Wednesday, February 28, 2007

Dubai... (Updated)

(Actually, this did not turn out to be a PPP post because DUMBO nomadicmom haven't even got the blog and post correct in the PPP website. BODOH or not?? hehehe..but kept it here anyways since I really did check out on Dubai for our trip)

Since this is my first PPP post, think Dubai is a good topic.

S2 whose in Year 2 in BIS has a sweet classmate who has just moved to Dubai in December 2006. Prior to their move, the family did a pre-visit to check out on the property in Dubai. Some of us mommies had a coffee morning after the pre-visit and she conveyed that she was really really excited with the move. She spoke about actual snow skiing in a mall. Who would have thought about skiing in the Middle East? She made everyone very excited, yours truly included. As I mentioned previously, H was supposed to whisk me away for a coupledom holiday... and I actually suggested Dubai. :-) Checked out on Kempinski etc. But, all the hotels were fully-booked. When I spoke to another friend (whose hubby is a hotelier), she was telling me that Dubai is really HOT HOT HOT now. And one would need to book rooms waaaaay ahead.

Anyway, before this friend's recent move, we've heard much about the wonderful properties on the islands that make up The Palm, Jumeirah. David Beckam bought a place there. Plus 'The World'. Look at the photo of The Palm, Jumeirah. It's a real marvel! Don't you think?


I'm not too sure if this is how it works...since I am such a dumbo in all this techno stuff. Anyway, since I'm a SAHM, and Laundryamah has been asking me to check out PayPerPost to keep my time occupied, I went to register onto PPP. Nope, I have not yet posted anything yet. Will try to post something soon. But not too sure how it works. Guessed it'll have to learn as I go.

Tuesday, February 27, 2007

Siow Thick-Skinned Ang Moh

How do I start this post... Okay...I got an sms for an invite to lunch from one of the moms in S2's class who is a local Chinese lady. The sms went "Dear moms, XYZ and I blah blah blah..on Monday at T.Cafe". Anyway, I went to the mall and met ("chorng tou" not purposely meet up one) another mom who is a kwei-poh, so I just chit-chated with her for abit and when I said bye, I sort of said "see you tmrw". She wasn't invited for the lunch. Nevermind that. I've made a boo-boo lor. I should be the one that's embarassed, and that's it, right??? BUT this siow thick-skinned angmoh went to call up XYZ and screamed at her for not inviting her wor!! Then after that, another angmoh called XYZ and screamed at her too.

SIOW SIOW SIOW!!!! I mean normally, if our friends don't invite us for a DO, we just shrug it off ma.. where got call people up and scream one??? I also feel so bad. This XYZ is an American Indian and she was saying that when all the white ladies go out, they also don't invite her and they would laugh and talk about it in front of her. Worse of all, it was not her that called the moms, and it was the Chinese lady. So, I don't know..maybe it's this angmoh supremacy thing that they feel.

Anyway, the whole lunch was cancelled because of this stupid fiasco by some stupid angmoh charboh.

Also heard from my friend today that some stupid angmoh elbowed her husband in the plane to get ahead, and have the cheek to say "uncivilised" and "idiot". Of course her hubby flare up lah. He said something like "how civilised are you to elbow me?" and think he ask the fella to go back to his country too... (This happened in Malaysia).

Some Bali Photos

S1 on the Euro-Bungee in WaterBom Park. Flew so high up into the trees that he disappeared from the camera's view...hee hee...

Close-Up of Boys' temporary tattoo...which we got done at Kuta. The fella wanted RP 100,000 each. Think print money meh? So, bargained, and finally paid RP 70,000 for two tattoos on both the boys. And now S1 panicking because he's got swimming in school tomorrow and tattoos are NOT allowed. So, he wants to hide it.

My Skinny Boys from afar... Yeah...very far, I know. Was sitting on the deck chair under the umbrella. So didn't want to go nearer.

Some sea creature that we see in the tidal pools.... Got loads more leh...sea snail lah, one funny look red slug which the boys keep on saying that it's a bacon, starfish lah etc.

Scene from the "Ramayana Ballet". Picture was taken by S2. Quite nice, yeah???

Monday, February 26, 2007


As you all know...didn't come back to Malaysia for CNY... Took boys to Bali for 3 nights.. So, it's me, S1, S2 and Joey... H didn't come with us as he was still in Europe... was in Barcelona, then Helsinki then Munich and then flew back via London.

Who is Joey??? Here is Joey...
S2 is supposed to take care of Joey over the holidays, i.e. take him everywhere he goes. And then write the experience in "Joey's Book of Adventure". Basically, it's some kind of a writing project that the Year 2 kids do. This Joey has gone to many many places. He's into his second "Book of Adventure" now. His recent travels were to Sydney, Hong Kong Disneyland, Singapore and now Bali. Told S2 that Joey has definitely been to more places than he has! Ha ha ha.

Anyway, we stayed at the Nusa Dua Beach Hotel and Spa. Actually wanted to stay at the Nikko Hotel, but toooooooo last minute and there weren't any more rooms. Found out later that their principal and family were also holidaying in Bali and staying in the same hotel....

Have to say Bali is kinda expensive., food .... Basically, didn't do much in Bali. Took boys to the WaterBom Park... quite good. Not crowded at all. Feels like in angmoh country cause no holidays in Indonesia. And then hung around at the hotel pool and beach. Was under the umbrella most of the times and still can get sun-burnt. Think slather loads of sunblock on boys but not enough on myself.

H actually told me to go eat in the fancy smancey places like Kafe Warisan, Ku de ta etc etc. Aiya.. but you know with the two boys..I would be lucky if we eat in the hotel restaurant. Most times they wanna have room service. How boring can that get??? S1 actually ate room service on his own on our final night. S2 and I went for the "Ramayana Ballet" cultural performance in the hotel.. S1 refused to go and said "Aiya! Very boring one lah. Don't want to waste money".

Anyway, there was one night... I wanted to wear this top which had a criss-cross back, and tried to adjust my bra to criss-cross lah.. so I told S1 to help me hook the straps to criss-cross lah. He tried to help but couldn't do it and with his typical man answer he said "why do you have to wear this type of difficult bra one?' ... ha ha ha.

Sunday, February 25, 2007

New Handbag...

H came back from Europe yesterday... and got another new handbag. It's a Anya Hindmarch bag. It's sort of beige with maroon trimmings and maroon logos emblazoned all over. Looks okay.. will post the pix later.

S2's Pokemon Splash Party

Had S2's party two weeks ago, and the theme was "Pokemon Splash Party". Considering the widespread city flooding, it was quite good that we still had about 11 kids plus 2 (S1 and S2). Basically, only invited the boys from S2's class... but I invited the siblings of some of the boys too (as I knew the moms quite well).

Kids watched a Pokemon movie and then had a short Pokemon quiz. Als0 had a BINGO game whereby kids shout out S2's name instead of Bingo. I tediously printed out the Pokemon Bingo Cards, which had Pokemon Characters instead of the numbers...
Then they had a water balloon fight followed with more fun in the pool. Then the rain came and boy!!! Did it pour! Luckily we managed to have some splashing fun before it rained cats and dogs! After that, had some snacks. Nuggets and Chips for the kids. As for the adults, had grilled chicken wings, chicken curry, fried wonton and fried beehoon. The kwei-pohs were asking for the recipe for the beehoon and I told them that it was the fried pork fat that was the magic ingredient. Actually, mom fried it. And later the kwei-pohs spoke to mom and she said the same thing "pork fat!!!" ha ha ha.. I gladly added that us chinese are very PORKY people. Hahaha.

Thereafter, some kids went off to play the PS2 but most did T-shirt painting of Pokemon characters. Had to go all over the city to look for cheap and decent looking plain white T-shirts for the kids to paint on. Couldn't find them in the normal shops, at the end, I went to T-shirt printing stall to buy the T-shirts of them. Of course more expensive but no choice ler.

Oh yeah.. And S2 had a Feraligatr cake. I had to print a picture from the computer and bring it to the Cake Shop so that they can copy the picture lor.
All in all...think it was a good party lah.

Long time no blog

Have not updated my blog for awhile... multitude of reasons lah.. Internet was done due to the flooding in the city. Havoc as usual. Schools cancelled, some roads closed etc. Luckily our house was not affected at all. Only thing was the internet connection was whacko.

On the first day of the major flood, I happily went to the salon for my appointment but the place was sort of closed. And the attendant said that due to the floods, no workers came in for work. A friend's house was flooded quite badly, she said water came into her kitchen/dining room area and water level was about 3 feet. The huge fridge toppled over and was like floating on top of the water!!! It was a total mess and of course she had to move to the hotel.

Another friend had no electricity, and they had to move to the hotel for a few days.

Most people were somewhat affected. S2's "Pokemon Splash Party" was on the day after the first day of flooding. Phone lines were havoc, and ppl were wondering if the party was still on. I had to use H's phone to call everyone to tell them that party is still ON! I'll write more about S2's party in a separate post later.

Other times when the internet was working, I was too lazy lor. Then I was "sien" for abit and no mood to blog...then after that was CNY and I went away to Bali with the Boys. H left for Europe again on the 10th of Feb, and only came back yesterday...