Monday, June 30, 2008

Updates...30 June 2008

Saturday, 28th June
S1 got invited to a birthday party today...bowling, and then lunch and swimming. I was supposed to go along with him, while H stayed home to supervise S2 and a friend. Unfortunately, last minute H had to work on Saturday. So plans had to be changed. H dropped S1 off at the bowling alley 10-ish in the morning, and proceeded to the office. I was left at home to supervise the boys instead. But these boys are old enough...thus entertained themselves with the PS2, DS, some rounds of chess and fooled around abit in the pool.
And what did I do then?
I actually spent the WHOLE day SCRAPBOOKING!
Literally from 10 am till 6 pm in the evening! (Ok with a lunch break in between)
Gila or not??
But I'm quite pleased lah... I managed to scrap a lot of my Greece holiday pictures, and S2's TaeKwondo photos. :-)

Sunday, 29th June
This was a watch movie until eyes pop out day for me! But luckily did start the day with something fit and healthy. We had our regular tennis game from 8 am till 10 am. Went home, showered and then out to the mall for this movie below, which I quite enjoy....
By the time we were done with the movie, and H had a haircut, it was almost 3 pm. Got home, supervised boys over their homework...Mandarin (not that I can help them...but I just sit with them and bark!!), Math and Spelling...
And in the evening, I actually managed to watch 2 movies on cable... ZODIAC and SPIDERMAN3! Watch so much until kepala also pusing!!!

Monday, 30th June today a productive day?
I did go back to bed after sending boys off onto the school bus at 6.45 am. Woke up at 9 am...and then set-off for school for the Annual Primary Poetry Recital Competition.
S2 was in the Finals this year. Last year, it was S1 in the finals.
He didn't win...but at least he got into the finals. There were a total of 4 finalist per year group. It's good experience for him. I couldn't help laughing when the four kids were standing and waiting for the results to be announced...the 3 were standing very properly, with their hands on their sides...but not my S2. He was touching his face and yawning and all. Trust him to do such things. :-) Heee heee..
Then met up with a friend for lunch at a Japanese restaurant, then went back to school to pick the boys. Dropped by to get some scrapbooking papers, rushed home. Changed and then out of the door again to drop boys off at their Mandarin class and then to the gym.
Came home...had dinner, and then baked a cake. A Peach Sponge..... decoration needs alot of improvement!!!!! to go shower now... and then bedtime..Tomorrow, I have to go to school again. It's Busking Day...and S1 is doing a ROBOT DANCE and S2 ?

He was supposed to be playing his flute solo...but last week, while practising for his performance, he dropped it. Some wire broke and a piece came out. He had the cheek to tell me "something happened" to his flute. Of course I scolded him! I have to pay for repairs, okay!!! Donno how much that is gonna cost me now.

So....he wants to be a STATUE! His teacher is doubtful that he can even stand still for 10 minutes....let alone 1 hour! And you know my S2. He is such a figitive boy. How to stand for so long without any movement??? And he came home and did his POSTER to PROMOTE his act. He actually put in "Lasts for 2 minutes"!!! Hahahahha

Friday, June 27, 2008


I am Crier.
Yup! You heard me right. A Crier.
I cry real easily.
Mom says that I take it after her...I think she's right.
We cry at happy stuff. And we cry at sad stuff. We cry at funny stuff too!
And I CRY at movies......especially at movies. This is one thing that my H can NEVER understand. He'll look at me, see me cry, and burst out laughing. He just finds it too funny that I cry at all sorts of movies, even cartoons. I remember that I did cry when Nemo's mom got eaten by the barracuda. :-)
This animated film below?
Supposed to be d@mn funny, right?
Somehow....I still managed to tear up! Which scene?
The scene when the old tortoise was saying his last words before passing away....Siow, right? Hahahahah ....
When I was Q-ing up for Kung Fu Panda last Saturday (took S1 to watch it...S2 watched it with his friends) I saw that SATC was on...and I immediately called H up and asked if he wanted to watch the movie with me. His remark was a great big NO. He didn't want to watch a chick flick.
So...what do I do?
I organised a Mommy session to the movies for today.
We met at 11.00 for coffee at Coffee Bean,
then lunch at Din Tai Fung,
and then SATC at the Premiere Cinema.

Though there were 8 mommies at coffee, only 5 of us went for the movie, as some mommies had to fulfil their mommy duties...
SATC was only shown at the Premiere Cinema...which costs USD 11 per seat. Normally, the new movie (This week's new movie is Get Smart) would be in the Premiere, as SATC is considered to be (old) last week's movie. I supposed the cinema management reckoned that the 'Si-Lais' and 'Tai-Tais' set would pay the premium price to watch this included! Heee heee...
But it was indeed comfortable....leather seats that fully recline, and blanket provided. As we had just had a heavy lunch, we didn't order any food/drinks. Thus, we didn't get served in the theater. :-)
Did I enjoy SATC?

Yes. I did!

Did I cry?

Gulp! Yup. I did. Cried at a few parts too!

When the movie ended, I quickly wipe off my tears, in case the other mommies thought I was "siow".

And guess what?

The other mommies were teary-eyed too!!

Guess I'm not the only crier around.


Thursday, June 26, 2008

My Junk....

Junk Food
Made another batch of cupcakes today. This time...Vanilla Chocolate Chip with Butter Chocolate Icing. As I am still trying to control my weight, I only have HALF a cupcake instead of one whole one. I gave the other half to my maid plus another. The cupcake is not bad...but the decoration needs alot of work. I actually piped the cream with a star nozzle...but think my cupcake was not totally cooled when I did it. So they looked horrendous. So I decided to just smooth them out....
Cupcakes for Us...

Cupcakes for Security Guards and Driver

Junk Purchases
These were purchased some time one of the bazaars. Whenever I tell H that I am going to a bazaar, he'll reply with a "Oh! No! You are going to come back with YOUR junk!" remark! heeee heee... So here they are.

A Pair of Wooden Candlesticks

Cage for Mosquito Coil

A Laptopper

(This is a wooden "table" with a cushion stuck-on. Rest this on your lap when using your laptop....I love it!!!)

Time Flies

Or is it because I'm getting older, my actions and reactions are all slower, thus time seem to whizz by really quickly?
Or it is because of the perpertual heavy traffic on the roads here?

My girlfriends actually agree with me that as you grow older, your bodily actions is slower, thus time flies by faster! Heee heee...
Well....I think it is a combinations of both. The traffic here is always soooo bad. Just this morning, I left the house at 10.15 am and only got back home at about 12.50 pm. That's more than 2 1/2 hours....for just going to two places to buy my scrapbooking stuff. And these two places are not that far from my house summore.
Compare this with when I was back in 2 1/2 hours, I managed to renew my passport in Damansara Heights, have breakfast in Damansara Jaya, check-out my house in BU, go to Tesco to do my shopping and then back to collect my passport from Damansara Heights.

Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Happy Birthday, H!


H turns one year older today! Big boy liow....hahahhaha

Being the goody wife that I am, I made him a home-cooked meal of Pitta Bread with Tzaziki Dip, Lamb Shank with Baby String Beans; and a Black Forest Cake. Bought some flowers to set the table too...complete with tealights and all...

Table all set-up
Pitta Bread and Tzaziki Dip
Lamp Shank and Baby String Beans

Black Forest Cake
(Errr...decor needs abit more work!)
Some fun gone wrong!!!
(That's S2)
(Blogging H has gone out with his pals!)

Friday, June 20, 2008

Harvest Party

If you recall my "More Cupcakes" post....I mentioned about a Harvest Party.It's a party for the kids to harvest peanuts and cassava. The party was organised by S2's classmate (very wealthy....). The whole class was invited to their weekend villa (located about an hour from the city...on a hillside) for harvesting of peanuts/cassava, swimming and lunch. The villa sits on acres and acres of land, whereby there are a multitude of fruit trees. Apparently, the time is right for harvesting the peanuts and cassava.

I didn't even know about it until a friend texted me and asked if I was going. I told her that we weren't invited...but actually, whole class was invited. S2 just DECIDED himself that he didn't want to go and thus did not bring back the invite. Even after FORCING him to bring the invite back, he still did not. What do I do? I got my friend to bring hers when I met her one evening. I thought it would be a pretty good experience for my URBAN boys, and RSVP-ed immediately to the host. When S1 found out that we were going, he was pretty disappointed and was very adamant that he was NOT going to do anything there!

But lo and behold. Our S1 had a ball of a time. He was sooooo into plucking out all the peanuts from the ground. I had to pry him off from the peanut garden to join the other kids to have a swim. And even then, he wanted to cut short swimming to continue plucking the peanuts. Told him that the workers would have completed the task already. He was mighty disappointed!
S2? That lazy fella. Plucked one plant, and then complaint about an insect bite and blah blah blah. I had to force him to go back into the peanut garden and PRETEND to pluck so that I could take a picture of him. After that, that fella ran back to the villa to join the girls for a swim.
Lunch was local delicacies and BBQ..and of course we were served peanuts and cassava that the kids harvested. :-) One of our friends was relaxing on the day bed in the terrace...and casually mentioned that it would be good if we could have foot reflex as well. Then it would be ALL perfect! heee heee...I couldn't agree more! Hahahahh

We left with bagsful of cassava, peanuts and bananas (Yau-sik, Yau-lik). I gave 90% of the stuff to the staff. Just kept some bananas for the cake and cupcakes that I baked on Monday.

Silver for the Future

During our recent girly holiday, one of the major activity was of course SHOPPING! We bought shoes, almond cookies, souveniers such as keychains and T-shirts and more. One of my girlfriends bought a sterling silver bracelet for approximately USD 1000. I was rather surprised that it cost so much. I supposed it's due to the new bull market in precious metals. Of all the metals classified as precious, silver is the most affordable. Apparently, silver is still undervalued at its current market price, thus would be a great investment for the future if we enter the market now. I'm seriously contemplating in investing in some silver coins and ingots.

Daddies in Charge

While I was away for 6 nights, H was left in charge of the boys. Naturally, the boys had a WHALE OF A TIME. H practically let them do whatever they wanted... and he did warn me so when I was getting back. Apparently, the boys woke up reaaaaallly early each day (before H) and was in front of the TV playing PS2. H said he left for work, and came home at 3 pm and the boys were still at the exact same spot! And when he asked the boys if they did anything else other than playing games, S1's response was "DAD. Are you blind? We are still in our pyjamas!".
Here are some pix that I got via email ...."When Daddies are Left In Charge of the Kids"

Thursday, June 19, 2008

Holiday Photos

It's great to have a mobile phone with a built-in camera. Although I have a digital camera, having a mobile phone that can take photographs is an added bonus when on holiday. We actually took quite a lot of photographs on our mobile phone during our holiday to Greece. H had an extra micro sd memory card, and that means that many more photos (not to mention memories) can be captured!

Winter Holiday Home

We have not had a winter holiday for a long time. The last time was when we went up to Mount Buller a few years ago. The boys had a fun time seeing and playing snow for the very first time. We made snowballs and a little snowman, amidst the beautiful snowy white landscape. Unfortunately, we didn't manage to snowboard nor ski. It would be nice if we could go on a regular winter holiday where we could take skiing lessons and master the sport. Perhaps we could purchase a 1/6th deeded fraction of Winter Park real estate, near Denver. This fraction equates to 8 weeks per year of guaranteed use of the property. This way, the whole family can be ski experts in no time!

Wednesday, June 18, 2008

More About Macau...

Food. Food. Food.
Day 1 - We started off our binging early in the morning. We each had a McDonald's set at the airport. We ate more on the plane....although it was only AirAsia's nasi lemak. So-so only lah. Why the rave about their nasi lemak I also donno. We arrived in Macau, check-in and then proceeded to the Food Court at The Venetian to have something light. We each had a Tann-Lai (Steamed Milk) and shared a not-so-nice Siew-Loong-Pau as our teatime snack. For dinner, we went to Sau-Soon-Kai. We had sharksfin, steamed garoupa, nice vege, roast pigeon and black pepper steak. Yummy.....

Day 2 - We woke up late...and thus had brunch rather than breakfast. Went to Taipa Village to have the famous Crab Porridge...made from 3 types of crabs - sea crab, mud crab and egg crab (kou-hai). It was indeed very very good and of course, cholestrol packed! We also had fried frog legs, prawns in salty egg yolk, broccoli with clams! For dinner, we had portuguese food. Was very very yummy. We had pig ear salad, clams in coriander sauce, beef stew, grilled sardines, chicken curry, seafood rice and serradura (Portuguese dessert). I only managed to take a picture of the Pig Ear Salad, as we were so quick to eat the others when it came.

Day 3 - We had brunch at the Blue Frog in the Hotel....I had a breakfast burrito which was HUGE but good. Luckily the girls had some of my order! On the way to the St.Paul's ruins, we had some more snacks like the Pork bun (this one not very nice...) and more Tann-Lai. For dinner, we had buffet BBQ at the Macau Fisherman's Wharf.

Day 4 - We went to Taipa Village's Tai Lei Loi Kei for Pork Noodles and Pork Bun. Though we didn't wait for the famous freshly baked buns which is only sold at 3 pm, the one we had with the normal breakfast bun was also very very good! We had some beer and waited for a friend, and somehow time flew by so quickly that we couldn't have lunch at the Noodle Bar. Ended up eating at the airport. Not so nice lor... :-( but what to do? Had hot dogs on the plane....

We also had various snacks in-between... Almond Cookies, Lou-Poh-Paeng, Pineapple pastry, Portuguese Tarts.......

The Venetian

We stayed at The Venetian... I think it's okay lah...

Other Sights

Back from Macau...

Got back home last night.....after 6 nights away. I'm glad that my house is still in one piece, and the boys' eyes are still in their eye sockets. I was worried that they would have played their PSP/PS2/DS/PC until their eyes popped out from their heads.
Actually, I nearly couldn't get into Macau. see, my passport still had a validity of four months..and I thought that should be okay. I flew back last Wed (11 June) and got through the Autogate alright. Our flight to Macau was the following day. When I tried to get out through the Autogate, it was denied. Thus I had to go to the counter. The guy didn't really want to let me out...and I had to tell him that I saw on the Macau website that it was okay. He reluctantly let me through and told me that I had to take the risk that I might be denied entry into Macau. I texted H before boarding the plane regarding this.

When I arrived at Macau, was a little worried that I would be denied entry. H sent me multiple sms to query on my entry status.... H texted " did you get through okay, or do I have to send the driver to pick you up??". The thing was I couldn't get an access to a roaming network...and couldn't reply to him... so he was kinda worried that I really couldn't get into Macau.
Anyway, we had a great time in Macau. We stayed at The Venetian over at the Cotai Strip .What did we do? W ate and ate and ate!!!! But managed to check out some other hotels/casinos. And visited the MUST-GO Macau landmark. Here are some pics of the old European Quarter...

Tuesday, June 10, 2008

What's the World Getting To?

There was a recent news clipping on TV the other day depicting an elderly man being knocked-down by a car, and no one bothered to come to his aid. Does this sound familiar? Too many news about samaritans coming to aid someone-in-need, and got robbed or even murdered for their kind deed. Such news have deterred many people from doing the RIGHT thing. Would this spiral to a world with diminishing humanity? Or worse, one void of humanity? I'm told that the world CAN be a more loving and better place by Eckhart Tolle in his book entitled A New Earth, Awakening to Your Life's Purpose. He provides a practical guide to lead our current egoic consciousness to an entirely different one. He also shows how this transformation can occur not only in ourselves, but in the world around us. The book is so popular that it is recommended in Oprah's Book Club.

Save Your Home!

It seems like everything has increased in costs. Not just locally...but everywhere. Many of us have complained about the increase in our household expenses. Though this is a bane, it can still be managed and controlled via minor lifestyle changes. However, interest rates have also been spiralling up in many places and some houseowners are struggling with their mortgage payments. Some may even end up losing their homes. Save your home by getting foreclosure help now before it is too late!

Monday, June 09, 2008

More Cupcakes

Baked more cupcakes over the weekend... Made about 35 cupcakes on Saturday. No lah. Not to eat them ALL ourselves, of course!!! Boys were invited for a "Harvest Party" on Sunday (more about this in my next post) by S2's classmate. Didn't want to go empty-handed...hence made these cupcakes....

Cupcakes Rising in the Oven

Cupcakes out of the Oven (again...sank a bit)
7 Vanilla Cupcakes with Lemon Butter Icing
10 Choc-Chip Cupcakes with Chocolate Topping

7 Strawberry Cupcakes with Strawberry Topping

7 Vanilla Cupcakes with Vanilla Topping

4 Vanilla Cupcakes with Lemon Glace Icing (for the Staff)

Baked some more cupcakes today... as there is a farewell brunch for some ladies tomorrow. Unfortunately, have some important stuff to do with H at the M'sian Hi-com. Thus will not be going. Got the driver to send them off to the host this evening...

Banana Cupcakes with Vanilla Topping

Happy Birthday, Sis!

HaPpY BiRthDaY, SiS!!!

A Cupcake for you.....

Your pressie will come back with me on Wednesday,.....okie?

Friday, June 06, 2008

"Sei For"

Remember my previous post about my girly trip to Macau
And that I would be leaving boys with H?
I thought boys would be happily occupied in school for at least 4 days out of the 6 days that I am away. 
How wrong I was!!!!!
Sei-for ler... School is CLOSED on Thursday and Friday (12 & 13 June) because of the FOBISSEA (Federation of British International Schools in South East Asia and East Asia) games that the boys' school are hosting this year. 
That means they will be AT HOME for those two days...and plus the weekend, it's a total of FOUR DAYS of NO SCHOOL!
Sure play their PSP/DS/PS2/PC games until their eyes pop out!!! 
Chamm liow....
What to do??
Hopefully, H will control them a fair bit....
 dread to think more.... Bleah.

Boys will be Boys...

Ever since my boys were very young, I've dressed them in all sorts of costumes...Woody from Toy Story, Darth Vader, Pooh Bear, Superman, Batman, Spiderman, Zorro, Power Rangers, a Dalmatian puppy to plain 'ole pirates and firemen. But never military personnel. With them now older, I thought I'll never see them in another costume. Well... I was wrong. Here they are...fully-decked out in tactical gear from head to toe.

Atlanta Dream Jobs

Thinking of moving to Atlanta, Georgia for the humid sub-tropical climate?
But worried about the availability of jobs?
Fret not!
Atlanta and its surroundings is home to many Fortune 500 company headquarters.
Think Coca-Cola. Home Depot. Cable News Networks. United Parcel Services. And many more.
You are surely bound to find a job that will suit you to a tee! 
Don't wait ... Send your Atlanta resumes off now to land that dream job that you've always wanted!

Thursday, June 05, 2008

Mixed Bag

No More Whites!
I have been suffering (okay..suffering may be toooooo strong a word) from greying of my beautiful, shiny, luscious and thick hair for awhile now. I have been resisting to dye my hair...hoping that the greying was a temporary thing that is due to stress or whatever. Unfortunately, months and years have gone by and the greying has intensified.

Aging is inevitable! The signs are here to stay. Bleah...
I still thought that I could live with the greys...until one day, S1 piped up "you look like you have more white hair than grandma!". "Yeah man", added H. what to do?
I trot off to the salon this morning to dye my locks to a dark brown.

Here's how my crowning glory looks. No more whites!

Since my hair is so cantik, I decided not to mess it up by going to the gym. Instead, I went for a facial. :-)

Lemon Cupcakes

Had some lemons which have been sitting in the fridge for quite some time already. Didn't want them to go bad. So decided to make some lemon cupcakes.

Cupcakes rising quite nicely in the Oven...

Cupcakes out from the Oven (have some cracks though....)

Cupcakes with Lemon Glace Icing...

Eh...what is this?? I'm supposed to be on a diet!!!!

Upgrade Time!

For the longest of time, my boys were using my hand-me-down desktop. They did complain that it was slow etc etc. Being the mean mommy that I am, I ignored their complaints and request for an upgrade. The turning point was when I purchased some kiddy games software for them. Tried to load them up but kept failing....Then I realised that my dinosaur of a desktop did not even have sufficient memory for a game that is suitable for a 5-year old!
Yup. Time for an upgrade!

Weight Loss Plan

I need a weight loss plan.
Yes. I do.
I have been going regularly to the gym twice a week, working at least 30 minutes on the cross-trainer followed by another 15 minutes of weight-training. In addition to that, I have also been playing tennis once a week.
BUT. The BIG BUT.... my weight is NOT reducing. WORSE. It has increased!!! I'm told that I need to control my diet. Exercising alone will not do it.
I love to eat too much.
Going on a diet would be quite a torture.
I am seriously thinking of using a herbal supplement to help me with my weight loss, perhaps an appetite suppressant like hoodia. I am targetting to lose at least 5 kg in time for my sister's wedding in December. I want to be a HOT mama at the beach wedding. Wish me luck!

Wednesday, June 04, 2008

TAG - Friends Around the World

This tag is from Shern's Mom...

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2. Add your blog to the list. Feel free to add all your other blogs. Just make sure to post this to each of the blog you added in the list.

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4. Let me know your blog’s name and url by leaving me a comment HERE. I will add you to the master list.That way, everyone is happy and can meet new friends too!

5. Come back once in a while to get the master list! Let’s see how this makes our Technorati and PR goes up! :D

6. DO NOT REMOVE THIS: scrap page made by Yen. Using alphas and tapes from Kate H., flowers from Ida,paper by Catrine.

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Come tag along:

I'm going to tag a friend from the four corners of the world...

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Monday, June 02, 2008

Updates...2 June 2008

Have been rather busy these past few days...

Friday, 30th May
.....starting with last Friday. I actually had made an appointment with my friend and a golf instructor to brush up my driving skills...but got a call on Thursday from the class dad's secretary to remind me of the Year 3 Art Day on Friday. I was like "Huh???? You mean it's tomorrow??? ". I had volunteered to help out in S2's Art Day and just didn't realise that it was to be on the 30th of May. So...early Friday morning, I hopped onto the school bus together with the boys. It was a loooooong day for me. Didn't even have time to have a proper lunch. Ended up eating the horrible sandwich from the schools's tuckshop in S2's classroom. Chewed until my jaw was aching like crazy.

What did the kids do on Art Day? Well, they painted their classroom windows with some scenery, individual umbrellas and made a mobile. I was helping out with the mobile. was too long a project. The kids had to make snowflake from plastic transparencies, cloud from cotton wool, stick coloured paper on a rainbow and have little drawings of cars/dog/houses to be stuck to a "tornado". And then have these four thingies hung from a cross-frame. I was really up to my neck that I didn't even manage to take pictures (although I took my camera along) :-(

Boys had after-school activity (swimming) that finishes at 3.20 pm...and since by the time that we were done with the whole lot of mobiles, it was already 2.45 pm, I decided that I might as well wait and have the boys go home together with me. We stopped by at McD's to get boys some snack, and then off to buy some scrapbooking paper before heading home. As the traffic in town was already 3-in-1 (3 ppl required to be in the car), the driver would not be able to pick H up from work. So...we all went down to pick H up and then have dinner at Sushi-Tei. I was full...but H? He went on to have a Mushroom Double Swiss with Fries from Burger King!

Saturday, 31st May
In the morning, I dragged H along with me to the Royal Doulton sale. Okay...first and foremost, I am not exactly a Royal Doulton fan...but everybody (i.e. the si-lais, makciks, aunties etc) are like sooooooooo excited over this sale. So of course I must go and look-see. They had this country roses one (a lot of makciks and indian aunties) and another floral bluey one in complete set. But then..these are not my taste.Other other designs are available...but also were not really my style. They have an ALL WHITE design specially for the hospitality industry. I bought a sauce boat from this range. One and only sauce boat. When I went to pay, they were soooooo shocked that I bought only ONE piece. The surprise in their voice was rather obvious. Think alot of makciks buy a lot one. :-)
We went to watch the new Indiana Jones at noon....
I have to say that I didn't really like it. I don't like the idea of "aliens" in an Indiana Jones film. ;-P
And then it was a rush to go to T's 11th birthday party. The boys had fun, of course! H came along as well....We stayed there till about 7 pm.

Sunday, 1st June
We went for our weekly tennis early in the morning. Rushed home for a quick change and headed for school. It was International Fair and I had to man the games stall for S1's class at 11 am. Got there just on time. It was a card game stall.... It was quite fun to man this stall. :-) Then at noon, I had to dash to my other duty at the Malaysian stall. Don't know why they needed my help.... the stall was FULL with the makcik moms. What did I do? Very pathetic duty of stapling the nasi lemak packs. Yup! Stapling!!! Only later, I went to persuade people to drink the teh tarik. At 1 pm, I cabut from the stall. Both H and S1 were already kinda bored. S2? Happy aje... he was going round the games stalls and stuffing himself with soft drinks. We left school about 1.30 pm...and spent the rest of the day vegetating at home. Ahhh...Nice!

Monday, 2nd June
Again!!! Had to go to school today. This time, for reading duty at S2's class. Volunteered this ages ago. Just didn't realise that it was so close to Year 3 Art Day and International Day. And guess what? Tomorrow is Sports Day!! Aiyo.. think I will pengsan if I go to school again tomorrow..... I asked the boys for permission to be excused from Sports Day. And thank goodness they are alright with that.

Anyway, S1 came home from school today with a little injury. He tripped over a classmate's leg and fell. He has been told to not put much pressure on his leg. Thus, he has been excused from participating in the events tomorrow. So...only S2 will be in the sports event. Luckily he's not upset that I'm not going...probably because his best pal's mom is also not attending. :-) This leaves me to go for my weekly scrapbooking. Oh yeah! There's also a bazaar tomorrow...but havent' decided whether to go or not....