Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Finally. I am doing something to my chairs!

Remember my OLD and DIRTY dining chairs?
The ones that I have been harping on and on for years that I was going to replace or re-upholster?
After 5 years.... I finally am doing something to them.
Nope. Not replace them... but getting them spruced up.
They are going to be plumped up with more cushioning material, and re-upholstered with a suede-like looking fabric. They'll look as good as new in no time (I hope!).
I am still considering to get two additional chairs ... but these two gonna be the expensive one. Still waiting for the guy to email some photos of chair models that I want. So we'll see.....
By the way... these 6 dining chairs are about 9 years old. Not too bad that they are still standing. Just no more cushion and look really really disgusting with my son's food and snort stains! Hahhahaha

Shopping for a new Computer...

Yup. I am looking to buy a new computer.
The thing is .... do I get a laptop or a desktop?
I kinda like those new desktops with their HUGE screens, but then what if I need to bring work with me wherever I go? Can't exactly lug the desktop on a trolley with me, right?
Guess... I'll have to go with a laptop. But what brand?
What do you think of compaq laptops?
Are they any good?
How do they look?
Do they have good support in the city that I am living in now?
Well... gotta hit the shops this weekend!

Two Presents for Dad!

No. Not referring to my dad. I am referring to the boys' dad, i.e. my H.
He was away in Europe during Father's Day...(actually, he is still away) and we didn't get to celebrate Father's Day with him. BUT at least he will arrive home right on time to celebrate his birthday with the family. So what presents for father? Do we get him two presents? One for each occasion or just get ONE really nice one?
Any advice?

Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Updates. Updates. Updates. 14 June 2011

First thing first...

Today is my beloved Mommy's birthday. Wonder what she she did for her birthday today.
Yes. I did call her earlier this morning to send her birthday wishes. As for boys, think they called about 2 hours ago.

The packers will be coming in 2 week's time. Actually, less than two weeks ~ 10 days.
I'm told that they will take 4 days to pack my stuff. Need 4 days meh?
My main concern is my 2.2 m (or longer? donno) 8-seater dining table. It's not the size.... it's because DUMBO me agreed to have solid legs for the dining table when I had it fabricated .... forgetting that I am a nomadic mom! Helllllooooo. Mana brain oh?

So how to move the blardy huge table with jutting legs ah? I thought when the packers came to look-see, they would say the legs need to be chopped. They were unsure... and they went off to check. When I emailed them a couple of days later, they said the table can go into the apartment without chopping the legs. REALLY?
Now, I just pretend everything is okay. But deep down hor, I am scared that they are gonna tell me ON THE DAY OF THE MOVE that my table cannot masuk loh. ADOI!
My girlfriend tried to reassure me ..."They know their stuff lah. That's why you are NOT in that business!". Sure hope she is right!

With us moving into an apartment; naturally I had to sell some furniture... especially those that currently sits on my terrace. I printed out some coloured leaflets and pinned them on the school's notice board after school yesterday. I had also placed an advert on one of the expat mailing list service this morning. And what do you know? Everything is sold (though not picked up).
Go here to have a look at my stuff for sale.

I think I may have put tooooooooooooooo low a price for them! Otherwise why so laku?
But I really wanted to sell them quick. I didn't want to have to resort to giving them FOC to my staff. This morning, my maid already came and ask me for one of the unused mattresses!

Yup. H has gone to Europe again. Supposed to visit 4 cities, but I think he has decided to trim it to just 2 this time round. Too hectic.... with our impending move etc.
And dear mommy is coming to help her hopeless daughter to monitor/supervise the packers. She'll be staying for 3 weeks. Kinda worried if she will go GILA staying so long.

okay lah.. am quite tired and sleepy. Gonna go to bed now. Nite Nite.

How did I learn the English Language?

Seriously, I don't know. I cannot remember how we actually learn the language.
I tell you... I have to say that now that I am studying for the TESOL (Teachers of English to Students of Other Languages) course, I wonder if it was that difficult when I was younger?!?!?
The contractions, infinitives, verbs, adverbs blah blah blah were fine. The present and past tenses were okay too. But today, I did a unit on Future Tenses and I am shy to say that I was caught in a bind in a few of the questions in my Worksheet. Eh.. Mind you. I had an A for my 1119 Cambridge paper, and my recent IELTS score was a perfect 9. So why do I find today's unit so difficult leh??
Really soooooo old meh??

Tuesday, June 07, 2011

I forgot I have a Blog!!

Yeah. Yeah. Been so busy the last week that I totally forgot I actually have a personal blog!

Busy doing what? Busy building the basic website for my business using Joomla! CMS. Took me about 3 days to understand how Joomla! Works. I guessed I could have totally outsource this to a professional web designer but everyone seems to want to cut your throat.... Cheapest was USD 600 for a basic 5 page website. Thus, I felt that if I understand the basics, they will at least be more reasonable in their quotes. So far, I've built a website with about 10 pages and links to our word press blog and e-learning portal. Both also set up as well.

Anyway, will engage an IT guy to help in polishing the website and advise on security/ archiving.

Later... Gotta go.