Friday, June 29, 2007

Forever in Our Hearts and Memories


My one and only beloved brother passed away, on this day 11 years ago. Though he may no longer be with us, he will forever remain in our hearts and memories.

I love you, my dear brother...

Paternity Test

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We were at our monthly Ladies Luncheon when one of the ladies brought up the topic of multiple paternity claims on Anna Nicole Smith' daughter, Dannielyn. She was telling us that everybody from Anna's ex-boyfriend, to her attorney to her bodyguard were all claiming to be Dannielyn's biological father. Of course, many of us were wondering what the fuss was all about. With today's technology, a paternity test can easily be used to find out who the real father is with a 99.99% accuracy. Well, turns out that Dannielyn's father is Anna's ex-boyfriend, Larry Birkhead.

Party Planning - Part 4

Been so busy for the last 2 weeks that I didn't have much time to do S1's Party stuff. Instead of doing the full "Art Attack" version of Treasure Chest, I "thau-koong-kam-liu" (simplify and scrimp on the details) on the Treasure Chest. But think still look quite presentable. Don't you think? The Treasure Chest will be the treasure that the kids find when they go on a treasure hunt. Nope. Have not thought of the clues yet... Shucks..have about one week to do it...
But at least I went to order the birthday cake already. Ordered from a home-based bakery. The proprietor is a Malaysian lady married to a local. She has 15 staff working in her kitchen. She converted part of her BIG house into a commercial kitchen. Anyway, she seemed pretty creative. I went to her little "office" and couldn't find any pirates stuff in her photo album, but instantly she was sketching on a piece on paper on how it could be. The good thing is that she didn't push for a bigger-sized cake or the more expensive fondant icing. So, ordered a 24 cm x 24 cm square cake with a treasure chest on top as decoration. She said she'll have the cake sandy coloured, and she'll sprinkle some sugar crystals to make it look like sand. Add a few pirates props on the side... Will post a picture next week!
For previous info on my party planning, click here .

Wanted: Refrigerators!

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It was just barely a month ago when I blogged about my refrigerator going WHACKO on me.... It is a major pain when such a simple yet necessary appliance decides to die on you. Meats. Ice-creams. Yogurt. All perishables.... all destined to the garbage bin. It's great if the repairman can nip the problem immediately with minimal cost. What if it cost a bomb to repair the appliance? Or it will take ages? Most people would just opt to replace with a newer, more energy-efficient model. But which model? Which Manufacturer? Do you have a preference for LG Refrigerators? What about Maytag? Or GE? Perhaps, you could use the help of Krillion Localization Engine™ to assist with the best make/model that is both available in your local city, and perfect for your needs. With search results covering many brands in over 40,000 US cities and towns, I am sure you will find the ideal refrigerator in no time.

Everybody Kena!!

Yup! Everybody kena scolding from me this afternoon....everybody, from the two boys, to my maid, to my driver, to my security guard! No. I have not gone mad. Nor am I experiencing severe PMS.

It started off with S1 coming up to my room while I was IM-ing away with Laundryamah...and asked "can E stay over tonight? His mom said can".... *sigh* As if having two boys not enough, want to have one more over??? Aiyer...I reluctantly said "YES".. then proceeded to get up and pack some extra T-shirts for S2's play-date with his classmate, S (have to take him there by car lah....). I called out to S2... No answer. I called to S1. No answer. Went and call. No answer. Opened my front door. Called out to them. No answer...then my maid said that they've gone next door to E's house. I BLEW UP!!!

Me- What do you mean that they've gone next door???? Why didn't you stop them?
Maid - They didn't listen blah blah blah...

Wa... At this point I was like MOUNT KRAKATOA....erupting like no one has ever seen before!!! Everybody kena lah..... Maid, security guard and driver... I then went next door to ddddrraaaggg my two monsters back and screamed on top of my lungs!!! Wa... no need to ask permission one ar?? Think I am dead???? Okay...after kids turn, again...hired helps' turn again.

I scolded the guard and asked why did he let the kids out of the house? He could have locked the gate. I tell you, even if don't lock the gate, it's not easy for kids to open. So, it's him that opened the gate. His answer was a damn stupid one ...he said "scared kids will cry". Waaa.... I lagi angry. I said "Kids cry. Won't die. But if they go out of the house and gets hit by a car, or is kidnapped, that can die!!!"... I was really really sooooooooooooo angry. I told them that I give instructions. Not the kids. Adults must think for themselves lah. Kids only want to play. How can adults listen to kids?? Stupid or what??? Well, answer is obvious...STUPID lor...

Absolutely Fabulous!!

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Who says that you can 't be hip, cool and trendy after having babies???

Of course, you can!

Ever heard of the term fabulous yummy mummies???

I know quite a number...including myself, of course! :-)
We even call ourselves "Glamour Gals" or GGs...Hee hee.

We would get-together in hip restaurants in our latest fashion purchases, or have day-long spa sessions. What do we talk about? Latest fashion styles, cool new trendy restaurants, spa, retail store openings...etc..the list is endless. What do you expect? Women really can talk!!

With providing the latest happenings in town, there's so much more for us to discover and talk about! What's more? This social lifestyle community allows us, women to contribute our thoughts, opinions and comments to the site. Don't we all LOVE to be heard?

Poetry Recital Finals...

Just got back home not long.... so kinda tired... changed into my PJs and lying on my bed now. :-)

From my previous post, I mentioned that S1 had to compete with other Year 5 kids in the poetry recital. It was today. AIYA.... this S1 told me that it would be at 9.10 am. Arrived at school right smack at 9.00 AM. Saw that the hall so dark one?? Errr...right or not?? Went around and asked and found out that it was to be at 10.30 AM. AIYOOOOOO... 1 1/2 hours to WAIT!!! Of course cannot go home lah... What to do? So, went to the Parents' Room to have a cup of coffee. Luckily, I saw a familiar face in there. lah till time.

Anyway, S1 didn't win. I didn't expect him to. I thought his poem was kinda short compared to the others. Plus the other kids were very clear in their recitation. But I was pretty glad that he dared to go up onto the stage to recite his poem whilst acting out the words. His poem was about a "scandalous man named Tom Narrow, who tried to sell his grandmother in a wheelbarrow"..I don't know the full poem lah. For being a finalist, he did get a certificate. :-) And I think he was Ok for not winning.

However, as I was leaving the theatre, I saw S2 with his sad pussycat face walking towards me, and then hugged me and then cried wor. Of course, I was a little bit shocked and thought what was the matter. Then his friend said "he wants his brother to win"...and then S2 said "what also didn't win" in his cry-y voice. ALAMAK! The brother also didn't have any look of disappointment. This one, nothing much to do with him, CRY pulak!!! Have to explain to him that the key thing is to TAKE PART, and not winning... Aiyooooooo

Thursday, June 28, 2007

Fleas Control Guide

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When I got my first pet, a little Pomeranian, little did I know that I had to deal with fleas. Yup! Fleas. Those pesky annoying bugs that not only bites the poor animal, but also people too. These flea bites are really itchy and can be a pain. How do we get rid of fleas? Better yet. How do we prevent our pets from getting fleas in the first place? On the FleasControl website, I read that some plants such as lavender, eucalyptus and mint have natural pesticides as a defense mechanism, and thus can be used to ward off fleas. Although it's not foolproof, I think planting some of these in the garden is a great way to help control fleas as it's all natural and chemical-free.

Going to School....

I have been going to school or have to go to school almost everyday...."si-peh-sien"...

Let me try to recall...
Tuesday (26/6) - S2's Key Stage 1 Sports Day
Wednesday (27/6) - S2's Key Stage 1 Swimming Gala (postponed from last week)
Friday (29/6) - S1's Poetry Recital
Saturday ( 30/6) - S1 and S2's Swimming Class
Monday (2/7) - Cooking at S2's Class

You say sien or not? But what to do????? Be a mommy is like that lor... I ngeh-ngeh-lai also must go lah since boys still want me to go to their school. Soon, they won't want to be seen with mommy liow. So, better take whatever opportunity that I have lah.

Anyway...for S2's Sports Day, his house which is RED, came out tops again. S2 participated in 3 events. That fella, in one of the events, kept on looking at his friend (GREEN) and laughing...Aiya..of course lost out to his friend lah...

For the Swimming Gala, errrr...his house came in third. S2 was very very disappointed.. Actually, he didn't do well for his 2 events(back-stroke which he is really bad at, and tyre relay which is mega-tiring) either... ;-( But whole idea is just for all the kids to take part in the swimming gala...regardless of skill.
Anyway, they had a tyre-relay event between the teachers and the Years 2 and 1 (see pix. Most left lane is a teacher, followed by Year 2 and then Year 1). Quite funny lah...

As for S1's Poetry Recital...aiya, he is representing his class. Reciting to whole school in the newly built performance hall. So, Mommy must go "poong cheong" lah... Will update later on his results... :-)

Saturday is the normal weekly swimming class lor..

And Monday's cooking...we've (me and another mommy) decided to make cupcakes. Thank goodness that she's offered to buy the ingredients and bring whatever stuff that's required. I just need to show up... So, that's one thing good...

Plus, I've been busy with more scuba diving classes and golf lessons... So really very very tired. More about these later...


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Don't we all dream of going to an island paradise with warm silky sands, clear turquoise waters and swaying coconut trees for our honeymoon? Walking hand-in-hand, bare-footed on the beach with the sunset in the background.... Isn't that awfully romantic? H and I originally planned to spend our honeymoon in the island paradise of Hawaii, but there were no available flights then. Well, I still intend to visit the Hawaiian Islands one of these days. But no romantic sunset walks this time as the boys would be tagging along with us. In which case, I would prefer to stay in a luxury self-contained vacation home, with all the amenities like a fully-equipped gourmet kitchen and separate living areas for the kids to entertain themselves. Gebhart Properties has many exclusive Hawaii Condo units available for vacation rental. But I think their 2-bedroom corner-unit condo located at the Kaanapali Resort in Maui is what we are looking for.... It's so close to the beach that the kids would certainly love it!

More on Foot Detox

This is a follow-up post on my previous one about foot detox using Japanese Plasters. Here is one of the brands that I bought. Think there's another brand that slightly more expensive. But both works the same way, i.e you stick the packet of herbs on soles of your feet, and go to bed. The next day, you just discard the plaster. You will see that the herbs have somewhat become wet and slimy...sometimes even hard.
BTW, I went to the "ionizing" foot detox again yesterday. Meant to go 2 weeks ago, but just couldn't find the time to do it. Again, loads of yucky gross stuff in the water. There were some really black specks which the attendant said that it's from pollution.... Met a South African fellow-scrapper there and she said "maybe it's a trick".... H said the same thing.. But I think it's real lah... So, am gonna go again one week later...see can PURGE all the toxins out from my body or not.

If anyone interested...I know 1Utama LG (somewhere opposite of Rotiboy) has a health shop that does it... and the Japanese Plasters...can get anywhere...

SPECIAL RATES for Microsoft MGX Conference!!

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Everyone, technies or otherwise would certainly have heard of giant software company, Microsoft. And did you know that Microsoft holds a Global Exchange Conference every year? It's in Orlando, Florida....Yup! In the Sunshine State.
  • Interested and excited to attend the conference?
  • Worried that hotels would charge a bomb during such a big conference?
  • Fretting and thinking to yourself "Shucks! I'll have to find a cheap motel that's far awaaaaaaay from my conference venue"?
Well. LUCK is on your side!! The International Plaza Resort and Spa is offering a Microsoft MGX Special Rate, at USD 119 per night! Not only the rate is great, the location is even better! Located right on International Drive (my favourite location to stay in Orlando!), it's only a few minutes walk to the conference venue.

Plus, it's conveniently located near the theme parks! You can bring your kids with you too! Whilst you are away at the conference, your kids can visit all the Orlando attractions. And in the evening, you and your family can chill out in the lush tropically landscaped gardens of the hotel. And what's more? There's a great spa to massage your tired feed at the end of the day!

Monday, June 25, 2007

Tickets Booked for Home

Already got our E-tickets to come back to Malaysia on Tuesday, 10th July..... Will be back for 3 weeks, and leaving on Wednesday, 1st August.

While I am gone, gonna give the maid some vacation time too. Told her that she could go home daily. But H said that she needn't come everyday too... just alternate days since he won't have much laundry anyway. But I haven't told her yet.

Anyway, will have to cook and freeze some foods for H while we are gone... Lor Mai Kai, Chicken Pie and maybe Lor-Pak-Kou. Speaking of food, I have to lose some weight before I come back to pig-out in all the PJ/KL hawker stalls. Put on some weight recently. Like got double chin and no-more shoulder blades kind. *sigh*


Online Schools

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Alice is a SAHM (stay-at-home-mom ) that yearns to further her education. But is deeply worried that attending classes will take too much time away from her two young children. She puts off her dream of attaining a higher degree, and concentrates fully on her children, constantly telling herself that she doesn't need it. But at the back of her mind, she was yearning, thinking......."Will I ever regret? Perhaps I could do it when the kids go off to college. Would that be too late?".

In fact, Alice need not wait till her children go off to college. Nor would she need to be away from her young children. She could start her education now, through one of the programs offered by online schools. The education portal has a portfolio of 9,230 online degrees and professional certificate programs in over 1,355 reputable schools. This way, she would be able to fulfil her desire for higher education, as well as her role of a full-time mommy to her children; all in the comfort of her own home.

H's Birthday Dinner

Well, we didn't go out for dinner. H wanted to eat at home... So, we popped out to the supermarket and bought some chickens and vegetables...
Our Menu: -
Fresh Mushroom Soup (forgot to take picture)
Roast Chicken
Greek Salad

Since it was H's birthday, so I set up the table with nicer bamboo mats (as opposed to our normal plastic ones), used coordinated tableware and lighted candles. When he saw the setting, he was "aiya..why so tor-see?" ....

My Cassanova!

This post is a little back-dated.

I attended Year 2 Parents-Teachers Dinner last Thursday (21st June) at an Italian Restaurant called Trattoria (Errr...the food not good lah...). It's a year-end dinner that comprised of all 4 teachers from the Year 2 Group, the teaching assistants and parents of the Year 2 Kids.

Anyway, as I saying my goodbyes and the usual muahs-muahs to the other moms, one of the mom was telling me about her daughter, T (German-Chinese parentage).

T's Mom - I gave T 4 marshmallows, and told her that she can only have one. The other 3 are for her friends A, L and I (A, L, I are all girls) and when she came home, I asked her who she gave the marshmallows to.
T - I gave to A
T's mom - You mean you ate 3? I told you that you only can have 1!
T - I only had one! I gave the other 2 away.
T's mom - Who did you give?
T - *Pause* Mm..I gave to E (S2) L doesn't like marshmallows...

At this moment, L's mom piped up "Actually, L really LOVES marshmallows. She could eat whole chunks of them!!"

T's mom - And another one?
T - *Pause* I gave that to E(S2) too. E's a nice boy. He treats me very well!

See...this is my Cassanova!!! Know how to treat a girl wor....
When I told H about it, his remark was "that's my boy!!!"

Why Get Travel Insurance?

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Everyone gets excited when they go on a holiday. But in the midst of the excitement and planning for the trip, does everyone remember to include Travel Insurance in their plans?

From a personal experience, travel insurance is a must! There was a trip that I took to Canada via Shanghai. When the plane was accelerating on the runway of the Shanghai Pudong International Airport, it suddenly deccelerated and returned to the terminal. We had a delay of more than 4 hours at the terminal, and then a second take-off was attempted. Again, we had the same problem. I have to say that it was quite terrifying. This time, the airline confirmed that there was an engine problem and the spare part had to be flown from Hong Kong. We had to spend the night in Shanghai. The airline provided the accommodation and meals, AND nothing else. We only had the shirts on our back. as we did not expect to spend another full day enroute to our destination. We had to purchase quite a few items with our own funds to keep to the level of hygiene that we are accustomed to. Luckily, we did purchase Travel Insurance prior to our travel, and we did get our compensation!

I mean anything could happen! You suddenly fall ill, or there's a travel warning to your destination, or your boss calls you back to work (Bummer!!). And you are forced to cancel your trip. Will you be able to get your money back?? With TravelSafe's “Cancel For Any Reason” cash back benefit, you can! Other coverage includes worldwide medical protection, emergency medical evacuation (very important if you are travelling to a developing or third world country), coverage for pre-existing medical conditions, terrorism and trip cancellation/interruption. For your peace of mind, don't forget to get that very important and essential Travel Insurance!!

Sunday, June 24, 2007


Today is H's Birthday!

Celebrate with a party?

No lah... Just going out for dinner later. Maybe buy a small cake to blow lah... Initially, was gonna bake him a cake on Saturday. But soooo tight up the whole of yesterday with the scuba-diving course. And this morning, we had a kiddies birthday party to attend. So where got time?

Pressie? Err...didn't buy also. I know...very terrible of me... Nevermind lah, tonight I give him my special lah *wink* wink* Heee hee...

Boys did make him a nice birthday card :-)

Innovative Tutor

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  • Do your kids perform badly at school?
  • Do they complain about learning?
  • Do they show a lack of enthusiam?
If your answer to any of the above is a YES, it does not mean that your child is an under-achiever, or is lazy. The poor child is probably just plain bored with rote learning in a traditional classroom environment. Innovative Tutor can boost their enthusiam to learn and perform better with advanced hands-on methods.

His & Hers

Yup...H and my gear are identical, except for the colour of our snorklers and goggles... Oh...Other thing that is different is the shoe and fin size..His bigger lah of course. And they are identical NOT because of "ching-lui chorng" but more of because we can get a discounted package.

And here is our Study Pack... In fact, we've got finish off the first few chapters before the next class tomorrow... Since no opps to earn $$ from PPP over the weekend, guessed I should study ... :-)

The Packing Station

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Moving every 2 - 3 years is part of our expat life. In the earlier years, I would be very stressed with the thought of moving to a new country. But as time passes, and with more strands of grey hair on my head, I've come to accept that in today's global economy, moving with the job is unavoidable. I've also learnt to see that every move is an opportunity to learn about new cultures, new languages and to have new experiences.

Of course, there would still be some stresses involved in the ACTUAL moving, i.e. packing and moving our personal possessions from one country to another. For every move, professional removal companies are appointed and paid-for by H's company. However, I always like to pack some personal items myself. Once the removal company has been confirmed, I would call and request for cardboard boxes to be delivered in advance, sort and pack things in my own way. I have to say that with previous multiple moves, I've become quite a professional packer. I even supervised and instructed workers in my most recent move! :-)

If you need packing materials, check out The Packing Station. Based in the UK, they have all the packing materials that you will ever need. Cardboard boxes, corrugated paper, tissue, brown Kraft paper, tapes, dispensers and many many more!

Saturday, June 23, 2007

First Lesson @ AquaSport

As mentioned yesterday, H and I attended our first scuba-diving lesson today. As of now, I am lethargically typing this post. We reached AquaSport at about 11.00 am, and selected our basic gear (goggles, snorkler, shoes and fins); attended a short classroom training and then it was off to the pool till 6.00 pm. Have to say that when the instructor was doing the classroom training and highlighting the dangers of "holding breath", having to remove regulator blah blah blah, I was kinda scared leh... But once in the water, breathing through the mouthpiece was much more natural.

What we completed in the Confined Water Dive Today:
  • Breathing through the Regulator Mouthpiece
  • Removing and Replacing Regulator in mouth
  • Retrieving "lost" Regulator
  • Reading the SPG
  • Hand Signals
  • Clearing Water from Goggles
  • Using Buddy's Spare Regulator
  • Inflating and Deflating BCD
  • Equalization of Nasal Passage
  • Swimming around with Flippers

Funny thing was when we had to practice swimming with our flippers. First I had 2 weights on me, and kept sinking all the way down to the bottom. When I inflated my BCD, it was too buoyant, and I immediately floated all the way up to the surface. It was either on the floor or on the surface. Then the instructor removed my weight belt, and only put one in my BCD pocket. It was worst!!! Because it was on one side of my BCD, the weight was "senget" and when I tried to swim, I kept on turning belly up! Only finally, when the single weight was put back on the belt and centered right in the middle of my body did I managed to swim more decently!!

I have to say that it was kinda cold... was sneezing halfway through. H said that I will have to buy the wet suit before our next class which will be on Monday (25th)... Actually, the Open Water Dive for Certification will be on the 7th - 8th July. BUT I am having S1's Birthday Party on the 7th, which absolutely CANNOT be cancelled. So, we are gonna do the Open Water Dive in mid-August.

Till Later....

Friday, June 22, 2007

Shiny Gleaming Metal Pegboard

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GALS! LADIES! Please do NOT be put off by the seemingly masculine website. Though the site focuses on products for garages, it does have a range of very handy metal pegboard. We, Domestic Goddesses wannabes can use the very gleaming, attractive brushed stainless steel pegboard to hang all our shiny pots and pans. Even Nigella Lawson would be proud!!!

Packed Weekend!

As I mentioned earlier, JUNE is filled with Birthdays!!! This weekend, there are two birthday parties. I was a little disorganised, and only bought the pressies this evening.

Not only we have the kiddies birthday parties to contend with, H has enrolled both he and I into a scuba-diving course, which starts tomorrow! ALAMAK! Boys have their weekly swimming lesson some more!! So, what to do? Will have to get the driver to send them with the maid as chaperone. I have to say that I am a bit anxious...the kids will probably BULLY the maid till she gila!!

And then, S1 will have his pal T over for a play date at 1.00 pm. Again, I will not be around!! The maid will provide semi-supervision lor. S1 hates the word "babysit".... So I am careful to use "supervision" in his presence!! Hahahah.. T will be picked up by either one of his parent later in the afternoon. He won't be sleeping over this he has just recovered from his illness.

S2 has a BBQ Birthday Party... also tomorrow at 3 pm. How? I got one of the Mat Salleh moms to come and pick him up at 2.30 pm. I asked if she could also send him home, just in case I run late... Well, she suggested that S2 follow her home so that both he and her son could continue to play and keep each other company. I thought this was a GREAT idea and of course agreed immediately. So, I will have to pick S2 after our scuba-diving class...

And then, another party on Sunday. This time, both boys are invited. AND did I mention that SUNDAY is also H's Birthday??? Well, we don't know what are the plans yet. (I did hear that his colleague asked him if he wanted to play golf in the afternoon... )

Update later...

Sydney, Down Under!

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Sydney Opera House
Harbour Bridge
Bondi Beach
Darling Harbour

I would love to go to Sydney, Australia. Pity H did not bring me along on his recent business trip to Sydney. Otherwise, we would at least be able to save some $$ as accommodation would be under the company's account. Now, if we were to go on our own, we'll have to search online for the best Sydney Hotels deals! Knowing H and his unpredictable work schedules, it'll probably be a last minute decision. There's a great online site, CheaperThanHotels that provides great last minute deals for bookings within 21 days. And if H's schedule is more stable, we can use the same website for advanced bookings too! The Sydney Hotels available range from budget 2* to luxurious 5*, catering to the needs of all travellers from the leisure holidaymaker to the shrewd business person.

Poetry Recital

S1 came home from school today and announced that he had won the poetry recital in his class. To tell you the truth, I was a little surprised and asked "how???" and replied that he recited the poetry coupled with actions. It's about a guy who tried to sell off his old grandmother...he was hawking her off from a wheebarrow. Told him to act it out and he did. Have to say that he was quite good. Didn't expect S1 to be able to recite and act out as well. Think give him another year of British education, he might really take part in a Shakespeare Play!!! Hahaha..

Actually, the other day, when H asked S1 what he wanted to be when he grows up. S1 replied with a "I want to be an ACTOR! But first I have to learn Shakespeare!"...hahahahah

BTW, he will now have to compete against the winners of the other Year 5 classes, and then from there...I donno ...need to check...

Cash Is King!

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Don't we all know that? For the longest of time, our parents have been telling us to save. "Save for a rainy day, dear!", they say. Being kids then, this idea was a mighty ridiculous one. Now, with a family of our own, we know the importance of saving for a rainy day.
But still, even the most frugal and miserly families would still have to purchase necessities for the home and family. Can money still be saved when it is required to be spent on shopping? The answer is a resounding YES. How? You asked. With massive discounts offered from an online coupon site, that's how!

The online coupon website is packed with discount coupons from many well-known merchants, such as Adidas, Barnes & Noble, Toshiba, Shutterfly, Chadwicks, Avon, Payless Shoes, Home Depot and many many more. The site is also updated daily with the latest discount coupon and bargain deals.

The Coupons are my personal favorite. Currently Why do I like Target? It has the latest in clothing for everybody in the family from good old grandpa all the way down to the newest addition to the family. I like the latest women's fashion, of course! Especially with Isaac Mizrahi designing a speciality line for Target. The fashion choices are limitless and so affordable. And guess what? There's a clearance sale now! With's coupon for a 10% discount for any first purchase from Target, there are even more savings! Isn't that great?

As I am also looking to buy a double bed for the guest room, I need not look further than Target, as it is well stocked with wonderfully designed furniture that is great for both indoor and outdoor. There is definitely a wide choice of beds for me to choose. With this consolidation of my purchases, I can save a whole lot of $$$ with the discount coupons offered at

Well, who says you can't save while shopping? Yes. You can!

Dermatologist Visit

After much nagging, scolding, reprimanding, ngam-ngam-cham-ing, critisizing from H (idiot actually said that my feet look like market woman, and called me "chue yoke mui" (pork lady) and taunted me further by asking where is my "chue yoke" stall!!!), I finally made an appointment to see a dermatologist for my problematic feet (think I have about 4 posts about this???) yesterday.

She looked at it and said that it very likely a fungal infection. Did a skin scrape test... The lab results came back negative. But she said that the negative result may be due to the medication that I've used (told her that I've applied all sorts of creams) or that the fungus is buried deep beneath the surface of my THICK skin. So...her prescription was oral medication to attack the fungus from within, and topical creams. Told me to use cling wrap over my feet to ensure optimum absorption.

When I went to the cashier, I terperanjat when I saw the bill came to about USD 165/-. Just the oral medication was about USD 100 already. Really ciak-kim (eat gold in Hokkien). Luckily, with our insurance card, the local SOS clinic can charge directly to the company. Otherwise, so cialatt!!!

And I did use the cling wrap on my feet before bed....waaaaaa...MEGA uncomfortable man!!! But what to do???

Event Organizers' Must Have!

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RegOnline's web-based event registration service is invaluable to Event Organizers! With automated functions, the whole process of registration and payment is EASY!

To start:
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The key feature is the one-click report.
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Payment Reports. Attendee Reports. Event Snapshot Report. And many many more!!

These reports can be easily exported to pdf or Excel formats. And with the Smartlink feature, these up-to-date data can be sent to either your suppliers or coworkers. For example, information on the total number of attendees, with their meal options can be easily sent to your caterer, without you having to call the caterer repeatedly.

With all these information at your fingertips, your event would DEFINITELY be a SUCCESS!

Thursday, June 21, 2007

Postcard from KL

Got this from a friend, via email.....thought it is really funny!!! You got to click on the picture to read the writings on the postcard!.

Keeping Kids Busy...

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Summer holidays are here!!

While it is great to not have to have the madhouse rush for the morning school bus; the holidays bring another daunting task for many moms... How do we keep the kids entertained?

There are many activities that we can do together with our kids, but sometimes we want to have some quiet time of our own too. So how can we achieve having our kids entertained and at the same time, having our quiet time?

With Free Coloring Pages that's available online! The site has a vast collection of coloring pages for kids to pick and choose. Nothing of fancy? No worries. The site also allows you to upload your own pen-and-ink artwork. Kids can have their masterpieces uploaded, and have their friends color and view it online. It would be a thrill for them to know that their artwork can be viewed by many on the WorldWideWeb.

How to do it? It's real easy...

1) Click the picture that you want to color from a selection.
2) Choose the color that you want from the large color pallete.
3) Click on the small section that you want to "fill" on your picture.
4) Repeat with a different color.

Once the coloring is completed, the picture can be saved online too. But first, don't forget to register for a FREE account! Go on...try it for yourself...(Errr..actually, I did color "Bratz - the flirt"...hee hee)

MADHouse RUSH!!!

*YAWN* ....I stretched and took my N80 to have a look at the time.

6.30 AM!

I sprang up like the BESTEST Spring ever produced, and ran to the boys' room. "WAKE UP!" I shouted. And from there on, it was me barraging "HURRY UP. CHANGE. GO EAT YOUR BREAKFAST."

Wa.....luckily boys today ate their breakfast (plain omellets today) pretty quickly. If it's porridge or MeeSua Soup then die lah... They managed to finish before the bus came.

Duh-Duh Me lah. I saw that I set the alarm clock at 6.05. BUT did I check whether it was AM or PM???? NOPE!!! BODOH-tonay lah... set it at PM wor....

P/s Not that it's NOT a madhouse rush everyday...just today abit more cialatt!!!

Celebrity Gossip

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Enquirer. Hello. OK!

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Wednesday, June 20, 2007

H and his Halves!!!

My H has this annoying habit of eating half an ice-cream and leaving the other half in the freezer. Or drink half a can of coke and leave it in the fridge. Or his half can of beer. Or half eaten slice of cake. Half can of lychee or longan or whatever. Always like that... Why ar? When I see I cannot tahan. If I say, I will finish the other half. He'll say NO. Leave it and he'll have it later...but it stays in the fridge for like YONKs !! And somemore I cannot tahan if the half-eaten food is just left in there without the NECESSARY cling wrap!!!

What do we do on our Beds?

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It's surprising how much time we spent lounging on our beds. Besides the usual sleep and couple acrobatics, we read on our beds. We watch telly. We blog. We tackle those challenging sudoku puzzles. We have our bedtime chats. Therefore, it is important that our bedding is comfy, appealing and calming to the senses. I've always liked my bedding to be in a coordinated set, i.e. plain coloured sheets coupled with a more elaborate duvet covers, especially intricately embroidered duvet covers that are now widely available. For a whole range of duvet cover designs and great deals, check out Terry's Fabrics now!!


First, I had to wait half an hour at the airline ticketing office, then had to be stuck in a traffic jam. When I arrive at my supposedly "DESTINATION", was told that the place only opens at 3 pm. WTF??? Some more my friends reached there at about 11.30 am and didn't bother to text me to tell me that it's closed?? Then at least I don't have to jam from 11.30 am from the airline office to 12.20 pm, right? Almost blardy one hour... Can you imaging if I would have travelled from home? AIYO...lagi long journey. Got so fed-up, didn't join them for lunch lah....join them mai-sei. Another donno how long gonna stuck in traffic again. Might as well, take the adjacent highway and terus balik rumah. I had to be home on time to greet the boys today anyway... As my PRINCESS maid donno what time come home. Let's see... Terrible, somehow I am in the mood to scold people!!!


Mm-Zhai-Sim-See (Hokkien) = Don't Know True or False
Maid came into the study room yesterday morning while I was surfing....teary eyed and all. Apparently, a relative has passed away, hubby wants to go back to hometown with her son...blah blah blah. She wants to take 2 hours off to sort out some matters before they leave. I said "OK". This was 7.15 am. (So early because send boys off on the bus at 6.45 am one maaa...)
I went out to school and came back at 1.30 pm. I saw her there and asked if she just came back. She replied "No". And now she said she wants to go home for the night. Think she bullshitting me lah.
She said "my husband leaving very early in the morning tomorrow. So I want to go home tonight"...
Of course, I ngam-ngam-cham-cham lah... Cause it means that I have to get up earlier to make the boys' packed lunch. Anyway, I again gave her permission to go. Then I asked what time she'll be back....thinking she should be back by late morning, since her husband leaving EARLY in the morning. And that woman said "evening". Wah....the story there don't tally there leh!!! But I didn't say anything...other than that I will CUT her PAY. Otherwise, suka-suka take off here and there. Mana boleh????
Not that I want to be cruel. But have had maids that grandmother passed away 3 times kind leh. *Sigh* So fed-up of all these grandmother stories. Maid that said security guard want to molest her when I confronted her about having a man in my house, maid that disappear for one week and expect to be taken back... So sien...
Let's see if she comes back later.. In this country, lots of maids just go off and never come back one. Oh yeah... and she even had the cheek to ask if she needs to cook dinner. If no need, she leave earlier! Already have to opt out from meeting with a friend that came from Australia as the boys need to have an adult in the house, right? Already re-organize my schedule already. Some more want to leave earlier!!!! These maids nice to them, take for granted lah.

Tuesday, June 19, 2007

Swimming Gala @ School

Today was to be the Swimming Gala for both Key Stage 1 and Key Stage 2. The Key Stage 1 event was scheduled to start at 8.30 am, and Key Stage 2 at 10.30 am. As S2 is in KS1 and S1 in KS2, I had to stay in school from early till way past noon. To make it to school on time, H had to go to the office early so that the driver can be back at the house by 7.40 am to take me to school.
Anyway, at 6.15 am, it was raining cats and dogs. I texted one of the other moms and asked if she thought the event would be cancelled. We decided to go to school anyway...and if the events are cancelled then we would just meet for coffee. True enough, the Key Stage 1 event which was scheduled to start at 8.30 am was postponed to next week. But for the Key Stage 2 event, the school staff said that it was a "wait and see" scenario. to sit in school for two hours??? So, a few of us decided to go out and have a coffee....
Called the school at 10.15 am to inquire if Swimming Gala is ON. And it was! So...rushed to school. ALAMAK!!!! I missed S2's first event, which was the 2 x 25 m freestyle. I asked him later how he did...and he said that he came out first. Not only that, as his swimming partner did not come, instead of swimming just 25 m, he swam 50 m. Felt a wee bit bad lah...for missing his event. Before you all think "waaaa ...such a good swimmer", the kids are actually grouped according to their skill levels with Stingrays being the best, Barracudas and then the Sharks. S1 is in the Sharks group lah. So...something like the best of the worst. Hahahah..
His next event was a 4 x 25 m Tyre Relay... Not really swimming lah. They all sit on a tyre wor... This event, his team also got first.
Overall, his house, which is RED won! Followed by Green, Blue and Yellow.
As usual, I screamed and cheered with this other RED supporter-mom. Think both of us were the loudest of the moms!!! Now, got sore throat liow.....

Are you a Survivor?

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The title of my post reads "Are You a Survivor?"

So do you think I am? In what sense? You asked.

  • What would I do if I were stranded in an unknown city with no money or resources?
  • How would I eat?
  • Where would I sleep?
  • What about the weather?
People who knows me would probably say "she'll just borrow a dime and call her daddy!". Gosh! I actually do call my daddy whenever I am in need of help, for example when I had a flat tire. Such a simple task and I can't even manage. What a hopeless gal!!

The hypothetical situation now is that I cannot utilize my normal contacts to help me out of this bind. What would I do? To tell you the truth, I am absolutely clueless as to where to start!!!! Or what to do. I will be at a total loss.

Are you like me? A lost puppy in such situations?

Then, we should get some survival tips from USA Network's Burn Notice; which premieres on June 28th. It stars Jeffrey Donovon, as CIA operative Michael Weston who suddently finds that he has received a Burn Notice.
A "Burn Notice" is defined by the US Department of Defense's Dictionary of Military and Associated Terms as:
"an official statement by one intelligence agency to other agencies, domestic or foreign, that an individual or group is unreliable for any of a variety of reasons"

Unable to utilize his usual contacts, and having to stay out of the usual spy radar, he shows us how he stays one step ahead with his special ops training. And ultimately survives!!!

Monday, June 18, 2007

I also got!!

S1 had a sleepover at T's house on Saturday night. Over dinner last night, we had a conversation.

S1 - We had spaghetti bolognese
Me - So did we.
S1 - But. At T's house. They use FRESH pasta. They take the dough and put it through the pasta maker. Really.
Me - The ones that you can adjust the widths to make pasta sheets, spaghetti, ....
S1 - *Interrupted me* Can have angel hair too
Me - *Continuing* Linguini
S1 - Yeah. That's what we had. Linguini.
H - They have a pasta maker?
S1 - Yes. Really. It's so special.
Me - *Abit fed-up* So? I also got!!
H - You do?
S1 - Then how come we never make fresh pasta?
H - I also want to have fresh pasta!
S1- You buy but never use. You buy for what???
H - Yeah! Well said!! All the gadgets you have! But never see you make anything one!
See lah...father and son taroh me!!! But then, serves me right for showing off that I had the blardy pasta maker.

Hoodia Gordonii

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When I first saw an opportunity to blog about "Hoodia Gordonii", I thought it is a quirky Magician with an online Funky Magic Shop! How wrong I was!!!

It's actually a rare semi-desert plant that is indigneous to the African continent. Although remarkably similar to the cactus, it is totally unrelated to the cactus family.

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What about the side effects? Currently, there are no known hoodia side effects. Users do not feel jittery nor lose sleep, get paranoid and so on.

The effectiveness and lack of side effects are key reasons that this natural supplement from Africa is gaining widespread popularity. If you are thinking to embark on a weight loss program, click here for more Hoodia Information. This site provides both general and detail information on hoodia gordonii such as facts, FAQs, science, history, recommended dosages for best results, side effects, where to buy, and great product reviews.

Taking Up Golf. Seriously!

Okay! You heard about my first golf lesson. Well, I've gone for my second lesson on Friday. And what's more? H has been very supportive, and bought me this golf set yesterday (Sunday). It was on sale.... he asked me to choose.... Not many choices for ladies' clubs. But there was Titleist, Mizuno and Wilson. I have to say the Mizuno ones looked and felt the best. But it was also TRIPLE the price of the Wilson ones. Me...a beginner...and kiamsiap type, of course chose teh Wilson lah...
Later, we both went to the driving range. I have to say that I abit tension in the beginning. Cause takut H ngam-ngam-cham-cham about my swings. I warned him NOT to correct my swings and leave it to my golf pro. He did behaved well lah.. But then, I had to say that my swings are not too bad :-)
Hit about 60 balls vs. H's 40 balls. Halfway through, I was not hitting well and H said "come and rest and have a drink lah. Why are you like a machine gun?" hahahah... Have to say that after the rest, I was more composed and hit much better... had a few very clean shots. I was kinda pleased with myself!!! :-)
Can't wait for my next lesson!

No More Security Guards?? - Updated

Updated @ 9.00 pm, 18 June. Okay... we have the guards back in place at 8 pm today. H's boss was kind enough to give the HR dept a push to get it sorted out by today! YAY! (Aiya.. somemore this evening, my driver tried to scare me or what? As we drove pass this derelict house, he told me that the house was haunted. Whole family was murdered....even the maid! Maid also mm-fong-kor. Because long time ago, there wasn't security in place! So you say lah?? Think he try to scare me to get the security in place chop-chop or what? Kia-si-lang!!!)
The Company that was engaged by H's company to provide security at our home has recently increased their fees, and apparently H's company do not want to pay the increased fees! Of course I was appalled. H's boss assured that it will be sorted out and do not want me to worry about such menial things. Well, somehow or other...there must be some mix-up or what... My guards just waved goodbye to me today!

Gave H a text about this, and he replied with a "OK. Sorting out now!".

Well, if the company is not going to pay for the security guards, then they'll have to pay for our move to another house within a complex. Actually, I don't mind moving to a complex (or as we say in Malaysia, gated-community). At least boys can roam outside our house compound. Maybe learn to ride a bicycle. Have more friends/neighbours. The thing is - AIYO..the headache of moving!!!! Secondly, I have planted some plants into the ground wor... So sayang!

Anyway, not going to fret over all these details lah. Let H sort out. (Aiya..that fella actually wants to move to the fancy new apartment where all his pals are!! I don't want to live in an apartment wor.....) Will update later...

S2's Sleepover

This post is a little back-dated.
S2's sleepover was on Friday nite (15th June). It's his first sleepover away from mommy or daddy or grandma or grandpa. At first, he was a little scared and didn't want to go. But as the date approached, he was actually quite excited.

I delivered all his barang-barang (things) to his school on Friday afternoon (cannot exactly make him carry all of it on the bus!). I have to say very ma-fan (troublesome) as there's really quite alot of stuff!

First, there's the bag of clothes, swimming gear, towel, toiletries, underwear and socks.

The foldable mattress (yes, even foldable but still very bulky), blanket and pillow

S2's very smelly and very charn po-chim! With him since he was a baby... It's been washed and mended for I don't know how many times. Think it will disintegrate one of these days! He was actually quite worried that his friends would laugh at his po-chim.

Night Vision Goggles for their night walk around the school

I picked him up at about 8.30 am on Saturday; and he said "sleepover is soooo fun. I wished there's a sleepover every Friday!".

Well, this is what he did:
- Treasure Hunt
- T-Shirt Painting
- Swimming
- Football
- Crazy Computers
- Night Walk
- Watching Movies

I asked him if he missed me. And the answer was an "OF COURSE!"

Let's Go Bluesin'

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Sunday, June 17, 2007

Beauty TAG

This beauty tag is from Healy.

As I told her, it's velly difficult for me. I use chapalang range of beauty products lah. goes..

What five beauty products could you not live without?
Okay..I guessed it would be the following:
1) Facial Cleanser (at the moment, using Dermalogica)
2) Toner (Laneige)
3) Moisturiser (Laneige and Elizabeth Arden)
4) Oxy 10 (for the odd pimple that still pops out of my 30-something face)
5) Cracked Heel Cream (not exactly a beauty product but is a MUST MUST)

What’s the worst beauty mistake you’ve made?
Donno leh. Other than the odd "new facial" place that I try and have pimple breakout, cannot think of anything else.

What’s your skincare regime consist of?
Other than the usual, cleanse tone moisturise, I have a facial at least once every 3 or 4 weeks. Currently, I either go to the ROC Centre (using ROC Products of course) or to Centre de Beaute where I alternate between Decleor or Phytomer Facials.

Oh recently, friend took me to this Korean place, and had a traditional Korean facial. Very cheap! Only USD 13!!! For two whole hours! No pimple outbreak after the facial. So okay lah.. But the only thing is that they don't do pimple extraction wor....

Favourite beauty treat?
Face Massage during facials... Ahhhhh...sure ZZZZ one!!! Will be very very disappointed if I never ZZZZ during the massage!

What’s your favourite beauty store?
Don't Have. But I like to browse in Face Shop, L'Occitane, Body Shop, Boots, Watsons.. Browse but never buy. Think the salesgirl all hate me!!! Hehe..

Favourite budget brand?
Me NOT loyal one. Whatever that's got a good deal when I am out looking to buy something, I guess.

Favourite premium brands?
Don't have...again depends on what I fancy at the time.

What’s your ’every girl must own one’ item?
My mom would say LIPSTICK. But for me...I usually EAT all my lipstick so quickly that it'll be gone like in half an hours after I put them on. So, lipsticks not for me. Think it's EyeLiner for me. Makes my big eyes POP out even more!! Hahaha...

And what about skin care: Favourite premium and budget brands?
Donno leh.. But I've bought Lancome, Elizabeth Arden, Estee Lauder, Laneige, Body Shop, Origins, Boots, Nivea, Loreal, Clarins, Dermologica etc... I not loyal one leh... No favorites. Now, I see H2O got nice nice packaging set one, I also want to try ...

And hair care?
Aiyo...lagi tada lah... Use Heads and Shoulders oni. Wash and then blow dry myself! But once in a while, I go to the salon to have a creambath. Very nice!! Massage your head and shoulders and arms for about 40 to 50 minutes, then steam your hair. Got use cheap cream ones, but of course can use Loreal one lah...

And finally, best beauty tip?
I also want to know what's the best beauty tip. Tell me when you have them. Okay???

Very Vera

Reading Tutors

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After just one week at his new school, S2's teacher wanted to see me. She was concerned with S2's reading. Whilst he reads like an 8-year old (he was 6 then), he could not "word attack", i.e. he reads by memorising the words, and do not know how to attempt to read new words. To improve his reading skills, he had to undergo a special reading tutoring program. So, even if your child can read, he or she may not be performing optimally. Reading Tutors can help your child progress from a poor reader to an excellent one!

Party and Pressie

Took S2 to his friend's Birthday Party yesterday. It was a Bowling Party... It was one that involved parents too! Of course, I bowled too lah... Heehee Kicked a$$ with a score of 140. Most of the other mommies bowled between a 70 and a 99. Bowled with the house ball :-) and then news about me bowling for my uni spread like wildfire....

Anyway, our present for the birthday boy was wrapped up REAL nice, like a shirt!! Nope. Not wrapped by me. I am not good in wrapping pressies, especially not very patient in recent times! Is it a shirt inside? Nope. It's a book and a robot-like transformer thingy...

Saturday, June 16, 2007

Body Building Supplements

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At times, my boys will complain about their weekly Saturday Swimming lessons. My response is always the same "next time, when you have a hot bod like a god, then you'll thank me!".
"Why?" asked the boys.
"Well, have you ever seen a statue of a Greek God that is fat or paunchy or skinny like a stick? They always have really well built bodies. Don't they? Swimming will make your bodies look like those Greek Gods!"
This is a statue of Zeus that I took in Athens. Look at his six-pack body!!
Well, I guessed there are alternative ways to build up one's body to look like a Greek God!
Get body building supplements to start building those muscle tissue in all the right spots!
To order your supplies online, anytime anywhere, hop over to MuscleUp to purchase leading Australian supplement brands! Ordering is quick, easy and hassle free. Plus you can track your purchases online too!

Home Alone!!!

Yeap! It's Saturday night. And I am home alone!

S1 went to watch "Fantastic Four, Rise of the Silver Surfer" with his pal T (chaperoned by T's dad, of course) this afternoon, followed by a sleepover at T's house tonight. So...that's one down.

A while ago, both H and S2 was still around. And then H suddenly came into the room at 8 pm and said "I am going out to watch Fantastic Four with S2. You wanna come?" Well, we've had a silly fight today and thought that he was joking and just trying to break the ice. It was kinda late!! I merajuk and said "NO".... So, still lay in bed then thought how come the house sooooo quiet. Went to check just. Waaaaa. This two fellas really gone out already wor... Driver already went home at 5 pm this evening, so H drove.

And today is maid's day, maid also not around. Basically, just the security guard out at his post.

Actually, our Dutch neighbour invited us to their house tonight for their farewell. Yup. Leaving the country. But have been soooooo tired today (had to pick S2 up from school at 8 am from his School Sleepover - more about that later, then took the boys for breakfast, then their swimming class at school, come home, have lunch, and then take S2 to his classmate's birthday party) so declined their invitation. Very loud live music playing next door now....

Friday, June 15, 2007

High Quality Performance!


I had my recent post on "Spy Sweeper" automatically approved like instantaneously!! Got this message from PPP.
"Congratulations!! Your PayPerPost post, Spy Sweeper, has been automatically approved based on your high quality performance as a PPP Postie! "
And H said that I am a terrible writer, and JK Rowling I am definitely NOT!!! Well, though I am not JK Rowling quality...but good enough to earn some USDs. Good enough for me at the moment!!

Spy Sweeper

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Do I mean someone like James Bond that goes round clearing off spies??
In a way, it is rather similiar. Read on to find out!

First, we've got to decipher some secret code....that's what James Bond do too!


What is the secret message hidden within? To decipher this message, I had to use the SecretCodeBreaker. The hidden message reads:


Have you ever encountered your PC slowing down dramatically, or refusing to run any of your software? If the answer is a YES! You may have been attacked by a Spyware. Spyware often creep into your PC when you download a free software. Some high-tech ones can even encroach into your PC when you are just connected to the internet! These spies hides itself somewhere in your PC, collecting information about you and your internet-usage patterns. Your personal details are passed on without you being aware!! Yes. Even your credit card and bank account details!

So Beware!!!

How do we get rid of these unwanted, unwelcomed spies??

We could call on the James Bond equivalent in the software world: Webroot Spy Sweeper !
Webroot Spy Sweeper as the most viable option to kill Spyware! It




even the most vicious and emerging spies!

It is indeed an excellent solution to all your spyware needs!

And just like James Bond has MI5 for support, Webroot Spy Sweeper comes with FREE customer support!

Thursday, June 14, 2007

Gifts from S1

It's Infant School Charity Book Sale at the boys' school today.

This is what S1 bought for me...

And this, he bought for his father.

He came back from school, showed me these two items and declared "I didn't buy anything for myself! Just for you and daddy!". BUT the thing is....I didn't give him any money for the Charity Book Sale, as I thought it only involved the Infant School kids (S2 is still in Infant School). SO, where did he get the money??? Apparently, his friend had TOOOOO much, and gave him some! WAAAAAH... Some kids so rich, giving out money to school friends!!! Of course, we'll have to return the money to his friend tomorrow!!!

S2 on the other hand, bought books for himself. BUT gave some bullshit excuse as to why he didn't buy me or his dad stuff!! Your typical salesman!!! He bought the following two books.

I only gave S2 enough money for one book. As you can see...he bought two books. Apparently, one of S1's friend gave him an extra voucher for the second book. Well, again...have to return the money tomorrow...

Men's Underwear

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Apparently, the average woman shops over 350 hours per year! Is that a whole lot of hours or what? I guessed some of those hours are to shop for our beloved partners, be it clothing, shaving cream, socks or even underwear!
I, for one do buy my man's underwear. Well, so far, just boxers and briefs. Nothing fancy. And definitely not G-strings! What? Blogging taken over your shopping hours?? Well, there's always online shopping!! There's a great online store that sells a whole range of mens underwear? Yes. Even G-strings. It's DUGG - Down Under Guys Gear, and they carry stock from all the great brands that you can think of! An Australian-based company, free shipping is offered for domestic orders above AUD 50. Not in Australia? Fret Not! Free shipping is available ANYwhere for orders above AUD 80.
Wait No More! As till end-June, 4 GB iPod Nanos are to be won!!


It's MOM's birthday TODAY!

Since she doesn't want FLOWERS nor a CAKE delivered...I guessed I would have to do a VIRTUAL flowers and cake delivery!!!

Here is the cake!

And here are the flowers!
p/s Will get you an "un-birthday" cake when I come home in 4 weeks time!!

Scrapbooking Supplies

One of our fellow Scrapbooker's scrapbooking style has changed. So...she is hawking off some of her supplies... Here is a selection of the papers that I got from her.

She also has a set of shape-cutters for sale for about USD 40. At first, I thought a tad expensive. But as I was on the way home, I thought that maybe I should just get it off her as it would be much more expensive if I were to buy them new. She did say that she paid about USD 100 for the complete set..Don't know what is the brand though..but she's upgraded to the "Creative Memories" set which costs a BIGGER bomb!

As she's off to Singapore next week for shopping (to increase her already BIG stash of scrapbooking stuff), I won't be seeing her until the following week. SHUCKS! No playing with my new toy till the week after next! :-(

Executive Placement

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Party Planning - Part 3

Thought that I've done quite alot of Pirate's bandanas but a quick count revealed that I've only done six! ALAMAK!! Still have half a dozen more to go. It's quite easy to make...all I need is a long black cloth of about 3 inches wide (my dear 'ole friend in HK taught me how to do this :-D) and then draw the skull on. At first, I used white marker but the white didn't stand out well. So, switched to using white correction fluid. Had to exercise those finger muscles!!!
This is the other Jolly Roger that I've made. S1 coloured the whites with crayon and stuck the red paper for the Pirate's bandana. Again, the whites doesn't stand out well. So, guessed we have to go over with either poster paints or acrylics....
While making all these Pirates stuff, S2 came up and said "Not Fair!! Kor-Kor's party much more fun than mine!!". How ah? Like that??? S2 had a Pokemon Splash Party in February. Cannot exactly make Pokemon costumes for the kids, right? I did make Pokemon Posters, printed out Pokemon BINGO cards, bought Pokemon Stickers etc for his party, made water "bomb's". What else is there?? Aiya..when you have two or more kids...sure will have lots of "not fairs" one lah...
In case anyone is also planning for a Pirates Party, click on the following for some ideas...