RM 28 for it. Quite happy with the purchase!

My RM 28/- OASIS Top

Wanted to jalan more..but S2 was jumping up and down to demand that we go and have dinner NOW! Where did we eat? DUCK KING as usual. Ordered half a Peking Duck, with the meat done in a spring roll thingy; a soup, mantou (S1 absolutely loves this), Fried Eel and another Fried Specialty thingy with Fatt Choy. Couldn't finish all the ta-pau.

Walked abit in the mall....took out my camera and snapped these lighted-up HUGE dolls. Had to chop the boys out of the pics. That's why the dolls are like squashed up.

You can just about see S1's head!

Stress in this Fast Paced World

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Golfing Dreams....

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Is it all a dream?

Not at all!!

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Thursday, February 07, 2008

Tuesday, February 05, 2008

My Friend...

I want to thank everyone for your comments in my "Am I siew-hei post?".

It is not as easy to totally fei (get rid) this friend.
No.1 - We all are in this si-lai (?? no translation for this leh)group that meets once a week/ once a fortnight.
No. 2 - Fellow Malaysian in the school...

Oh yeah...after THE incident on Sunday, I had to meet her on Monday some more!!! It was a makan-makan at another Malaysian's house (school mom). I actually contemplated NOT going. But thought to myself..."Why should I be so kwei-shue? Like I am in the wrong? I will go!" And went I did.

She came and I just said a casual "Hi"...and she offered to get me a drink! I was a bit swei lah. I said "No. Thank You" and the whole time, was talking to other people rather than her. Well, we (plus 3 other chinese moms) are supposed to hold a CNY brunch for the non-chinese and we said either 20th or 22nd of Feb. So, I was discussing with this other mom and brought up 22nd, and she immediately said she is busy on the 22nd. Well, then this mom and I said okay it on the 20th lah. And then when we have informed the other non-chinese moms, she said "I will let you know if I am free on the 2oth". WTF?? I would have thought that she would be free on the 20th if she sooooo cepat-cepat said that she is busy on the 22nd?? Donno her lah.. Want to be like that. Like that lah. Not free. Not free lah.

The CNY brunch gonna be in my least nobody is gonna say "cii fann yann chue gheh" about my humble abode!!!

I have already minimize my time with this friend since about 6 months ago.

Previously, we would go out for lunch/ jalan-jalan/ manicure/ do our hair / etc etc... But each of those times, there would be some uncomfortable instances......some would be those comments with chi (thorns) but also the type of comments she makes to the wait staff, be it the waitress or the manicurist. I think the manicurist very scared of her. Few times I went with her to the nail bar, she would wait until the girl has completed putting all the whites and top coat etc (for her French ma icure) and then make a big fuss that it's not even. Then they would have to clean up everything and re-do. Usually, you can tell them straight away to even out before they put the top coat ma... I could see that the girls were a piffed with her, but of course didn't say anything. She'll also make sarchy remarks to the wait staff at restaurants for little things. I mean you can tell them off...but the wait staff proabably don't understand the sarchy bits lah.

H and I share one car and I usually plan my schedule to be such that it would be a time when after the driver drops H at the office and then return home. She has her own car and driver (not sharing with hubby) thus have a car at her disposal at all times. Sometimes, she wants to go somewhere and ajak me to go. I would say "Can. You pick me up lor"... and everytime she comes to pick me up, she would complain so much about the roads to my house being so jam etc etc. So, to avoid listening to her complain, I've stopped asking her to pick me up. I rather NOT go anywhere than ask her pick me up. She actually asked me to watch a String Quartet last week, and offered to send her driver. This was before the incident. I also declined. I TAKUT she complain complain. Rather NOT go.

I am still thinking...contemplating...AM I really deprived of friends? Good friends I mean. I think I really am lor. Living in this foreign land... Make a friend. Find that you are in the same wavelength...and then they have to leave the country. *Sigh* My good Golf Kaki and friend went back to Singapore last December...she hated this place and decided to go home. Her hubby is still here though. With her move, I no more good friend, my S2 no more good friend, my S1 no more crush.

Or you make a friend, find that she is also almost wavelength...and then the more you know her, the more you find little bits and pieces that is not so pleasant. Like my this friend that I have been writing above. So how? Don't get to know someone too well?

Other friends... you meet, you joke. you laugh. you talk talk like old friends, best of pals...but are they really your best of pals? Not really lor. So how? Is it me with the problem?

I now have only one good friend here that I can share alittle more than the other "friends". If she also leaves, I am in TROUBLE!!! Okay..not so tai-chann-cheong lah.. I will have to scour the city for a new good friend!! hahahah.. Or I just pour my tears into my blog!! heheh...


I have a confession to make.... I don't know where is my wedding ring. Yes. Yes. I know it is terrible of me, but please don't chastise me. As expected, I put on weight after a few years of marriage, and my wedding ring grew too small for my FAT finger. So I took it off. I don't know if it is in the bank's deposit box or lost! H's wedding ring is still around. But he has also put on so much weight that his ring is waaaaaaay too small. I've enlarged it by about 4 ring sizes, and it is still tight. So, I guessed we both need to get new wedding rings. I am thinking that our 15th wedding anniversary would be a good time. Three and a half years to go!!

Need to Chill Out!

After the recent fiasco with my friend, I think I need to chill out at a nice quiet place.....away from the hustle and bustle of the city. One with beautiful views, and cool mountain air. Pigeon Forge cabin rentals would make an ideal place. A place to unwind and reflect. It has beautiful log cabins that offer the luxuries that I require. A sip of my magarita while sitting on the large deck admiring the great mountain veiws of Mt. Le Conte will certainly wash away all the angst from the last few days.

Sunday, February 03, 2008

Am I "Siew Hei"???

I thought that I wasn't gonna do any posting/blogging today. But then hor..something happen this morning. My friend sms-ed me this morning asking me for the nail bar's address. Told her to just call them. I proceeded to just forward the business card from my phone. And that was it lor.

After lunch, I saw that she had sent me another sms saying that she couldn't read my business card. So, I went upstairs, dug out the card, and typed in the address and telephone number for her. And you know what she replied? She said that I am SO KIND TO ONLY send her the number NOW. She has already gone and finished doing her nails. I mean WTF??

This is a Nail Bar that she ALWAYS GO. No doubt that I am the one who introduced her there, but surely she should have all these numbers and contacts with her, right? Considering that she changes her driver every few months? And this is NOT the first time that she keeps sms-ing me for numbers. Why doesn't she keep them in her blardy phone if she goes to these places regularly? I don't sit down next to my phone the whole blardy day waiting for her to sms me to ask for contact numbers, right? And just because I am late in replying, sai-mm-sai like that ah? Talk like yau chi (have thorns) like that. If she really needed the number sooooooo urgently, she could call rather than sms. You say right or not???

Just so fed-up. I sms-ed her back lah. Told her that considering that she keeps changing her drivers, she should have a list of contacts on-hand what. She of course angry lah. Sms-ed me back and said "your comment was uncalled for. I chose the wrong person for help". I just sms-ed her back and told her to re-read her last sms sent to me.

So? Am I siew hei? And over-reacting? I just cannot tahan all this yau-chi comments lah.

Everytime I meet her, sure got some kind of comments one. You know my living room is quite empty up till recently where we bought a few more pieces of furniture. She came and said " got more furniture. Chi fann yann chue (more like for people to live)". You mean before it was filled, it's for animals?? But I kept quiet and didn't say anything when she made that comment. And always saying that she doesn't like to come to my house as it is very jam lah. The roads very narrow lah etc. The drains outside my house very messed up la. My house is much smaller than hers lah. Smaller than this other lady's lah. Most times I will just comment with a "is it? Don't think so. It's about the same lah". Or my Kashmiri carpet is not as soft as hers...

And everytime. I mean everytime without fail, when the ladies in the group (this group of Asian ladies that get-together for some classes and makan-makan) talk about their age, and with me being the youngest in the group (I am 36 and the rest are from 40 onwards)...she'll say "she's the youngest lah. She not layak to join the group one". Everytime, I will just grin and keep quiet. So unlike me!!! Perhaps she likes to joke in this way. Once. Twice. Okay. But everytime is very sien leh.

I have a part-time (actually much much less than part-time) consulting job. And she would comment "You? Sure won't work long one lah". Do I look like a lazy arse?? Got work. I work lah. No work, then?? I mean sure. I enjoy going to the spas and massages and facials. But that doesn't mean that I don't also enjoy doing some proper work, right? I may not look like it. But I surely can don on safety coveralls, shoes, helmets and the works to climb distillation columns, when work demands it.

I am also a Vegetarian on both the 1st and 15th of the lunar month... and again, she'll announce to the group "yeah. she sik-chai one. She don't look it hor??" If got look for you to see...then this world, you can suss out who are the bad guys liow lah.....

This is also the same friend that didn't inform me that the place we are meeting was closed, and made me travel all the way to the place. I had to sms her to ask her where she was. Read more.

I am wondering to myself.
Am I so deprived of friends that I am keeping this friend because of that?
You tell me..... am I siew hei?? Or me being cheesed-off is justified???

Saturday, February 02, 2008

Green Green Grass of Home...

Had to pry boys off their PS2 and computer games so I persuaded (or rather threatened!) them to have a swim. While they were swimming, took these pictures.

The Good, The Bad & The Ugly...

The Good...
This is what I got yesterday....

A new Nokia N76!

Before you ask why do I need another NEW phone.....
Well, previously I was using a Nokia N80 or was it N81 (Aiya..Cannot remember lah. The one that is older lah..not the new canggih one). The phone had a software problem whereby it would just hang. Nevermind lor hor. I just turn off and then restart the phone, and usually it will be back to normal. Then one day, the screen just went BLANK. Not the usual hang that restarting will solve the problem. I could receive calls. But I just can't SEE what was calling. Nor could I call out as I couldn't get to my Contacts List. All I could do was receive calls. Couldn't SMS. Cannot see screen of course cannot SMS lah.... So, then H lent me his N95. Errr.. I dropped it a couple of times (luckily got the protector-thingy) and I think he scared of me liow...Decided to buy me my own phone.

I thought he was alittle weird and sneaky when we went to the mall yesterday and he said "you go do your thing. I wanna jalan abit upstairs". But I didn't think much and went to ACE Hardware to get some light bulbs. He came to meet me, and then said "Nah! Your new phone". "No wonder you soooo kwei-shue lah...", I said.
Then he replied "I don't want you to come what. If you come, sure kacau-kacau and say don't want lah. No need lah. And we sure end up leaving the shop without buying the phone!"
Heee..heee..It is true. We have gone to the Nokia phone shop many times already. Each time, I''ll say NO NEED or DONWAN. So...have to be careful so as to not drop it tooooo many times! H said "knowing you, you'll probably start dropping it on the floor tomorrow!"...
No. If you are asking... So far so good...

The Bad
Well...H had to leave for Europe and America today.... and won't be back till next Saturday morning. So, boys and I will have to spend the first couple of days of CNY by ourselves. :-(
Bought some fireworks from ACE yesterday, so will keep them and wait for H to come back to light them up...

The Ugly....
It rained cats and dogs on Thursday night through to Friday afternoon. Not your average drizzle. It was real HEAVY Rain. Boys left for school on Friday as about 11 am, I got a call to say that the after-school actities were cancelled due to the heavy rain. So the buses left at 2.20 pm. At 4 pm, still no sight of the boys. Called the school's bus office, and got the feedback that they are still stuck on the tollroad (the school buses are all fitted with GPS) ......the boys only arrived home at about 4.30 pm. Their shoes were all soaked like hamm-choy (salted vegetables), and S1 told me that the river near to his school is at the brink of overflowing...

H went to work as usual, but was back by 2 he had reports that the roads behind his office were starting to he came back early and worked from home. Roads to our house and from our house to the mall were flood-free and clear...
BUT.... the roads to the airport was NOT! It was havoc on Friday...and still is today. H left at 6 AM this morning to catch his 10 something flight. I thought it was way to early...but the roads were still a MESS. The jam was horrendous. He was stuck in the same spot for 1 1/2 hours. As he was bored, called me so many times and woke me up from my slumber... :-P ...Well, he missed his intended flight, and was Q-ing for standby. They told him to go and come back tmrw! Siow or not? Lucky he knew some people, and made some calls. The fact that he had a connecting flight also helped... so, he managed to get on the next flight out.

This country arrr.... really one kind one lah. Donno how to say. H said that the waters had subsided but some unscrupulous people seized the opportunity by barracading one lane with tree trunks etc etc, and tried to direct traffic to get PAID. Something like those jaga kereta boys back home..... How will this 3rd World Country advance? I donno....

Friday, February 01, 2008

More to Add to the Topic...

Sting commented in my post Stereotyping??, wondering if the Ladies become naggy and NOT so manja anymore after marrying the ang-mohs.. Being the kepoh woman that I am, I have more to add to this topic. :-D
Okay....I will tell you about the Ladies that marry my ex-colleague and associates lah...
Remember JB from my previous post? His girlfriend was a sweet young thing (what do you expect from a 22 year old who wants to get out of her country??) when JB (JB was 44 I think) brought her back to Malaysia. She could hardly speak English...and thus was in Malaysia as a STUDENT learning ENGLISH. Not too sure if she had a REAL student visa ...I doubt it as she had to go back to her home country every month. Her English is NOT very good. So I guessed she communicated with JB with "Yes. No. Darling. ....". Aiya... this kind of relationship NO need to talk much one lah..just buka baju and buat buat aje. Anyway, she had a baby girl. And JB's divorce from his angmoh wife became final. And she finally clinched the ultimate....i.e MARRIAGE. At their wedding, her English was quite good liow (but still a far cry from our Engrrish lah...!! Ahem! Ahem! Hahahah) armed with better vocabulary..she can NAG JB!!! Hahahah...
JB likes to joke about her...He said that he shouldn't have paid for her English class. That way, her English would be limited, and he wouldn't get so much nagging from her. Apparently, she is very insecure and JB CANNOT even speak with members of the opposite sex. At a basketball game, an angmoh woman asked JB some questions about the game, and the wife (now wife liow maaa) freaked out. He had a BIG tongue lashing from her that night, and even after a week later when he wanted to leave for his weekly basketball game. She was NAGGING and NAGGING and JB ignored her to leave the house. Guess what she did? She threw shoes at him!!! Hahahahaha... How do I know? JB told me lah...
JB and I attend the same weekly project meetings.. and many times, JB would hurry the meetings to end. Why? Because he had to quickly DRIVE home to REPORT to his missus. Otherwise he will kena scolding! There were many times too..when I heard him answer his mobile, and EXPLAINING to his wife that he is still at work, and is with SY (the other guy at work with a Missus from the North too), followed by him passing his mobile to SY as PROOF that he is still working. It was getting a little ridiculous JB would decline dinners with our bosses or clients because he had to RUSH home. So much to the chargrin of the bosses.
But I supposed inspite of her NAGGING and INSECURITIES, I a sure she has her MANJA ways with JB lah... Sure got one. Lights out liow, she brings JB to heaven!!! Hahahahah...
Wah....I betul-betul cheong-hei man. Okay..this one short one okay? Our other business associate, whom I shall call DG. Previously twice divorced from English and Australian angmoh wives... then married a Lady from the North. She very sai-lei. Control him by the b@lls. He can't move a hair without her permission. Can't even have meals with business associate. She knows his every move one. My boss used to joke with DG that is being tied with a leash...which DG agreed! ;-) Don't know how old she is...but DG was in his early 60s,...and had a 5 year and 3 year old kids.

Environmental Site Assessments

Did I mention that I worked in an environmental consultancy company some years back? The company was one of the very few back then that conducted Phase 1 Environmental Site Assessments right through to Phase 3. We were also one of the few companies that did detailed Risk-based Corrective Action and Hydrogeology studies in environmental terms. The thing that I didn't get to experience while working for this company was site remediation projects....

Selling Your Property....

When you want to sell your property, it is really important to find a real estate agent that not only provides expertise and advice, but is also trustworthy and reliable. We learnt this the hard way...
A few years ago, we engaged an agent to sell our property Down Under. We paid him money before any results were seen. Yes, I know that it is the norm to pay the agency fees after the property is sold. But as the property was in a foreign land, we were unfamiliar with the practices and somewhat went ahead. Well, the property was not sold, nor did we hear from the agent other than a simple reply that he sent to ALL his clients. Talk about impersonal and unprofessional!
Yes. We've learnt our lesson....