Thursday, May 27, 2010


Yes. It is indeed a rarity these days that I am up this early. Usually, I get the boys up from bed for school....and then I go back to bed. But today, can't get back to sleep. Wonder if I am a bit "kann cheong" (anxious)? I had three py2b posts to do (just completed), travel stuff to pack (shoes, slippers, undergarments, toiletries...blah blah blah), instructions to be given (to maid), things to remember, errands to run before dashing to school to collect the boys for our flight to KUL later this evening.

Mind suddenly a blank...cannot think what else to write about. So, I shall leave you guys with a HUNK to salivate over.

He is soooooooooooooo gorgeous. Don't you think?

Approching the BIG four zero....

Yup! One more year to the BIG four zero... 40!
Seriously, I don't feel like a middle-age woman. In fact, I still feel soooooooooooooo young and carefree. But there are the itsy-bitsy signs that age is creeping up on those menacing fine lines on my beautiful face, bad bad memory that can prove to be embarassing when you forget people's names and they are standing right in front of you. and sleepless Also, lately....have not been having restful sleep and it is rather frustrating. I'm told that all these can be solved with the use of Human Growth Hormones (hgh). These days, you don't have to inject hgh with a syringe. Instead, it is available as hgh spray which is really easy to administer. I just need to know where to buy them.

Weight Loss Help....

Is there an apidexin scam?
It's touted to create the world's most powerful diet pill - even stronger than perscription weight loss medications! That does sound a bit far fetch...but a litte further research shows that it does have clinically-proven ingredients that will produce desired results. Many users have lost 10-20 pounds just in the first month of usage. Furthermore, many diet pills review sites have rated it highly, if not at the No.1 spot. I seriously think I should give this product a shot as my curent weight-loss regime is absolutely NOT working.

Looking Slender?

Since two weeks ago, I've been cutting down on dinner and hitting the gym at least an hour twice a week....hoping that I would look a little bit more slender for my sister's upcoming wedding do. I know. I know. Two weeks is not really a long time...but I was expecting at least a loss of one miserable kilogram. BUT you know what? Instead, it's been going up!
Kid you not! Bleah...
I'll weigh myself early in the morning, and by noon, it's up 0.5 kg and by the time I go to bed, it's another 0.5 kg. What is wrong????
I should have supplemented my regime with some sort of a thermogenic fat burner to help burn those dreaded stubborn fat in this old body of mine!!!!
Now...with the wedding just two days away... Do you think it will still help?

Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Flight to KUL tomorrow!

As per my last post, my sister G is getting married in three days time...on Saturday. As Friday is a public holiday, we fly off tomorrow evening. With the long weekend, think half of Jakarta will be heading to the airport as well. H says that we should leave for the airport earlier. This means that I have to make the long trip to school to get the boys at lunchtime, rather than waiting for the schoolbus to drop them off home.

It will definitely be a packed weekend.....starting as early as tomorrow night - with the Hen's Night. I don't know if I can whisk myself from the airport to the venue in tip-top shape or not!! And Friday will be a busy busy day...with wedding cupcakes to frost and a fun & casual family photo shoot after lunch. Saturday is the actual wedding day....
Boys and H leave on Sunday afternoon. As for moi, I only leave on Tuesday.....

Sister's Wedding

Did I mention that my sister, G's wedding is in three days time?
She is marrying a bloke from the UK. Err...actually, they've already registered legally in the UK. This Saturday, will be the Chinese ceremony with a blessing in the temple and the traditional tea ceremony, followed by a wedding dinner. I just found out that you can order 100 personalized wedding napkins for less than USD 30! Too bad that the wedding is three days away. Too late to order now.

Cafe World???

No. I am not referring to the game on Facebook. But more of a real cafe..... as I had thought about opening one for a very long time. H did say that he could provide the start-up capital if I am really serious. But I have to say that I am not a risk taker. Plus I don't have any F&B experience. The mere thought of kitchen supplies, cafe furniture, cake display units, espresso machines, tm-t88iv POS thermal printer, etc etc is enough to make my head spin. So unless I miraculously grow more guts, I think the cafe business will be just a dream.

What's the Stench?

The weather has really gone whacko. It has been raining everyday for months. Usually at this time of the year, it would be HOT and DRY. But the rain doesn't seem to be going away. As a result, clothes and bedding are not able to fully-dry out in the open. And what happens to half-dried clothes? They stink! And I sure can pick up the faintest of smells. Not only that, the humid air is encouraging mold and mildew growth in the nooks and crannies, not to mention my beautiful Persian carpets. My friend tells me to get a special dehumidifier that also works as an air purifier and ventilation system. Not only I solve my problems, I get cleaner air to breathe too!

Movies Movies Movies

Looks like we've been going to the movies quite regularly lately.

Started off with ROBIN HOOD on the day my in-laws left.
Then last Friday, supposed to go bowling with H. But there was a league going on at the alley. So we ended up watching DAYBREAKERS. We didn't know what the story is about...but went ahead to watch it anyway. Waliow! Had to say that it was rather violent and gory. Lucky boys weren't with us. My S2 would probably be sitting on his daddy's lap from start to end!
The next day, we headed off for SHREK FOREVER. Funny....yet I managed to cry a few times. So GILA lah me. H kept asking me to STOP IT! Boys also couldn't understand how I could cry in SHREK. Heheheheh
Well, the weekend is coming up....and I wonder if my sisters would wanna go watch SATC2 with me??????

Friday, May 21, 2010

Family Vacation...

Summer Vacation is just round the corner. And it is a time where families are going on their annual vacation. Perhaps a Branson vacation for your family this year? It is located in the heart of the spectacular Ozark Mountains of Missouri. Attractions abound for all in the it the very young or the very old. Grandpa and grandma can relax and reminiscent by Table Rock Lake, mommy and daddy can enjoy the live entertainment in store; and the kids can whiz down the roller coasters at Silver Dollar City. Doesn't that sound awesome? Best of all, the vacation packages available is pretty affordable too!

Can I get him to Switch?

I haven't been successful in getting my H to quit his BAD smoking habit.
He would stop when we are on holiday.....but always pick it up again when he returns to the office. Is it the stress at work? Or is it because he needs to have something in his hand?
He does say that he wants to quit. Perhaps going cold turkey is too drastic?
Maybe a transition stage might help, like switching to e cigarette. It looks and taste like a regular cigarette, but without all the harmful stuff. Perhaps then, he can move on to totally quiting.

Back to Normal....

If you recall from one of my previous post, I was in one of my foul moods.
But worry NOT. I am back to Normal!
Tensions between the boys, H and I have sorta reduced to a tickle....

After my in-laws left on Sunday, we resumed our normal lazy routine. All four of us went out for a movie. We watched ROBIN HOOD. It was funny because S1 and I kept talking about Robin and Maid Marion are foxes, and Prince John is a lion, and thinking hard what Friar Tuck was...which of course, he was the bear. H was like "what has Robin Hood got to do with lion and fox??" Hahhaah. In case you are wondering, our first exposure to ROBIN HOOD was Disney's Version where all are the characters are portrayed my animals. Do you remember now????

I have to say that this week was quite productive....I went to my art class, made Lor Mai Kai & Chicken Pies, went for a 90 minute massage, a facial (face must be very dirty...usual 90 minute became like 140 minutes!!!), had lunch with girlfriend, went to the gym twice, read H's work documents (he needs me to help abit), submitted a multitude of insurance claims, sorted some things for our Aussie Realtor, watched 6 episodes of Desperate Housewives and 4 episodes of Brothers&Sisters (and many episodes of Flash Forward...), sorted out the boys' forms and what-nots, researched for our Summer Holiday, not to mention the usual grocery shopping and what-nots....

Okay. Gotta go for my pot-luck lunch now...

14 Years Old!

No. Not my son. S1's not yet 14 Years Old.
I am actually referring to the two mattresses in my house...the one in our bedroom and the one S2 is sleeping on. I think the recommended time to replace old mattresses is 10 years. Is that correct?
If so, it means that I am waaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaay overdue.
With the old mattress, the support it provides for our backs is probably not as efficient as before. Guessed I really should pop out to buy mattresses to replace these old ones.

Getting back to work?

Did I tell you that I've been asked to work for my H? By H, of course.
He figured that since I'm a qualified engineer and knows about a multitude of industrial equipment, I am the perfect candidate. Best of all, I am FREE! Hahahaha.
But seriously, I've been out of the workforce for so long that I do need to do some research on the latest developments on the equipment in question. I wouldn't want to make a mistake in the sizing or material selection. I go now to do some homework!

Monday, May 17, 2010

Bali with the Girls

As mentioned previously, I went to Bali with the girls on Friday, 30 April 2010 for three nights. Our hotel was only finalised the day before..... Was wondering if we might have to sleep on Kuta beach or something. :-P

C wanted to try out The InterContinental Hotel, and as all three of us are going to bunk together in one room, figured that the cost won't be too exorbitant. Eh...actually, still exorbitant lor! Paid USD 320 per person for the three nights. Even without the extra bed, the rate was still USD 260 per nite. Gila, right? InterCont is nice...but not sooooooo special lor. Seriously, I wouldn't have paid that rate if travelling with my family. Plus now with the boys bigger, I would need two rooms! Waliow! Over USD 500 per nite?
Plus I find the hotel toooooooooooo big..over 400 rooms. To walk from our room to the lobby is like doing a marathon. I think a hotel of about 200 rooms would be just right. They are small enough to walkabout, and big enough to have all the facilities that we want - pool bar, beach bar, restaurants, etc.

Anyway, I digress.

The first thing we did when we arrived was to reserve spots at the Must-Go restaurants with the help of the hotel conceirge. We then headed out to Kuta area as C wanted to buy some swimwear. I had bought mine from a specialty shop last year, and C seems to like the that's where we went. Alamak! Cannot remember the name now... but it's on the one way street that winds towards Kuta Beach. That woman bought two pairs. The shopkeeper was very happy!

We then jalan-jalan abit around the shops and market.... I bought this el cheapo white dress for wearing on the beach over my swimwear. Paid USD 4 for it. Cannot complain cheap. From Kuta, we went over to Metis for dinner.

Reserved Table

Metis is the new name for the famed former Kafe Warisan. It has since relocated, and changed its name to Metis. More canggih? I don't know. But certainly less than a mouthful. The new location is bigger, but the look almost the same. Open terrace overlooking rice fields. Food is still as ever good! The foie gras - YUM! YUM!

Metis Signature Dish...Pan-Fried Foie Gras

It was indeed a really memorable dinner... good food, good company and some good eye candy!

On Day 2 - We were contemplating to go to either St. Regis or Bulgari to have breakfast. But lazy gals like us decided to just pop over to The Four Seasons. Why need to find breakfast? Aiya...the rate for first night do NOT include breakfast leh. Anyway, I was in charge of our pool money - and on our way out...contemplated if USD 40 was enough for breakfast. They all said it wouldn't be enough. So what do I do? Trott off back to the room to get more money....which again is like going for a marathon. So blardy far.

We walked on the beach from our hotel to The Four Seasons, and then took their buggy to the main restaurant. Happily ordered the fresh juices, coffee, waffles, pancakes etc...

With Compliments from the Four Seasons....
(Can you see my box of BRANDS Chicken Essence??)

When the bill came, we almost pengsan. USD 80! For the three of us!!
We decided from then on that we should tone down on our spending....hehehehe. No more expensive meals!!! But we were going to kudeta later that night. So how?
Just go for drinks and not for dinner lor.
We spent the rest of the day lounging by the beach.... was deciding whether to go for a massage but again, was kinda expensive so gave it a miss.
We had wanted to catch the sunset at kudeta.... But when we arrived there, we saw that tonnes of people also had the same idea. Surfer dudes in shorts and all. Kinda rowdy. Certainly not the kudeta I remembered. But as the night wore on, the crowds thinned and the atmosphere became more inviting.
Our Sangria at kudeta

We stayed till our stomachs growled. C recommended a restaurant where the locals go....supposed to be great food, great ambience at local prices. However, the silly taxi driver couldn't find the place. We were so hungry that we had dinner at Ikan Bakar Cianjur! At least, it was cheap!

When we got back to the hotel, we continued where we left off at the hotel beach bar. Nice nice...with the sea breeze in your hair, sand in between your toes....

Day 3 - We hired a car and driver and went to Ubud. C wanted to purchase some paintings. That woman ah. Donno anything about art but want to spend RM 2000 per painting. And she was looking for two pieces. She almost made one of the artist gila by repeatedly asking what his inspiration was when he painted a particular piece. I was like is the inspiration lah. The piece that she was referring to is a very generic piece of art that you can find EVERYWHERE. Aduh....
We had Babi Guling at Ibu Oka of course. That is a MUST in Ubud, right? Jalan-Jalan in Pasar Ubud and some streets; and then went to a spa recommended by the driver.

Aiyo. Beh-sai lah the spa. The moment I went into the room, I was like "Ah? No air-con?"...but since the others spa-ing, I also go lor. Then I went onto the bed, aiyer...the towel where they put around the hole (for your head) have some kind of smell... I clenched my teeth and reluctantly placed my face onto the yucky towel. As if that is not enough, I looked down onto the floor. Nope! No bowl of flowers. Not only that, got stains on the floor one. Aiyer...really really beh-sai. When the masseuse told me to turn over, my chest was like drenched with my sweat. Aduh! No air-con really beh-sai lah. Really disappointing spa experience! Next time, must do research! Cannot simply go to Ah-Chue Ah-Kow Spa. Aiyaya.

However, the coffee place that he recommended was not too bad.... At least a positive thing after my bad spa experience. Then it was time to head back to Jimbaran Bay, where we had seafood dinner on the beach.
So-so food at exorbitant tourist prices...but nice ambience. We talked. We laughed. We cried. Errr...actually, only I cried. We drank. We sang....until we were the last patrons there. They must be eager to get rid of us as they brought us our bill without us requesting for it. Heheheh...

Day 4 - When we woke up, S had already left. She had an early morning flight back to KUL. C and I had breakfast together...and then I went for a massage at the hotel spa. Yes. It was expensive...and honestly, not worth the money. But I come all the way, must at least try out the spa at The Intercontinental, right? At least, I know...and can say it's not all that great. The spa definitely looks, smells and feels 100 x better than the one we went to in Ubud. But the massage is so-so. The masseuse at my regular spa here in Jakarta is waaaaay better, and at a fraction of the price!

I practically was running from the spa to the room, and then out to catch a cab to the airport. Started to panic when I saw roads were closed for a religious procession. Almost missed my flight!!
As for C, she opted to stay an additional night.....
Till our next Girly Holiday!

Cell Phone Booster in my Home??

Ok. First thing first. I want to clarify that I don't live in a huge mansion.
But somehow I am having problems with my cell phone signal. If I go out to the terrace or into my kitchen, the signal will be lost. It seems silly that I have to stand in a particular location whenever I have a call....if I move, the call will be cut-off. It is soooooo frustrating! Don't you think?
I am reaching the end of my tether that I am seriously considering installing a cell phone booster in my home to solve all these signal problems!

Accidents on the Road

I know most if not all automobil drivers hate this topic.
Afterall, when you get behind the wheel, the last thing on your mind is an accident, right?
But accidents do happen. It may or may not be your fault.
I, personally had been involved in a number of accidents....mostly minor ones, Thank God!
The most recent one was when I hit a motorcyclist. That guy did not bother to stop when the traffic lights turned RED. And what do you know? He got wedged under my roo-bar. I don't know if he's lucky or I'm I wasn't going fast. He did get some minor injuries, and there was slight damage to the car. Good thing our car insurance company sorted out the medical bills and the repairs. I really can't reiterate enough the importance of having a proper car insurance. Anyway, to find out more about car insurance, go to carinsurancelist blog. I find that they have really interesting articles about car insurance, accident risks, safest cities to drive etc. etc. Good info for any driver.

Bigger TV???

H keeps complaining that our current TV in the bedroom is waaaaay too small.
Mind you, it is already 42", and yet he is still complaining.
He says that when he's on the sofa, it is fine. But once he moves to our bed, he can hardly watch the TV comfortably, i.e. no crisp and sharp images. He has been harping every weekend about popping out to the shops to get a bigger TV. Currently, I am not encouraging H in his quest for a bigger TV; as we already have 5 TVs in the house, and this excludes the one that I provide for the staff in the garage. Or should I just be the good indulgent wife, and let him get a bigger TV? Afterall, he does work hard to provide for the family, and watching TV is his way of de-stressing. I hear that the new Samsung HDTV are great in terms of picture quality, and affordable too!

Saturday, May 15, 2010

One of THOSE Days...

Have you had one of those days that you just feel like everything is not going the right way?
And your moods are foul like the Indah Water Sewage Treatment Plant?
Well, today is one of those days....and apparently the last few days too, according to my H.
Been so foul that I have been cold and argumentative to the 3 people that aren't even the cause of my foulness.
I have to admit that NOTHING major has happened to warrant my foulness... other than one "incident" that happened last week. Somehow, my thoughts, ideas, feelings, and empathy has forever been changed. And then there's the bits and pieces of little little things, I guessed.
H says that I am alienating my boys.
Perhaps I am. But I know that I will be back to my normal self in a couple of days...
And our lives will be back to normal.

Friday, May 14, 2010

More Action!

When we first bought the playstation 3 system, H installed it in our bedroom. I don't really know why he did that, as both H and I don't play any games. It's our two boys who are usually excited about the games. As our bedroom is out-of-bounds to the boys most of the time, they hardly get to play on it. All that was changed last weekend. H moved the playstation 3 system out of our bedroom into the TV room. And you guessed it. The playstation has been seeing more action in one week than 6 months!

What's the Cause?

Help! I really don't know what is wrong with me. I am experiencing acne breakouts like never before. I have been keeping my face clean as usual, applying the usual creams and such. But it doesn't seem to be helping. As I am writing this, I have a few small ones on my cheek and chin BUT a huge gigantic mutant by my nose. It's rather unsightly. Why is this happening? Is it because of stress? Not drinking enough water? Or the "heaty" foods that I've been advised to take? If my face doesn't clear soon, I will need to resort to dermatologist acne treatments to rid this nuisance!

Eating Waaaaay Too Much!

In-Laws are in town.
And what does that mean?
Eating NON-Stop!
Not only we eat out at the restaurants, we have snacks and desserts brought home to be devoured as well. This certainly is bad news for the belly. Really need to have an intensive ab workout to get rid of the paunch and to tone those muscles. I need to look good in my evening dress for my sister's wedding. And OMG! The wedding is in two weeks! Not much time left!!!!!

Wednesday, May 05, 2010

Blog it to Death...

Well, I've talked it to death. Now, I guessed I shall blog it to death. Then maybe, I would be so numb that it would no longer affect me. I had lunch with a girlfriend this afternoon, and somehow....even after I've talked it to death in Bali, tears still flowed soooooo freely. I have to say that the Bali trip did help. At least, it was the girls who saw me crying constantly .....rather than H. I know he felt really sad about the loss, and that he tried to be strong for me. And if he sees me crying repeatedly, he'll feel pretty lousy.

Anyway, I supposed things weren't all that right from the beginning. When I went to see the obgyn at about 7 weeks (calc from my LMP), he did the scan, checked that the sac is at the right place, and said that the embryo is at 6 weeks, and too small to see the heartbeat. Perhaps I miscalculated the timing. No alarm bells as I told him that conception was very close to my 'next' period. I asked if I could proceed with my Bali trip (Trip was planned waaaaay in advance), and he replied that he'll decide when I see him again in two weeks.

So Bali Trip was put on hold. As initially, there was going to be four of us - S, C, KL and I. So happens that KL found out that she was pregnant. And because she suffered a miscarriage in January, she decided to not take the chance and opted out of the trip. Both C and S were gonna cancel the trip if I werent' going....afraid to be mistaken as 'le$b!@ns'. GILA, I know.

Two weeks went by pretty quick, and went to see my obgyn on Tuesday, 27th April. I was 9 weeks. Before he said anything, I knew something wasn't that right. I couldn't see the flickering heartbeat on the screen, and then he said it is still really small - only 6 weeks in size. Didn't grow at all in the two weeks. Plus there is no heartbeat whatsoever. Though deep down, I knew it was gone...I was still hoping.. hoping that there would be a miracle..... BUT he went on to talk about NOT Viable, 23 chromosomes from father...blah blah blah, problems in the replication etc etc, genetic abnomality etc etc. I was almost spaced-out by then. I actually wanted to NOT do anything, and just let nature takes its course...but he was afraid of infection and insisted that I have some medication to assist, and to see him in a week's time.

H was waiting for me when I got home. I had cried bucket-loads in the car, and continued to do so in H's arms. I was taken aback when H, who is usually soooooo strong hugged my belly and started to sob. And naturally, that made me cry even more. Somehow, whenever I feel better, H would say every December, we would have a cake to remember her by....and that surely open the waterworks again. This was I was convincing myself that I lost tissues rather than a baby.

It was inevitable. It wasn't the medication because as soon as I popped the pill, I thought that I should put on a sanitary napkin. Went to the toilet, and I was bleeding already. This was less than 5 minutes after the pill. So definitely NOT the meds working. That night was bad. Cramps were agonizing, that I had lower back pains etc. Even had pains shooting down my thighs.

Decided to go ahead with my trip to Bali with my girlfriends on Friday. H also wanted to go away alone with me after my Bali trip. Even booked flights to go to Sydney for Tuesday night (5th May). But I decided to cancel the Sydney trip... though it would be good for both of us to go. Why cancel then?
- Boys still have school, and that means I would have to call my mom to come babysit. She's okay with it, but I didn't want to inconvenience her too much as she has some other obligations.
- Our flight back from Sydney was to be Monday, 10th May. And my Mother-In-Law was arriving in Jakarta on the 8th May. I wasn't comfortable with the idea of her coming to visit, and both H and I not around. H was adamant that the boys can 'take care' of her for the two days. He even said if it's too much hassle, he would ask his mom NOT to come. Aiyo. How can? Right? Men! We almost had a fight over this.
- There's the possibility of me having to do D&C on Tuesday (True enough! I had to! Cannot imagine me flying to Sydney after the D&C!)

I was cramping quite a bit in Bali, and bleeding just as much. Thought all that agony would have pushed everything out. But. But. Still need a D&C. Oh well....

Right now... I can't think. I don't know if I will try to get pregnant again. Before the pregnancy, I am very confident that I don't want anymore children. Now, I've had a taste of being pregnant, and have had thoughts about what life would be with another little one, I am not so sure anymore. H said we could try again. But the thought of another miscarriage is really too much. I'm not sure I can take another miscarriage ...emotionally. I don't know. So...for the time being, I am just gonna let things be. One day at a time.

Old Place, New Look.

My girlfriend, C just completed the refurbishment of her townhouse. She has opted to replace the old Balinese style interior to one that is more contemporary. Not only she threw out all her old furniture, she even demolished walls and extended certain portions. She replaced all the lighting too. Not sure if they are Murray Feiss lighting, but nevertheless, I am sure it will create the right moods for all the different living spaces. She has invited me over, and I can't wait to check out the new look.

D&C Done.......

Tuesday, 4th May - Left the house early in the morning for the hospital. The admissions was quite quick. I am the one admitting but seems like H has more papers to sign. Guessed it is because he is the payor? Too late to get our insurance to pay have to pay first and claim later.

They put me in a delivery suite and sorted out the preliminaries. Everything went smoothly, though they did have a tough time looking for my vein for the IV. The nurse was like *piak* *piak* my left hand, then right hand, then left hand. Apparently, my veins very fine. H joked "too much fats, cannot find the vein". Not long later, I moved over to the day-surgery room to have the procedure done. Up until now, I was fine...until the midwife came and strapped my legs to the stirrups. And then I did break-down abit. Stuffed up my nose and all. But thankfully, the doctors (obgyn and anasthetician) came quite quickly to start on the procedure. Have to say when the anasthetic was injected, it was d@mn painful. Was almost cursing. Then I heard them say "Udah tidur?" and I answered in a very irritated manner "belu....."... ZZZZZZZZZZZ.

The next thing I knew, H was standing next to me. I was keen to leave ASAP, but then they wanted to make sure I could drink...then eat etc, without feeling nauseous. Anyways, managed to leave the hospital at about 11.30 am. Was pretty hungry, actually went to have lunch with H at the Penang Bistro before heading home. I don't know if there is the residual medication from the anasthetic or what, I was feeling blardy sleepy. Think I slept like 3.5 hours.

Anyway, apparently I have to go through "confinement". I don't know how this works when I absolutely do not feel like I need one. I supposed I just follow what I can. No cold drinks. No "cooling" foods like watermelon, pineapple etc. But I don't think I can stay at home all day. Errr...don't tell mom, but in about an hour's time, I am meeting a friend for lunch. Donwan to stay at home and stare at the four walls lah.

Monday, May 03, 2010

Aiya.......what a bummer!

A bummer indeed!

Just got back into town from Bali.
Thought that after my Bali trip with my girlfriends, everything will be better. I've shared my feelings about the miscarriage with the girls. Talked about it to death. Cried enough. Endured the cramps and heavy bleeding.
But. But. A check-up with my obgyn this afternoon revealed that the medication did not expel all the products of conception. The embryo is gone but still lots of blood and the placenta is still in there. Bleah...
Make my mood back to pre-Bali only.
Going into the hospital tomorrow morning to have D&C.