Friday, February 01, 2013

What's been happening???

From my previous post about our relocation......

Yup. The family has relocated from Jakarta to Melbourne in June/July 2012.

What has happened since then?

Boys started Term 3 of 2012 School Year in July - S1 in Year 9 and S2 in Year 7.
Due to the cut-off dates of their birthdays, S1 remained in the same year group as he was at BIS Jakarta. As for S2, he was moved to a year ahead. Thus notice the 2 years difference only...versus in their previous school. S1 in Year 10 and S2 in Year 7, ie. 3 years difference.
(Note: In the British System, the Years are up to 13; whereas in Australia, it is up to 12 ...just like in the States)

Both boys assimilated quite well into their new school, I think.
Although S1 theoretically repeated 1/2 year of school; it was good thing. At least he could spend the time making new friends, building up on the social stuff and not having to worry about catching up work. As he had already completed his IGCSE Maths in May 2012 (got an A, but not an A*.....definitely due to his carelessness! It was sooooo close to an A* that the teacher from BIS actually wrote to me for permission to get his paper remarked. They were hoping to an another A* into their list so that they can 'brag' about it on the results table. The remark came back unchanged. I tell you... I've marked my son's work. He is one of the most careless boys I know. He can have the right answer, but write the wrong answer on the answer sheet. He can actually lose all his marks on carelessness. I tell you...that boy!!!), he was pretty ahead in his Maths. For Science, some repeated topics...but there were also some additional stuff that he learned which was not covered at BIS. Stuff like dissecting a cow's eye to look at the lens etc. Cool. I thought. English wasn't a problem. But Humanities was a bit of a problem, as there were topics on Australian History. Aiyo. Even the father, who is a history buff knows nothing about Australian history. Australia got any history one meh??? Overall, the final report was quite pleasing lah.

S2 did pretty well too. He was already in the Accelerated Maths group at BIS, so transitioning to a higher year group wasn't a problem for him. English was okay...except for Writing. The grade was 'expected level at this year group', which to an Asian KIASU mom is NOT good enough!
If you've seen the Dr.XiaXia YouTube videos... We are Asians NOT Bsians!

How about me? Nothing much to report... other than being the maid (okay...not so much maid lah. Since boys do most of the housework like vacuuming, washing up, mopping, dusting, sweeping up leaves etc), cook, driver, etc...
More about me in a different post... a different day.

Anyway, we went back to Malaysia during the long Summer Holidays... for a month. We left Melbourne on the 23rd of December 2012, and got back on the 23rd of January 2013.
I have to say it was GREAT not having to do housework nor cook.
Gawd. I hate thinking of what to cook each day! Damn sien man.
This last week, I had to cook both lunch and dinner... I was going a bit crazy already. Can you imagine if I had to worry about lunch and dinner for one whole month? DIE lah...

Okay... to be continued

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