Sunday, September 30, 2007

Holiday round the Corner...

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The Muslim holiday is just round the corner, and many people are preparing to go away. I have friends who will leaving next week. Yup! Their kids would be missing school for about 5 days.
What about us?
No such luck!
Thanks to H!
Some months back, I checked on a budget airline for flights to Macau (wanted to bring the boys to HK Disneyland) which had seats available during this festive season for USD 1600/- for the four of us. This was a GREAT deal! I wanted to book it BUT H said "WAIT. Maybe we go somewhere together. Just the two of us...". Well, our supposedly twosome trip did not materialize. And by this time, the outbound flight to Macau was already FULL!!! All flights out to ANYWHERE are ALL FULL!
What will be do?
Stay put in the city! Guessed we would require a proper trip planner to enable us to plan and chart our trip waaaaaaaaay in advance the NEXT time! One which would have some sort of a TIMER and ALARM!! Hahaha..

Am I a CoNTrol FrEaK?

Recently, I've written about needing new tactics when dealing with my S1. I think I need some advice/tips with handling growing boys. Both of us have engaged with some recent word wars. The biggest one happened on Friday morning, when he was getting ready for school. Don't know what happened but I ended up shouting and screaming, and him crying and shouting. *sigh* How like that? He kept on arguing with me...

And the next day, again I have to REPEAT myself for him to do something... Is it that I am a CoNTroL FrEaK? And that is why I am having problems?? Maybe I should just NOT care. But how can??? I know I should let go and let him learn from his mistakes....but that would be too late liow... How like that???

What do I NOT like?
  • Me having to REPEAT myself about 4 times, and then SCREAM at him before things are done.
  • SIMPLY and quickly completing work (really cin-cai bo-cai) to get to his TV/TV Games etc
  • Answering me in a COCKY way
  • Giving STUPID excuses
  • Walking like a CLOWN and then tripping!!!
  • Telling me work is DONE when in-fact NOT done!
  • NOT responsible over his own belongings.
So how??? Any ideas how to have a SHOUT-LESS day??

International Posting

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H works for a multinational company, and we have been moving from one country to another for about a decade now. H's company would normally appoint International Movers from their panel to take care of our move. It usually starts with a survey of our home contents, followed by a discussion of the packing and shipping schedule. With International Shipping, it's not uncommon to have our home contents stored temporarily in a warehouse, until a ship to our destination is available.

Where will be our next posting? I really have no idea. But H did mention if I would want to move to Vietnam if the opportunity is available. I've been an expat wife long enough to NOT think too much of how long a posting would be or where the next posting would be. In today's fast paced globalised world, everything is not cast in stone! In the earlier years, I did dwell and worry about this...but not anymore. These days, I tell H "Only when the opportunity comes, then ask me. Don't ask me now!". Only when the time comes, then I will check out on our new host country online through, a global relocation directory.

TAG: The Twos

SweetPea tagged me this EONS ago.

Two names you go by:
1) Girl
2) Mummy

Two things you are wearing right now:
1) Bra
2) Underwear

Two things you would want (or have) in a relationship:
1) Love
2) Respect

Two things you like to do:
1) Sleep
2) Eat

Two things you want very badly at the moment:
1) Some food (thought I could skip dinner....)
2) My eczema to go away

Two things you did last night:
1) Blogged
2) Went out dinner

Two things you ate today:
1) Dim Sum
2) Squid with Salty Egg

Two people you last talked to:
1) H (over the phone)
2) Kids

Two things you’re doing tomorrow:
1) Hurry kids for School
2) Gym

Two favorite days of the week:
1) Saturday
2) Sunday

Two favorite holidays:
1) Chinese New Year
2) Christmas

Two favorite beverages:
1) Latte (must be good one lah)
2) Watermelon Juice

Two things about me! Things you may not have known:
1) I am a procrastinator!
2) And a lazy bum!

Two jobs I have had in my life:
1) Con-Sultan
2) Project Engineer

Two movies I would watch over and over: (and do)
1) Overboard
2) Donno what else wor...

Two places I have lived:
1) Bangkok
2) Singapore

Two of my favorite foods:
1) Curry Laksa
2) Pork Mee Soup

Two places I’d rather be right now:
1) A nice beach with a cool breeze?
2) Up on a mountain with a cool breeze?

Won't be tagging anyone since this tag already old old liow....

Need More Space!

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One of the problems of living in a rented home is that I can't install built-in cabinets when I am in need of additional storage space. I mean, I certainly do not want to spend money for something that I cannot ship. Right? I need a closet cabinet that is stylish yet modular enough to be dismantled for shipping to our next base...wherever that may be.

Saturday, September 29, 2007

More Food!

Actually, this post should be in my other blog...but...

Anyway, we went to this place called Gourmet Garage for dinner today. It just opened about a couple of weeks back, and is about 5 minutes drive from our house (when there's NO jam). It's a mini-supermarket cum restaurant. It's very Aussie. Very outback. Very rugged feel.... It's nice. We enjoyed the food, and the prices are quite reasonable...(same cost as my coffee session with S1)

Sushi Section @ Gourmet Garage
Caesar's Salad
Seafood Chowder
Spaghetti Bolognese
Club Sandwich
Forgot to take picture of my Pecan Pie with Ice-Cream. I wallop the dessert the moment it arrived. :-) Verdict is: We will come again!!

Romance After Marriage?

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Do we need romance after marriage?

Of course, we do!!!

I think a lot of us folks somehow neglect this important aspect after some years of married life. We think "Oh! We are an old married couple. We don't this sort of stuff!". But the fact is that no matter how long a couple has been married, the relationship does require continual nurture. One fun way of doing this is romancing your spouse! Be it with a romantic candlelit dinner or an unexpected delivery of flowers. Words like "I love you" or "I miss you" are music to your spouse's ears. No. It's not corny! Even if you have just celebrated your GOLDEN anniversary, these words are just as important as when you were a newly-wed. Wanna know how else to add romance into your marriage? Check out for some great tips.

Bratz Party

Went to a Birthday Party today...The theme was "BRATZ".

The place was decorated with cut-outs of the Bratz girls. See the pix below. The cut-outs were almost 5 feet tall! Standing against this backdrop, I am slightly above the words "8th Birthday"...and I am about 5 ' 6". The pinata was also in a shape of Bratz.
There were LOADS of kids and adults too. Think the birthday girl's parents must have spent more than USD 1 K on this party! There's the cost of the entrance fee to this playground, the food, cake, party organizer with this fancy backdrop, party packs, games prizes etc etc. Cialatt, right? Don't think I can ever spend that kind of money on a party leh...

Thursday, September 27, 2007

Muscle Man!

I have been told by many people that both my boys are really skinny. Most times, I would brush the comments off with a "they are really active boys, and they burn off off fats easily". But sometimes, I look at them, and indeed I see the bones on their ribs protruding out, and I can't help wonder if I am malnourishing my kids. Perhaps I have to supplement their diet with some high protein muscle milk that would pump them up abit? What do you think?

Irregular Power Supply

I don't know if I have mentioned this before, but the power supply in my rented abode is not very reliable. I don't mean that the power supply gets interrupted, but more of the voltage supply is rather irregular. So much so that we have had some internal circuit board in our LCD TV burned-out. It costs a bomb to repair. And now, H's DVD player is also affected and is still in the repair shop. Think power supply repair of some sort needs to be undertaken to rectify the irregularities.

Birthday Dinners...Updated with Pix

On the actual day (Tuesday), went to a new Grill and Wine place called RUSTIQUE with the boys. The ambience was quite nice. Ordered a Caesar's Salad, Seafood Paella and Seafood Basket for the boys. Food was quite good, and prices reasonable. The total bill for 4 of us was less than the Mommy/Son Coffee Session that I had with S2 earlier this month. I actually took some photos with my mobile phone...but cannot find the cable to connect to the notebook.

Caesar's Salad

Seafood Paella

Next day, we went to a fancier place. Just the two of us. We went to the Steak House at the Four Seasons Hotel. H used to joke that he can only bring customers there on company's expense, and thus cannot bring me there. Anyway, I had the Pan-Seared Foie Gras with caramelized bananas (yummy but I think the one at Emilie is better) which melts in the mouth as it should, followed by a Grilled Australian Wagyu Rump Steak (My first Wagyu!!!). Dessert was a scoop of Rum and Raisin Ice-cream. Chose the cheaper Rump Steak (USD 30) vs the Rib-Eye which was as USD 55/-. No lah...didn't want to look like suah-koo, so didn't take any pictures. This place was also having a GOURMET burger promotion, the most expensive one was a Gourmet Kobe Burger at USD 110/-!!!! Seow or not???

Tuesday, September 25, 2007


Want to fast fast post this... Only 6 minutes left before the day changes...


Monday, September 24, 2007

We Are Certified!!!

Yay!! H and I are now PADI CERTIFIED Open Water Divers!
Yup! Yup! Yup!

As mentioned in my last post, we went to the islands for our Diving certification over the weekend. On Saturday morning, we set-off from our home at 6.30 am as our driver said it'll take an hour to reach the pier. ALAMAK! Took only 30 minutes to reach there. The boat was only gonna leave at 8.00 AM. So...can you imagine us having to wait for soooooooo long at the pier? With nothing to do?

Anyway, the speed boat did depart on time with about 50 passengers. Took about 1 1/2 hours to reach the island. The water was crystal clear. Unfortunately, the hotel was errrr... let's just say that we had to "rough it out". The room does have air-cond, TV and fridge. The kids, especially S1 hated the toilet. I don't know why..I thought the toilet was quite clean and presentable. Think maybe he was not used to a bathroom that does not have a bathtub. These kids are so used to 5-Star hotel, that this very basic hotel needed some little used to. I was only concerned with bed bugs! Luckily, we all slept well. No bed bugs. No mozzies.

Boys played with sand, while we had the first two open water dives at the coral reef off the island. The corals were already quite "dead". Apparently, no real divers come to these islands for real diving, but just for their certification. Just as well, cause on my second dive, I landed on some corals and broke them. URGH!!! I fell like a brick. I had 5 kg weights on me...which I think too much for start of the dive. After the dives, four of us walked round the island. Took us only 15 minutes. Then we sat by the beach to have drinks. No terror Pina Coladas or Margaritas but H had a beer, and me a coke. Waited for sunset...and took some great pictures. See them??? Then we had dinner (included in the hotel package. Not great food. But okay lah...). We went to bed pretty early...all of us slept at 9.30 AM.

Next morning... I sort of heard S1 leaving the room to walk on the beach, and then H telling S2 something...and then H came into my bed to wake me up. And then S2 said "Are you going to S-E-X?" See lah? Kids these days. Anyway, saw that outside was soooo bright! Sun already OUT liow. Missed the opportunity to take pictures of sunrise. Washed up and then had breakfast.....Fried Rice and Fried Egg. Think had a little too much. Why? Read on!

For our third dive, we took a speed boat out to another reef. Took boys with us. Whilst we were diving, boys were feeding fishes with bread from the breakfast table. They really enjoyed the speed boat ride, and feeding the fishes. When we finished the 3rd dive, we headed back to the hotel. I somehow felt queasy, and nauseous. H kept on telling me to go back to the room to puke. Our instructor says that it's because I ate, and then swim too much, instead of relaxing in the water. Rested, but refused to go puke. Then off we went for the 4th Open Water Dive. Wa.....the moment, I surfaced, really beh tahan! I puked all my fried rice out!! All the fishes of course came to EAT my regurgitated fried rice! And the instructor was already up on the pier and he shouted "very good. lots of fishes!" ...H was not too far from me when I puked. I don't know if he was DISGUSTED but he did help me to the ladder to get out of the water. Waaaa...after the puke, really felt SO MUCH better!!! Obviously, I didn't learn from my previous lesson!

Then, we took the boys on the banana boat. The attendant asked if we wanted the boat to be flipped at the finale. Of course I said NO lah. As it is, my S2 already quite reluctant to go on it. When the boatman turned the boat, and water splashed up, aiyooooo my S2 screamed and screamed. How to have the boat flipped over?? After that, S1 canoed by himself. He's quite good! We then had lunch (after puke liow, sure can eat some more!!), cleaned up and ready to leave the island. We departed at 2 pm. Supposed to arrive at 3.30 pm, but the boat detoured to pick up some other passengers from another island. Consequently, we only got back at the pier at 4.10 pm. Fed the boys' McD's on our way home...

Overall, we all enjoyed ourselves. Boys actually said that they wanna go again despite of the basic facilities. :-)

Friday, September 21, 2007

Problems With Debt Collection?

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  • Do you give your customers credit?
  • Do you have problems collecting what is owed to you?

If your answer is a YES. YES. YES.

Then, look no further.

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Growing boy...

Yesterday, as usual...boys and I chatted in the car on the way to their Mandarin class. The convo centered around our trip to the Thousand Islands this weekend, and then S1 asked why don't we go to Bali?

Me: But you've been to Bali. And you will be going again for your Residential. Maybe Borobudur. We will definitely go to Borobudur.

S1 thought it was the Borobudur Hotel..that's located in the northern part of the city.
S1: Great! I can meet Chef Betz again, and have the famous Oxtail...

Me: Okay..This weekend we can go. Err.. okay not this weekend. Next weekend.

S1: No. Since this weekend, I cannot hang out with my friends, I want to hang out with them next week. Next Next weekend then we go.

Me: Wa...So long. Next week, we go lah...

S1: Hello. Mommy. I also have a life one you know!!

I was gobsmacked!!!! I just replied " dare to talk to me like that?"

When I told H...he said "Lei ker chai tai kor ler". (Your son big liow)
*sigh* Have to change tactics liow...

Thursday, September 20, 2007

Soft Soft Leather!

Don't you just love the luxurious feel of soft leather? Even better, a soft comfortable leather chair! One that you can plonk yourself in, lift your feet up and recline in a sloth position in front of the TV set. What better way than to relax after a hard days work? Wait NO more! Get yourself the MUST-HAVE Leather Club Chairs, Brown Leather Chairs or Recliner Leather Chairs now!!! Hurry up!!

Finally...We are Going.. the Thousand Islands this weekend to get our Diving Certification.

Don't know if the place is as nice as these photos though...

Our trip has been postponed for more than two months? First, postponement was in July, when I had to have S1's birthday, then it was postponed in Aug because H had to work, and then it was because of the Hungry Ghost festival. Now, it's the 8th Lunar Month, can go liow, and rooms are also available. So.... looks like we will be off this Saturday morning. Hopefully, S2 will not start panicking about going on the boat again (Read my previous post).

It has been so long, I can hardly remember what to do. Thought we should do a refresher course at the Dive Center first, but the instructor said NO NEED. So how?

But looking forward lah.....

Home Away from Home...

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Like many expats, we live in a rented property. A property that we have painstakingly selected through sweat, tears, frustrations and of course the trademark traffic jams. One that we can make it our home away from home.

The weird thing about renting a property here is that the rent needs to be paid TWO YEARS in advance. Yup! You heard me right! TWO YEARS! Most leases MUST be for the duration of two years. If you are unlucky, you might end up with a terrible landlord whom takes your $$$$ and never to be heard of. I've had unfortunate friends who had terrible landlords. One had her air-condition units broken-down, and the landlord refuses to fix them. Another had leaking roofs, and the landlord tells her that it's her problem. One had to endure noise pollution as the landlord refused to install double glazing to keep the noise out, and even had the cheek to tell her to move out!

We do have quite a decent landlord. Whenever something fails in the house, a quick phone call and the maintenance worker is here at our door on the same day, or the next. If we require any Home Improvements, it will be completed too! The only bummer is that an invoice would come at the end of the month, and we'll have to settle it. :-(

Our First Time!

"Tai Yat Chee".......

Very "sum chaer" people will think "tai yat chee do yiar"???" BUT of course being the sweet innocent girl that I am, I do not mean that. What I meant was OUR first time at the GOLF COURSE! YAY!!!!

It was Ladies' Day on Wednesday (yesterday), so two girlfriends (W and L) and I went to the Golf Course for the very first time. We have had about 8 lessons with the Golf-Pro already, and I felt that we MUST go out to the course liow. What for wait and wait , and continue hitting at the carpet at the driving range? Go out and do the real thing lah! we went....dragging our Golf-Pro with us. Of course must pay him lah... But overall, including green fees, buggy, caddy and Golf-Pro fees...we paid about USD 55/- each. Okay lah..

Anyway, our tee off time was at 8.00 AM (Our hubbies were like "huh? 8 AM too late. Should tee off at about 6 AM or something". Aiya... we where will wake at 4.30 AM for golf one??? Seow meh?).... and at the counter, the lady asked "Do you need a buggy?". I didn't answer and paused abit, L immediately piped in and said "Of course need a buggy! Why you must think so long?" ...hahaha... so, we took the buggy...and only paid for the 9-hole. I was contemplating of the 18 hole, cause only another USD 6 for the additional 9-holes. But my friend stopped me lah..

First hole, we already like Seow Char-boh.. laughing and all. And there was a flight in front of us. Our Golf-Pro was quick to quiet us, and educate us Sua-Koo ladies the first etiquette of KEEP QUIET when there are people teeing-off. hahahah...

Me very GUNG-HO was the first to tee-off Surprisingly, it didn't look bad! In fact, it looked quite impressive! Then L started to say "Si lah. Si lah. Pressure me. Give me stress only." hahaha...She was so nervous that when it was her turn, she missed the ball, cangkul the grass and the golf club flew to the back. Luckily we were standing quite far away. The guffaws were unevitable!!! kekekeke... But after that, she did calm down, and did hit decently.

Overall, I think we did fairly well for the first outing on the golf course. I lost a few balls into the river though. The male caddy (whom I have to say was quite good. Telling me which direction, helping me locate the balls, advising on the way I should hit..... we were saying that these days, most courses have replaced with female caddies who only POSE rather than help with the game. But guys don't care lah...but we ladies of course want good caddies rather than Heow-Pohs what!!) chose my clubs for me, and wanted to be safe. Gave me a 7-iron so that ball will just land before the river. But you know STRONG POWDERFUL SUPERWOMAN like me, hit so hard and the ball went into the river.

My girlfriends? At hole-6, there was mention of stopping...and After hole-7, they were negotiating one take hole-8 and the other hole-9. In the end, they didn't finish the last hole, which was a Par 5. Me? Did quite well at the last hole, if I must say!! Can't wait to go AGAIN!!!!

Tuesday, September 18, 2007

London is Calling Out to Me....

YES! It is.
I seriously can hear the beckoning calls of "Come back! Come back!"
It is rather hard to resist vibrant London.
Ever heard of the quip "He who tires of London, tires of Life"?
London bars, pubs, cafes,restaurants , parks (I absolutely love Hyde Park and Kensington Gardens), West End Shows, shopping, Sunday flea markets are always full of life, color and sounds.
Ahhh....Don't you wish to be part of that London lifestyle? I do!

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How Come Ahh?

........that after going to the gym diligently, twice a week for more than a month (early Aug)...
..... I STILL weigh the same?
..... My shorts STILL as tight as ever?


Is it because time not spent enough at the gym?
Kenot be what... I am on the X-Trainer for 30 +5 minutes. The calorie counters shows > 310 cal, the distance shows > 5 KM wor.... And then after that, I do weights for my belly and arms for about 25 minutes. Still not enough??

Or is it because twice a week is not enuff?
Really?? Must be at least 3 times a week?

Or is it because I think I go to the gym twice a week, I MAKAN banyak-banyak?
Errr...maybe a little bit because of this reason ler...

What is Gâc?

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I chanced upon Gâc on PPP, and the first thing on my mind was "What is that?". Naturally, I went to the site to read up about this exotic fruit. Excerpt from the site:

"Gâc is a bright-red fruit that grows as large as a cantaloupe and abundantly on vines all over sub-tropical Asia, especially in Vietnam. A fountain of antioxidants, as recent research unveiled, this fruit is grown in home gardens and valued for its medicinal potentials. In Asian households, the red oily pulp is often cooked with rice. The bright red color generates the visual effect that represents good luck and joy."

I am surprised that having lived almost all my life in Asia, I have never heard, let alone seen this fruit. Perhaps, it is not grown in abundance in my country of birth, Malaysia? How about cosmopolitan Singapore? Surely, such an exotic fruit would be available on the supermarket shelves? Okay, the excerpt did indicate "sub-tropical". But having lived in sub-tropical Thailand for one and a half years did not expose me to this particular fruit. Has Vietnam kept this SECRET fruit from the rest of the world? WHY?

Recent scientific research shows that Gâc is rich in beta-carotene, lycopene and other potent antioxidants, essential nutrients for cellular rejuvenation throughout the body. The carotenoids in Gâc is in a highly bio-available form which helps support healthy skin and the body’s own defense mechanisms from free radicals.

Is that why Vietnamese ladies are so much more youthful and better looking that 'ole me??

As I am now well-informed about this fruit, I will seek forth its benefits to obtain that elusive smooth youthful skin. And with all the Gâc nutrients concentrated into the R.G. Skin Revitalizer capsules, I can just pop them into the wrinkled body of mind. Easy, and hassle-free! Besides, I am not really a fruit person. Capsules, please!

Monday, September 17, 2007

Nice Matters Award!

YAY! Another AWARD!!! This award is from Misha's Mum. Thank you! Thank you!
*Takes a bow, and walks up to the podium*

"Ahem. Ahem. I want to thank my mommy, my daddy, my husband, my sons, my sisters, my friends, blah blah blah..... Huh? Everybody sleep liow, ar??"


And I want to pass this AWARD to two people.

  1. Laundryamah - For listening to all my grumblings, naggings, cries as well as my LOUD laughters all these years. Being there whenever I needed a listening ear. Thank you, Amah!
  2. Very Vera - For doing all my donkey work down in OZ, as recent as yesterday! Thank you very muchy!!!!

Old Habits?

Am so used to working on the Microsoft Windows platform that I have partitioned my MacBook, to run on Windows Vista in addition to the original Mac OS. Plus have installed the new Office 2007 too. Waaaaa....have to say the tools and icons on the Office 2007 very "kheng"! So, even running on familiar old Windows, Vista is slightly different. Still have to learn some new tricks. :-)
Update: Aiyo... Get latest software BUT then my current HP All-in-One Printer Scanner NOT so Hi-tech wor. Cannot use the normal HP software, have to use some other canggih software to get the scanned stuff.

Sunday, September 16, 2007

Sprucing Up an Old Cabinet..

I had a small cabinet that was purchased when S1 was born. Needless to say, the condition of the cabinet had deteriorated through normal wear and tear, plus the occasional torture by the kids. Although it didn't look that good, it was still quite sturdy. Rather than throwing it out, I decided that I would fix it and give it to my then-maid. I purchased some cabinet hardware off-the-shelf at a DIY store. I changed the drawer knobs, replace the hinges and stuck-on some adhesive cover on the top. It did look rather presentable after this cosmetic make-over!

Saturday, September 15, 2007


Yup! All three of us... went to get ourselves cucuk today...aiya... immunized lah.

Started off with the receipt of a letter from school indicating that S1 needed a booster shot of MMR to keep his medical records in order. Somehow, this is a requirement in this country and the US. In Malaysia, the first MMR is given at about 15 months, and no booster shot is required. So, of course I never really peduli (care) lah. But because S1 has a Residential trip to Bali in early November, I need to get his records straight. Otherwise, he will be denied from going on the trip. And this of course is a BIG NO NO!

As for S2, he needed to get his BCG vaccination. In Malaysia, this is normally given at school. But here, BCG is not a requirement at this age. Funny, yeah? But I want to get it done lah.. just to be in accordance to Malaysia's medical regulations.

H had a golf game with his customer this morning, and thus did not go with us. The night before, we had a chat about this.
Me - Do you think I can handle S2 myself?
H - It's sooooo big! You want me to DIE??? *LOL*

H was actually emulating S2. With great success, I have to say. The last time, we took S2 to have his DTP jab. Waaaaaaaa... it was MEGA difficult. He was thrashing and kicking. And YES. He did screamed out "Its sooooo big. You want me to DIE?" when he saw the syringe! Hahaaaahhaaa.. Yeah. I know. Bad mommy. But it was kinda funny. Sooooo dramatic. H calls him our DRAMA KING!

I didn't want to wait another day, and decided to brace myself and go forth to the clinic on my own. S1 as hero lah. Took his two jabs (oh... the second jab, I decided that we should have too... for Typhoid), one on his left arm, and the other on the buttock. I insisted on the buttock, so that the right arm can still be UN-hurt for doing homework. *Evil Laugh*

Then it was S2's turn. Aiyo..... started screaming and crying when the nurse was just filling up the syringe. But luckily, he did calm down and the first jab on the buttock went in without a hitch. Once he felt the 1st was okay, the 2nd one on the arm was quite a breeze through. But the commotion PRIOR to taking the jabs was enough to invite STARES and GRINS when I exit the consultation room. I just casually said "he can be heard loud and clear out here, huh?", and this ang-moh guy grinned at me and said "Uh-Huh!"

Oh yeah..I had a Typhoid jab too. Aiya...of course I didn't cry lah.....

Friday, September 14, 2007

The London Pass

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Going to London?
Current exchange rate of USD 2 ~ GBP 1 a Worry?

Fret Not!

London CAN still be affordable!
With the London Pass!

What exactly is the London Pass?
It's a cool plastic card offering free entry to 56 of the best tourist attractions in and around London. All you need to do is simply pay one affordable fee, and the card can be used to enter many participating attractions. Some popular participating attractions are: The Tower of London, London Zoo, Kensington Palace, Windsor Castle, London Aquarium, Shakespeare's Globe, St Paul's Cathedral, Chelsea FC Stadium Tour and the Tower Bridge Exhibition - and many many more.

And you wanna know what's the best perk about the London Pass? Queue Jumping to many of the attractions!!! Can you imagine yourself just breezing in through the Entry? Whilst others are in the looooooong zig-zag queue? Ooooooh! Won't you be snickering inside?

For added convenience, unlimited travel on London's tube, bus and train network can be incorporated into the London Pass for an additional fee. More queue avoidance at the ticket counters!

Jiozi and Gyoza

Wanna eat some dumplings?
Click here for the Recipe.

Started out making the dumplings with the pleats, but it was quite tedious. So decided to just make a semi-circle shape like "suey kow" instead. Soooooo much easier!!!

Weekend Breaks Awaaaaay

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Mondays to Fridays... You work like a DOG! Your IN-Box is filled with papers to the ceiling. Your boss screams at you. Your colleagues back-stab you. What do you do for a reprieve? To preserve your sanity?

Take short breaks away, of course! No matter what your desire is, be it shopping in the fashion capital of Paris, sunning on the beaches of Nice or being serenaded on a gondola ride in Venice...... Well-planned weekend breaks can do wonders to de-stress and rejuvenate the body and soul!

With the availability of cheap flights and holiday offers to many great European cities, a city break over a weekend would not break the bank! So...Fret Not!

I am LOVED by Firehorse! happy to get this AWARD from Firehorse aka Kopi-Soh! Thank You! Thank You! *muaks* *muaks*

And now, I'm supposed to present this Award to the the blogs I LUV....and actually I do have quite a few now. BUT I'll like to present this Award to the new blogs that I've just started visiting regularly this September. They are bp - back to basics , mama pumpkin, shern's mummy, sasha bla bla blah and sweetpea.

Vacancy for an Electrician


Salary: Negotiable

Working hours: till the job is done

Anybody in for this CHALLENGING job?

Thursday, September 13, 2007

Home Office Furniture

{Sponsored Post}

With my new part-time job, I would be working from home. Thus, I would need to convert the study room into a real home office. Would need to head out to furniture stores to get some Home Office Furniture. What do I need? A comfy swivel chair that looks like the ones shown here from Would need to get some shelves too!

Kid's Work

Was clearing out the study room, and found some of the kid's work stashed in the cupboard. Was gonna throw them away...but thought it would be a waste. So, decided to put it up on the wall of the study room to spruce up the white wall.

Wednesday, September 12, 2007

A Hiking We Will Go...

Hi Ho The Merry-O, A Hiking We Will Go....
When your beau says "Let's go hiking, hon!", what do you say?
Would your answer be:
a) ARE you out of your mind?, or
b) Oh! I would love to!

I'm sure your answer depends on the length of the relationship. My Canadian friend said that when her boyfriend asked her to hike up to the ancient Aztec ruins, she bit her tongue and chose answer (b). Why? The relationship was only 3 months old then and she was dying to impress. What would you do? Go with answer (b), and take this opportunity to shop for a stylish North Face jacket such as the one shown here? Plus matching hiking boots and backpack?

Some Updates

More on Musical Instruments
S2 brought back a FLUTE today, and announced "The saxophone is too hard". Apparently, no more Alto Saxophones are available for loan, and S2 had to use the Medium Saxophone instead. It's bigger than the Alto, and he found it quite big to be carried and to blow into it. So, he's learning to play the flute instead. He demonstrated blowing, and said the note must be held for at least 4 seconds. Errr...from what I hear, it's not exactly a note YET. I tried to blow too, and I almost ZERO sound came out. S2 tried to teach me "First, you have to put your lips like that, and then smile, and then blow"... Don't ask me why have to smile one!
S1 also wants to take up an additional instrument. He's already doing the guitar. He now wants to try to learn to play the Saxophone. So, I'll have to write a letter to school to request for it. The thing is ....somehow, my kids are always "poon thonng sway" one (half pail of water OR, half past six) things halfway all the time instead of truly completing something. Hope they will really and truly want to be music stars! Okay..Stars abit of exaggeration!

Consulting Job
Got myself some part-time work as a CON-Sultan hahaha...
Okay. Serious now. It's an engineering consulting job for a Singaporean company, to help them liase with their client over here. Went to my first meeting with the client today, who happens to be my friend's hubby! Don't know if this will make the job easier or not, but the meeting today was pleasant enough.
Work will be on a flexi-basis, and I can work from home MOST of the time. Hope I don't have to get out to their plant too often. I will be paid a daily rate plus out-of-pocket expenses. And I think I may have to go to Singapore to open a bank account, and to see another doctor for my problematic foot. Will see when I go lah...

Another Earthquake

Another earthquake occurred off the coast of Sumatera this evening. According to my MIL, Malaysian news has indicated that a Tsunami will hit South Thailand at 11 pm tonight. Think the fault along the Indonesian Archipelago is undergoing massive activities...with so many earthquakes happening in recent times. But what can be done? Nothing, I guessed......

Formula ONE Driver!

Did you know that I used to aspire to be a Formula One Driver?

Maybe, F1 Driver is an exaggeration of the extreme sort, but I do lurve to drive fast! Give me a powerful car that goes VROOOOOOM anytime! There was once when I drove my mom's beemer on the North-South Expressway, and was going 190 km/hr with my foot still on the accelerator. If it's not for my mom going "Oi! Oi!', I think I would have crossed the 200 mark. Even with my tiny company car, I used to speed on the highway to Kuantan, albeit at a more decent speed of 130 km/hr. Unfortunately, the speed limit for one particular stretch is a measly 90 km/hr, and I got caught on the speed camera TWICE! *sigh* Although it was a company car, speeding tickets were not covered. Thus, I needed to fork out from my own pocket. Would be great if I have one of those high-tech radar detector that would give me ample warning from being caught! Heeeee

Nautical Bedding!

Who doesn't?
LURVE beautiful bedding, that is..... especially cute kids bedding that comes with matching curtains and accessories. I better not use the word "CUTE", otherwise it will scare my boys! With the older one turning into a tween, the bedding that I choose will have to be anything other than cute. What do you think of the nautical theme? Macho enough for a growing boy?

Monday, September 10, 2007

More on Kids...

Musical Instruments
This afternoon, on our way to the boys' Mandarin class, we were chatting as usual. S2 mentioned that he's also learning to play the Recorder. "What song can you play now?, I asked.
"Don't know any song. Just learn to be annoying", retorted S2. "We just put our mouths onto the thingy and blow. Very noisy and annoying. The people always wash one. Must wash the recorder cause lots of saliva go inside!".
I can IMAGINE the PEEEE PAAAAA POOOO in a classroom full of novice players! Sure si-beh ANNOYING! Don't know how the teacher can tahan!

Made the boys do some Math problems yesterday (before High School Musical 2), and as usual S1 made a helluva lot of mistakes. Terrible me...started to raise my voice and S1 was like "Stop shouting! You are STRESSING me out!". You see lah. A little bit like that, STRESS-OUT wor. And then later, you know what? He said he MUST do some BRAIN GYM so that he can work better and faster, and proceeded to stand and do some funny stance like a standing meditation kind. ALAMAK!! What is this rubbish? Go to British school learn this kind of stuff! (Pardon Me! If I offend any British or ang-mohs here) My time certainly got NO such thing!! Anyway, my kids don't go to KUMON. Am thinking if I should send them or not? Is it really necessary? Will they lose out if they don't go to KUMON? I'm thinking if me tutoring (screaming?) them would be sufficient. Or not? What do you say?

Oh Boxes!

This is definitely NOT Sponsored.

Just want to spread the news around!! This online site has wonderful gift packages filled with the brim with yummilicious goodies. Shown here is the ROMANA, a premium selection of Baklavas, Date Delights and Honey Sweets beautifully packed in an exquisite box dressed with festive ribbon and batik flower. At only RM 155/- inclusive of delivery, it is the perfect Raya gift. Check out the others on offer at now!

P/S This is my very talented and hardworking friend's venture. She is working FULL-time and has two kids!! Put me to shame hor?

Sunday, September 09, 2007

London Memories

H came back from London a week ago, and he has been indicating that we should visit London together during the Raya Holidays. I haven't been to London for ages. The last time was in September 2002. London does bring back lots of memories....weekend walks in Hyde Park...feeding the ducks, West End musicals, shopping on Oxford Street, Oodles of Noodles in Chinatown, the V&A and Natural History Museums within walking distance from my old Uni...

What would I do in London this time? Visit the London Eye, cruise down the River Thames, be entertained by musicals such as "The Lion King" and "Mamma Mia", and to visit my dear little sister and her beloved, of course!

Can't stay at my sister's love nest, so...we'll have to book into a London hotel. Where in London? Most likely a hotel along the Picadilly Line as the access to London Heathrow and Leicester Square is easy. How about the 5-Star Covent Garden Hotel? Okay... maybe 5-Star is way out of our budget. How about the 4-Star Radisson Edwardian Mountbatten Hotel?

Update on Kids...

House Captain??
"I am going to run for House Captain", S1 announced as he came down from the bus on Thursday afternoon. I have to say that I was a little bit surprised that my scardy-kat was gonna run for House Captain. He worked on his speech for quite some time that night. The next day, S2 came home and announced that his brother (S1 went straight to T's house for sleepover) didn't win but managed to be the Vice-Captain.
And then he added "B won because he is better looking". Of course I was shocked, and remarked with a "Huh?? Where got such thing one?".
Then, S2 replied "No. Actually. He is not better looking. But he sound good".
I asked "Do you mean that B has a better speech?"
"Yeaaaaaa!!!", was S2's reply.
So...there, my S1 is the Vice-Captain for the RED House.

On the same note... S1 commented "T didn't want me to run for House Captain because he said then he won't be able to see me during lunch time". When I heard this, I actually laughed, and told H that it sounded like a girlfriend whining to the boyfriend! BTW, T is a boy too.

Musical Instruments
It is now compulsory to learn at least one musical instrument at school. And S1 has chosen the guitar. I wonder if he can really pick it up. Somehow, I have the idea that kids need to learn to read notes at a much younger age. As for S2, he'll be learning to play the Alto Saxophone. Hopefully, all the BLOWING will reduce his TALKING AIR! hahahahaa....

High School Musical 2
Both my boys are really crazy over High School Musical 2. They will sing and gyrate with the tunes. Now, their room is filled with posters of the guy and the gal and donno who else.... To watch the show this evening, they gladly did their Maths and clean their room!

Thursday, September 06, 2007

What is Important?

My mom just SMS-ed me to inform that Pavarotti has succumbed to cancer today. *Sigh* Am overwhelmed with quite a lot of news about friends and relatives getting cancer. My cousin-in-law passed away last week, from lung cancer that has metathesized to her bones. She was only 42. And yesterday, I received an email from my friend in Bangkok. Her ex-husband has just been diagnosed with 3rd-stage liver cancer. He undergoes extensive check-ups for his pilot's license renewal every year; thus the discovery that the cancer is in its late stage was quite a shock. I informed my mom on this, and she reverted with the news that her best friend's (also a breast cancer patient) husband has also been diagnosed with cancer. It brings to light that despite of all the wealth and power, health would still be the most important aspect of life. We should also lead life to the fullest, worry less and be happy always.

Mommy and Son

Yesterday, S2 had a playdate over at a friend's house (err...on a weekday as his friend is moving to Cambodia at the end of this cincai lah). So what do I do? Took S1 out for a mommy and son bonding session. At first, he didn't want to lah... But then agreed when I said OKAY to his request for a Cappucino!! And that fella wanted to go to a fancy place some more! So, we went to a place called Huize van Wely, a Pattissier, Chocolatier, Glacier and Salon de Thè. Yes. S2 had his own personal cup of Cappucino. He was very pleased! Think he felt kinda grown-up. Previously, he's had sips from mine but never his own. But our friend, perhaps tried too hard..he dribbled Cappucino all over his shirt. Anyway, S1 did have a pasta dish, and as for me, had the Afternoon Tea for One....finished with 3 pieces of handmade chocolate. WAH!!!!! The bill came and was about USD 45/-....Almost fainted! Even whole family have a satisfying crab meal also not so expensive. And then S1 said "Let's come again!" and I was quick to answer with a "NO-lah...errr...maybe just for the coffees, Okay?" Perhaps I should look on the bright side that mother and son bonded over a cuppa??? Instead of the $$$ flying away....

Also, further to my Vomit Blood post on S2, and subsequent enlightenment that it's due to hormones, I am striving to laugh at their Off-and-On antics of sorts, instead of tearing my hair out. I mean, soon...they will be so grown up....So, what do I do?

- Listen to S2 burp his ABCs....
- Listen to the boys sing amended songs.. Like? You know the song that begins with "I believe I could fly...I believe I could touch the sky...". Well, it has been amended to "I believe I could die...I've been shot by the FBI..." And the Barney song? It used to have an ending "won't you say you love me too..." and now it becomes "sorry kids but Barney's dead!".
....and the list goes on...

HP Ink Cartridges

{Sponsored Post}

Ever since S2 knows how to use the computer to print out webpages, my printer cartridges get empty pretty quick. We have a HP All-in-One Printer that sits in the study room. For a long time, the kids were using the computer all over the house, except the study room. I thought that the kids, especially S2 would not know how to connect the USB cable from the printer to the laptop. How wrong I was! One day, I wanted to print some documents, and discovered that the ink cartridge that I've replaced NOT too long ago has depleted all the ink! And by the side of the printer, were discarded COLOURFUL pages of Pokemon monsters, Harry Potter and Eragon!! Some Sherlock Holmes investigation revealed that S2 was the culprit. I was surprised that he is more computer-savvy than I thought...which is good. But the downside is that I would have to replace the HP Ink Cartridges, which costs a small fortune!!! It would be great if there's a store that sells original HP Ink Cartridges at a discount over here. But if you are in the UK, look no further than InkCartridgesDirect.

Wednesday, September 05, 2007

Thirty Five Questions TAG

This TAG is courtesy of Shern's Mom.

Where is your cell phone? Still in my handbag
Relationship? Friendship 22 Years. Marriage almost 11 years
Your hair? Just got it highlighted today
Work? Shopping, Spa-ing, Golfing, ..
Your sister/s? DKSL, MKYM, MKSY, GKSN and VKSS
Your favorite thing? SLEEP!!!!!
Your dream last night? SCARY!! Dreamt that I was preggers with No.3
Your favorite drink? Think would be Watermelon
Your dream car? One that will go VROOOM VROOOM and allows me to ZOOOOOM off in a jiff!!!!
The room you’re in? Study Room
Your shoes? See my two new pairs???? Heee heee
Your fears? Too many. Don't wanna think!!!
What do you want to be in 10 years? One cool svelte momma with ZERO worries!!!
Who did you hang out with this weekend? Aiyo... with my boys wor...
What are you not good at? Managing my worries
Muffin? Haven't had one in ages! But think banana ones would be yummy.
One of your wish list items? Too many. Cannot decide!!
Where you grew up? Petaling Jaya
Last thing you did? Picked S2 up from his friend's house
What are you wearing? Still my Kai-kai clothes... (think I should go shower now!!)
What aren’t you wearing? Now? Shoes lah...inside the house ma..
Your pet? NONE. Or do my two monyets count??
Your computer? IMac and Dell
Your life? Can't complain lah..
Your mood? Quite good except for S2 driving me NUTS~
Missing? My family back home in PJ
What are you thinking about right now? That I must shower soon...*scratch* *Scratch*
Your car? Fortuner ...7 seater so can ferry visiting guests....
Your kitchen? Alright lah.. but needs an island
Last time you laughed?Over latte with S1
Last time you cried? When I watch Ratatouille. Yeah. I know. SEOW!!!
School? Assunta, Princess Helena College, Swansea College, Imperial College...
TAG: WMD, VeryVera, SAHM, Misha's Mum, Dancing Queen

Adaptor Required??

I'm rather appalled at the water quality in this country. The water from our taps are actually groundwater pumped out to a storage tank, that's located up on the roof of my house. I have a ceramic water filter which I want to have fixed onto my kitchen tap. But the fittings somehow does not match. I would have to purchase a suitable adaptor, or in the worst case purchase a totally new tap. I will hop over to Delta faucets to check out on their wide product range.

Sea Gull Lighting

Our expat Ladies Group was having our regular gathering in the penthouse apartment of one of the members. The apartment was tastefully furnished befitting of a penthouse. The pièce de résistance was the lighting over the dining table. It absolutely enhances the dining space exquisitely. I wished I could have a stylish chandelier like the one from seagull lighting over my dining table!

H's Trip

Do you know what is the WORST thing about a hubby who has flown around the world and back????

His JET-LAG!!!!!

Aiyo...3 AM in the morning, and he is AWAKE. Awake nevermind.... some more will wake you up to KACAU you wor... How like that???

Aiya...since he brought back so many goodies for the boys and I, cin-chai lah.... Let him KACAU lah...hahahaha..

p/s Didn't manage to take a photo of the secretary's Coach Wallet. But...have to say, not very nice lah... heheheheh...

Tuesday, September 04, 2007

City of Edinburgh

Looking for a job?
But don't know which city is best?

Have you ever thought about working in the City of Edinburgh, Scotland's capital?
Located only about 45 miles from the largest Scottish city of Glasgow, Edinburgh has the largest economy of any city in the United Kingdom outside London. Jobs in Edinburgh are plentiful, primarily in the service sector, i.e. education, health, finance and tourism. What's more is that Edinburgh is a city vibrant with festivities, top-class restaurants and wonderful museums and galleries. After a hard day's work, there's loads of after-hours activities to help you unwind. So, what are you waiting for? There's bound to be an Edinburgh job that suits you best!

Monday, September 03, 2007


H is on his way back from the airport now, and he called to have a chat. And he mentioned that he bought a COACH wallet for his secretary for her birthday.... WAHHHH!!!!! So "foot-lou"!!!!!! What can I say??? Just keep quiet while he talks lah. This fella ar... talk to secretary so nice to me, like want to eat me up!!! I told him so, and he said "secretary will run away , but you won't". @sshole, or not? Hanky-Panky? No lah.... It's the women that he don't tell or mention then I would be worried....Will see if I can manage to take a photo of the wallet....Later..

Computer Table...

This one NOT Sponsored... Funnily, I actually did buy a computer table yesterday.... But of course mine NOT STYLO-MYLO as the ones from FurnitureFromHome lah. (I WISH!!!) Mine is the conventional type lah. Bought my set from Ace Hardware. It was ON SALE. I mana will buy non-sale stuff one. The table and swivel chair only costs RM 130/-. Quite good deal, huh? Yes. Our computers are all laptops...but like I said, at least the boys are GLUED to one place rather than moving the laptop here there, everywhere....which resulted in very loose hinges between the screen and the body!!

Home Office

{Sponsored Post}

These days, every home would have a computer. Be it for the home office, or for the kids to complete their school work. A home computer desk would come in real handy, even if you own a laptop. Why? Because "IT" is the designated area for the computer, and the kids would then at least be rooted down to that spot, rather than carrying the fragile laptop to wherever they wish! You would think that computer desks are ugly looking pieces of furniture. But check out the stylish ones from FurnitureFromHome!

Sunday, September 02, 2007

Rush Hour 3

Took boys to watch RUSH HOUR 3 at the cineplex this afternoon. They enjoyed it tremendously with all the action-packed stunts, and simple humour. I thought it was okay...except for the ending. Felt it ended too abruptly and with no real logical explanation (i.e. how come they don't have to prove that the Head of the International Court is the bad guy, and they are the good???). But as my mom would say "choe hee siow, khwa hee gong" (Best translation I can think of is "acting is mad, watching is silly" or something like that. Anyone can help with a better translation???)